INLINKUK expands into Leeds

Primesight today announces the roll-out of its latest digital advertising opportunity in Leeds, with the first InLink installed on The Headrow.
Already proving incredibly popular with consumers in London, the 70+ InLinks across six boroughs have had over 24,000 Wi-Fi subscribers to date, who have already used enough free data to stream over one million songs.
As well as currently hosting advertising from a range of brands such as Amazon, Barclays, Tanqueray and Three Mobile, the InLinks’ sleek 55″ HD digital displays feature real-time information, allowing advertisers to align themselves with valuable sponsorship opportunities that bring useful information to consumers such as traffic alerts and news bulletins.
As the roll-out continues, 14 InLinks will be activated in Leeds providing residents and visitors free ultrafast Wi-Fi speeds of up to one gigabit per second (1Gbps), the fastest free public Wi-Fi service available in the UK. Consumers can also make free phone calls to UK landlines and mobiles alongside a range of other free digital services.
Via: Outsmart