Exterion reveal 'The Modern High Street' research findings

High street advertisers must focus on creating campaigns that are well designed and contextually relevant in order to positively influence consumer behaviour and brand recall, a psychological study released today has found. We’ve commissioned independent scientific research, in collaboration with i2Media Research lab Sparkler, into the impact of bus advertising on the high street. The results show that tailoring advertisements to the specific frame of mind of the consumers, regardless of their attitude or general level of attention, increased the chances of that message being noticed.  The results of the study were revealed today at an event in Bermondsey Street, London, for our programme ‘The Modern High Street’. Suzy Jordan, Commercial Strategy Director of Exterion’s EM Futures division, said the findings provide insight into how advertisers can seek to attract, engage, and ultimately influence urban audiences through bus advertising.
“The Modern High Street looks at the evolution of the High Street into a social destination, which has triggered significant changes in consumers’ usage and behaviours. We wanted to explore how this movement affects the urban audience and their response to bus advertising. The findings show that even when consumers are focused on a specific task on the high street, and under time pressure, well designed bus advertising can be attention grabbing, motivating, and relevant,” she said.
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The study, which involved both qualitative and quantitative measures, was designed to test the impact of communication on consumer behaviour. It tested against different types of consumers, at different stages of their life, and at different times of day and points of the week. The findings showed that, while formal design characteristics alone were less reliable predictors for the way people looked at bus advertising, the design influenced how likely they were to recall brand messages at a later time.
“We will be using these insights to inform the campaigns we run for our clients and agencies to ensure that creativity and relevance are front of mind for the execution of bus campaigns,” Jordan added. The Modern High Street event featured presentations from guest speaker on the value of the high street environment including Pret A Manger, Outsmart, and Business in the Community.
Via: Exterion Media