Posterscope announces global management changes

After an outstanding career leading Posterscope, Annie Rickard has decided to step down from her global roles as Posterscope Global President and MKTG Global Chairman and will be handing over her responsibilities as leader of these businesses on 30 March 2018.
Annie founded Posterscope, the leading location-based marketing brand and has grown it into a global network of 1000+ people in 57 offices around the world, including the PSI, MKTG, Open and Liveposter brands.
Stephen Whyte, CEO of Posterscope UK, will assume additional responsibility for Posterscope Worldwide as Global President.
Jerry Buhlmann, CEO, Dentsu Aegis Network, said: “Annie has created a tremendous business in Posterscope which has redefined out-of-home media through its investment in data, technology and people.  Annie’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership has been the driving force behind this growth and success and Annie leaves Posterscope as the clear market leader.  I want to thank Annie for the huge contribution she has made to Dentsu Aegis over the time she has been with the company.
Stephen has led Posterscope UK with great skill since 2015 and has a proven track record growing successful, dynamic businesses.  Stephen will now lead Posterscope Worldwide in the next phase of its ambitious growth plans within the context of a transforming digital economy.  I wish Annie all the best for the new ventures she now wants to pursue and congratulate Stephen on his new role.”
Annie Rickard said: “I have had an amazing career but it’s time for me to leave Posterscope in the very capable hands of Stephen Whyte who will deliver the new vision and continue the global roll out of our technology platforms.  I am of course sad to go, but at the same time, looking forward to pursuing other interests where I feel I can make a difference.”
Stephen Whyte added: “I know I speak for everyone when I say that we will miss Annie enormously but I am delighted to be taking on the global leadership role at such an exciting time of change and growth in the out-of-home and location-based marketing sector.”

Posterscope fuses the OOH industry currency with OCS

Posterscope fuses advanced OOH industry currency,Route,with OCS, the UK’s most detailed behavioural OOH Survey,to boost campaign reach & effectiveness

Out of Home and location marketing specialist Posterscope has fused its proprietary Out of Home Consumer Survey (OCS) with Route data to enable its planners to plan and buy OOH against a client’s core planning audience.
The OCS Route Fusion has been integrated into Posterscope’s location analytics, planning and trading platform ECOS and will allow its planners to quickly and easily re-create their clients’ precise planning audience, and then plan and optimise OOH campaigns against this at the same time as the much broader traditional buying audience.
This new depth of insight within OCS will also enable Posterscope to proactively analyse coverage and frequency and plan against audiences expressing interest in key moments such as sporting events, calendar events like Valentine’s Day or Easter, or environmental factors such as the weather, time of day and location.
Russell Smither, Insight Director at Posterscope, said: “Clients and agencies spend a significant amount of time, energy and money understanding target audiences, creating segmentations and then recreating these in media planning surveys such as TGI, OCS and Touchpoints to generate media and OOH insights.  By fusing our own OOH Consumer Survey (OCS) with Route we have streamlined the OOH planning process which will significantly increase the reach and effectiveness of campaigns, amongst the audiences that clients most want to reach.”
This more personalised approach to planning will lead to more accurate and efficient OOH campaigns and mean advertisers are reaching more of the people they most want to talk to.  For example, a rail digital six sheet campaign planned around “moments that matter” using the new OCS Route Fusion audience of “Men 25-64 who look forward to the Easter break” would deliver 40% more GRPs than the more traditional buying audience of Men 25-64.  Similarly, using an OCS Route Fusion audience of “Men 25-64 who get excited around major sporting events”, a rail digital six sheet campaign would deliver 21% more GRPs than the more traditional buying audience of Men 25-64.
About Route
Route (OOH Industry Currency) launched in 2013. The most advanced OOH industry currency in the world where 28,000 GB respondents’ movements are tracked over a nine-day period with sophisticated GPS meters. Route facilitates planning and buying across nearly all OOH environments for classic and DOOH based on key target audiences created using information derived from the Route respondent questionnaire
About OCS
Out of Home Consumer Survey (OCS) is Posterscope’s market leading survey in both the UK and across around 30 international markets. OCS generates in depth understanding on OOH communications by identifying consumer’s attitudes, perceptions and thoughts on different OOH formats, environments and dynamic content opportunities. OCS also identifies consumers’ attitudes towards seasonal events, an understanding of the consumer journey on over 20 product categories with usage and affinity towards 250 brands.

PSI publish their 2018 Global Travel Predictions

2018 looks set to be another roller-coaster year for the global travel industry.
In this piece, James McEwan, Managing Director of PSI, identifies some of the political, economic and technological factors that will impact the way consumers travel this year.
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Full-motion outdoor ads deliver the emotional punch of TV

Ocean’s research reveals full-motion digital out-of-home’s impact as an ad medium.

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is a rapidly growing medium, with global media revenues in the sector growing 13% to reach $13.4bn in 2017, according to media research firm PQ Media. As the medium matures, the key question has become not whether to use it, but how best to use it.
Over the past five years, Ocean has partnered neuroscience research firm Neuro-Insight UK to develop a better under­standing of DOOH’s impact on consumers.
There’s a need for hard data – and neuroscience is the ideal way to gather it, using steady-state topography to track memory encoding and emotional peaks.
For its latest study, Ocean set out to explore how full-motion video can deliver brand-building qualities by appropriating learnings from TV and its role in amplifying online content. The results were significant – demonstrating that full-motion DOOH campaigns have an impact 2.5 times greater than content on static displays, delivering a powerful emotional experience comparable to that of TV advertising.

Telling a story with full motion
The study exposed respondents to out-of-home sites featuring both static and full-motion content, before measuring their brain response to a filmed version of the real-life journey they had undertaken. Because our brains process information holistically, content has to be seen in context; Neuro-Insight UK tracked participants’ peaks in emotional response, how positive that response was, and the number of brand impacts encoded into memory.In previous studies, Neuro-Insight UK has found that the impact of advertising across out-of-home and TV is driven by memory encoding, peaks of emotional intensity and positivity – but, most importantly, it is the number of peaks of response that is crucial for delivering elevated levels of brand effectiveness. The most effective ads feature more peaks of memory response when branding is present, and deliver a strong emotional nudge to viewers.
“What’s important is some sort of evolving narrative, because our brains tend to respond to new information,” says Heather Andrew, chief executive of Neuro-Insight UK.
While both static and full-motion content delivered high levels of positive emotional response, Neuro-Insight UK found that full-motion creative delivered more branded peaks of memory encoding.
Combining these two metrics reveals that full-motion DOOH has the ability to really influence consumers, delivering brand effectiveness in spades.
“Digital out-of-home works in a similar way to television advertising,” says Ocean’s head of marketing and events, Helen Haines. “It delivers multiple impacts and a strong emotional response: two key components that contribute to driving real-world sales.”
The study suggests that full-motion DOOH can extend the reach of a TV campaign, effectively contributing to positive brand-building outside the home.
Bringing DOOH online
Online advertising tends to be more about targeted activation than brand-building – consumers tend to engage with it for short amounts of time, making it a challenge to deliver multiple peaks of response. However, full-motion content that plays well online is similar to that used in the DOOH medium – showcasing movement and colour, and not relying on sound to carry the message.
Ocean wanted to explore how consumers responded to a piece of shortform online content played on a full-motion DOOH display.
Neuro-Insight UK’s research revealed that the same content delivered stronger levels of response in an out-of-home context than it did online – building on previous findings showing that respondents’ exposure to a DOOH ad has a positive priming effect on online advertising.
Taken together, this suggests that a multi-platform campaign using full-motion DOOH can both amplify the effect of online content and play a vital role in brand-building through delivering multiple peaks of memory response and emotional intensity.
“The work that we did for Ocean was innovative in terms of methodology and outputs, and clearly demonstrates the changing nature of the relationship between different media,” says Andrew.
“In an increasingly online media world, full-motion digital sites can play a unique role in amplifying the impact of an online campaign,” she adds.
By delivering multiple peaks of response and emotional intensity, full-motion DOOH can perform both a brand-building role and amplify the effectiveness of content in other media – making it an essential asset in an integrated media plan.

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Clear Channel UK unveils Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

– Unique campaign will showcase Valentine’s Day gift ideas from different advertisers to consumers across the UK.
– Uses the flexibility of DOOH to creatively reach, engage and inspire shoppers.
– Follows the successful launch of the first Christmas Gift Guide in Dec 2017.
– In key shopping locations across the Adshel Live digital network.
Following the successful launch of the first Christmas Gift Guide, Clear Channel UK unveils the first digital out of home Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Utilising the creative capabilities of our digital Adshel Live network, this unique campaign will showcase gift ideas from different brands to inspire shoppers this holiday.
The campaign will feature products from Gordons Pink and COTY Marc Jacobs and will run across our national network of digital Adshel Live screens across one week, delivering 9.6 million impacts.
The original Christmas campaign was inspired by traditional printed Christmas gift guides that were then adapted to utilise DOOH’s creativity and flexibility. The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide utilises the same concept and has 10 second slots for brand images featuring subtle animation to drive cut-through and engage consumers.
Located nationwide in over 60 cities in premium locations, the campaign will run during key shopping hours, targeting shoppers on busy high streets and roadsides.
Via: Clear Channel

Forrest Media commences D48 roll-out

Forrest Media has begun a significant development strategy which will see the company strengthen its position at the top of the premium outdoor advertising market in Scotland.
Forrest CEO Chris Trainer commented;
“We have embarked on a £3m plus expansion programme, developing a brand new Digital 48 sheet network of sites in major towns and cities right across the Country.
Phase One will see 12 new Digital 48 developments, ready for April, across Renfrewshire, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen, with further phases planned.
Over the last 15 years we have carefully developed our premium giant format digital ‘CityScreen’ portfolio and we are now enhancing our offering with the introduction of these excellent D48 locations”.
The distinctive Forrest brand is recognised across Scotland’s major cities and highly visible on most arterial and main road locations.
Utilising the latest digital technology, the new screens will meet the constant demand for 48 sheet format. They will deliver above average industry Route scores and the standard of build, quality of screen, and overall site presentation will reflect the quality for which Forrest are renowned.
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KBH Media study shows on-train ads trigger immediate purchase

From cars and holidays to sports equipment and luxury goods, new research released today has unveiled the growing appetite among today’s rail commuters to make on-train purchases from their mobiles during their commute.
The study, commissioned by KBH On-Train Media, found that a quarter (26%) of commuters now use their train time to make purchases via connected devices, with holidays (15%), and even cars and car-related goods (9%), among the most unusual and expensive investments made during an average day’s travel.
Overall, the most popular retail categories for ‘commuter commerce’ are clothing/footwear, bought by 39% of those rail travellers who made a purchase, followed by groceries (33%), and tickets for leisure events (26%).
The research also highlighted the important role that on-train advertising plays as a trigger for driving immediate consideration and purchase among affluent, connected commuters. Of the 94% of respondents who noticed the advertising on-train, 39% said they subsequently talked to someone about products or services they saw advertised, 56% went on to do further research, and 33% made a purchase as a direct result of the advertising they had seen.
Of those who said they had ever made a purchase, 21% said they had done so immediately on board the train and 31% said they had done so on the way to work after leaving the train. 26% said they had done so at home later the same day while 31% said they had made purchases within a few days.
Ian Reynolds, Managing Director, KBH On-Train Media: “This research paints an illuminating picture of the millions of commuters going about their daily lives on trains across the UK. Smartphones are now clearly embedded as an integral part of the journey, and having the High Street in the palm of our hands means we are increasingly comfortable seeing our daily commute as a time to shop.
“The continued growth of commuter commerce, when combined with the branding strengths and contextual prompts provided by on-train advertising, mean the train journey is becoming an increasingly valuable space – not just for increasingly time-poor consumers but for brands and advertisers too.”
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Clear Channel UK promotes from within to fill two new senior leadership positions

– Clear Channel UK continues to deliver on their vision to Create the Future of Media, Out of Home by creating two new senior leadership roles
– The new roles increase focus on customer partnerships
– Chris Pelekanou promoted to Chief Customer Officer
– Richard Bon promoted to Chief Revenue Officer
Leading out-of-home media owner Clear Channel UK have today announced two new senior leadership positions: Chief Customer Officer and Chief Revenue Officer. Both roles have been created to help Clear Channel UK increase focus on delivering flexible, creative and accountable advertising solutions for customers.
Chris Pelekanou will be stepping into the role of Chief Customer Officer, ensuring Clear Channel UK continues its track-record of inspiring, engaging and exciting new and existing customers. The expansive role will bring leadership across a diverse customer base that includes brands, SME advertisers, landlords and local authorities.
The new role will also see Chris working with Clear Channel International, and its other business units, in order to help UK-headquartered multi-market advertisers benefit from Clear Channel Outdoors international scale. He will continue to oversee the UK Marketing, Direct Sales, Client Partnership and Creative Solutions teams.
As Commercial Director, Chris has led the commercial team through a transformative and highly successful period, since joining in from The Guardian in 2012.
Richard Bon will be stepping into the role of Chief Revenue Officer. He will be responsible for ensuring that Clear Channel UK achieves and surpasses revenue targets, through brilliant sales leadership and exemplary customer delivery.
Richard has risen through the ranks at Clear Channel UK, having joined the marketing team over 18 years ago. Most recently, as UK Group Sales Director, Richard led his team to deliver in an outstanding revenue performance in 2017. Richard will continue to lead National Sales, Trading, Planning, Revenue Management and Ad Operations teams.
Both roles will report directly to CEO Justin Cochrane.
In addition to the newly generated roles, Mark Smith will now become UK Sales Director, leading the National Agency and Specialist Partner teams. He will continue to report to Richard Bon.
Clear Channel UK CEO Justin Cochrane says: “I am thrilled to see both Chris and Richard step into these new roles, where I know they will continue to display effective leadership and further contribute to Creating the Future of Media, Out of Home. These new leadership positions further illustrate our commitment to delivering the highest customer satisfaction, as well as maintaining and growing our commercial success.”
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Clear Channel UK integrates its proprietary automated buying system (Clear Channel Ad Platform) with Posterscope’s location analytics, planning and trading platform, ECOS

-Initial roll out offered for Clear Channel’s premium Storm products, now available for Out of Home (OOH) specialist Posterscope to check availability and pricing, option and buy inventory inside its own ECOS system.
– The integration is a key milestone for Clear Channel’s automation strategy and vision for Creating The Future of Media, Out of Home.
– Work has begun with other Out of Home specialists to integrate the platform with their own systems and for the platform to carry additional products from the Clear Channel Portfolio.
Following the launch of the Clear Channel Ad Platform last year, the leading UK OOH media owner has connected its platform with Posterscope’s own location analytics planning and trading platform, ECOS. The direct connection simplifies the entire process of booking premium Storm inventory for the Posterscope team, from the initial checking of availability and cost, to placing options and purchasing.
The API integration is the first Clear Channel UK has made with an OOH specialist and is an important next step as part of the company’s automation strategy.
Clear Channel UK’s Ad Platform is a web-based portal, with access granted to authorised users. Inventory on the Platform is traded on an automated guaranteed basis. This means advertisers can access and buy fixed volumes of premium inventory with fixed, upfront pricing.
Ad Platform, wholly owned and developed by Clear Channel UK, delivers data via the Open Direct Protocol, the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) standard. This method has meant integration has been straightforward for both Clear Channel and Posterscope.
Justin Cochrane, CEO, Clear Channel UK, says:“It’s fantastic knowing that brands will soon be getting the most out of our automated Ad Platform. The Integration with Posterscope is making booking Out of Home smarter, simpler and more effective.”
“We’re heavily investing in building a next-generation OOH estate in order to achieve our vision: to Create the Future of Media, Out-of-Home. Automation is the next step in making media easier to plan, buy and deliver, and maximise the benefits of our leading digital portfolio.”
Stephen Whyte, CEO, Posterscope UK added: “Planning and buying out-of-home can be logistically complex so anything that helps simplify the process and increase speed to market is welcome. Integrating our award-winning ECOS platform with Ad Platform will enable faster, more efficient planning and booking across Clear Channel’s digital estate, and, most importantly, allow clients to really leverage the flexibility and agility of digital OOH.
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The Outdoor Media Awards 2018 judges announced!

Direct Line marketing director Mark Evans and Alison Jones, the newly-installed customer director at The Co-Operative Food, are joining 13 media and creative experts to judge the Outdoor Media Awards for 2018.
 The awards, now in their 12th year, are run by Clear Channel UK in partnership with Campaign magazine. They reward excellence in Out of Home advertising, from the most memorable, strategic and innovative campaigns to the brilliant people involved in creating them.
There are nine categories in this year’s awards, including the new Rising Star Award. This award recognises those that have joined the world of Out of Home within the last 5 years and who are making waves within the industry.
The judges will be reviewing all submitted entries and crowning the winners, including The Grand Prix winner who will receive £100,000 worth of media space to use across Clear Channel UK screens.
The People’s Favourite Award is the only category that will not be judged by the judging panel, but by over 1,000 members of the UK public.
The judging day, which will be chaired by Global Editor-in-Chief of Campaign, Claire Beale, will take place in early May, followed by the shortlist announcement later that month. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Thursday 28th June at The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.
The awards are free to enter, and campaigns may be entered into multiple categories.
For more information on the awards and how to enter, please visit:
The 2018 Outdoor Media Awards judges:
Claire Beale – Global Editor-in-Chief, Campaign (Chairperson)
Mark Evans – Marketing Director, Direct Line Group
Geoff de Burca – Managing Partner, MediaCom UK
Catherine Becker – CEO, VCCP Media
Alistair MacCallum – CEO, m/SIX
Joanna Lyall – Managing Director, Mindshare UK
Stephanie Marks – Managing Director, Havas Media UK
Richard Morris – CEO, Initiative UK / President, Initiative EMEA
Verica Djurdjevic – CEO, PHD UK
Alison Jones –Customer Director, The Co-Operative Food
Tim Pearson – CEO, MGOMD
Rian Shah – Managing Director, UK Hub, Zenith
Caroline Pay – Co-Chief Creative Officer, GreyLondon
Clare Peters – Executive Director, Head of Planning, MGOMD
Chris Pelekanou, Commercial Director, Clear Channel UK