Airport Media Ltd Takeover Gatwick Airport's Media Sales

Airport Media and Eye Airports are pleased to announce they have reached a collaborative agreement that will see Airport Media take over the running and full operations of Gatwick Airport’ Media Sales, with immediate effect. This agreement will facilitate the entire Eye Airports London team, including Sales Director, Ged Weston and Operations & Development Director, Mark James, transferring over to Airport Media, to be led once again by Sarah Parkes.  Sarah will remain involved with DigiCom OOH and will hold a dual Managing Director role across both companies.  Whilst the two companies will share resource the sales teams will be separate in order to maintain a ‘pure play focus’ for both brands.
This development comes straight after Airport Media’s recent appointment by Manchester Airport Group, to handle and operate their four Airports; Manchester; Stansted; East Midlands and; Bournemouth. All bookings at these facilities became Airport Media’s responsibility as of October 1st.
Airport Media was set up by Tom Goddard, Chairman of Ocean Outdoor and DigiCom OOH, as a new sales and management operation.  Bringing a fresh and innovative approach, Airport Media will offer a digital-centric premium media service, for major airports in the UK.
Tom Goddard, Chairman of Airport Media, said:
“The early transfer of Gatwick Airport will enable Airport Media to fast track the launch of its exciting new offering. We are delighted to welcome the whole team on board under Sarah’s leadership. Sarah brings her expertise and knowledge of the airport environment underpinning Airport Media’s commitment to creating a premium, digital-centric media offering.”
Andrew Walker, CEO of Eye Airports commented about the transition:
“I am proud of the impact that Eye Airports has made on the UK airport advertising industry, and pleased the early transfer of Gatwick’s Media Sales to Airport Media will allow the team to build on what we have already achieved. This will allow Eye Airports to focus on its historical specialty – developing the airport advertising opportunities at most of the UK regional airports.”

Westfield unveils first UK airport campaign in Arabic

Westfield, which manages Europe’s two largest shopping destinations, has unveiled the first Arabic language campaign at a UK airport to celebrate the Islamic festival of Eid. The initiative began on 17 July and will run for a week.
The campaign, which was planned by Arena Media, bought through Posterscope’s international division PSI and broadcast by UK airport advertising expert Eye Airports, targets Arabic speaking passengers who arrive at London Gatwick Airport on the thrice-daily Emirates flights from Dubai. Adverts will be broadcast on Eye Airports’ Arrivals Gallery and Arrivals digital six-sheets to coincide with the landing of each flight.
A UK airport first: The message reads “Welcome to London! Discover the ultimate world class shopping experience”
Advertising visuals, which use a mixture of English and Arabic language, encourage shoppers to visit Westfield’s shopping malls at Shepherd’s Bush and Stratford in London using the message “Welcome to London! Discover the ultimate world class shopping experience.”
The Middle East market now accounts for a 25% of non-EU spend at Westfield, the company noted. Post-Ramadan spend in Westfield London’s luxury quarter, the Village, has increased +64% year-on-year with spend up +75% in the mall.
Westfield said it expects to see an increase in visitors over Eid, with designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Mulberry and Gucci benefiting most from the Ramadan rush. To further enhance the shopping experience during this time, Westfield also has a dedicated concierge team offering personal chauffeurs, valet parking, handsfree shopping, personal styling and tax-free shopping.
Westfield UK & Europe Director of Marketing Myf Ryan said: “Shoppers from the Middle East are an important market for Westfield and we expect to see a significant number of international and domestic Middle Eastern visitors head to our centres this year as they celebrate Eid. This market is attracted to Westfield’s luxury offer, our services and our extensive leisure and dining options. This campaign at Gatwick Airport gives us the opportunity to reach this audience as soon as they arrive in London and deliver an impactful welcome message.”
Arena Media Group Business Director Abi Ward commented: “With shopping power from the Middle East becoming increasingly significant at Westfield, this campaign demonstrates that, yet again, Westfield is fully in tune with its audience, and putting customers first.”
Robin Hall, Managing Director of PSI, said: “Travellers from the Middle East enjoy spending time and money in the shopping facilities offered by London and, by using flight data, we have been able to target passengers as they arrive at Gatwick and serve them relevant messaging in their local language.  The benefit of better targeting and increased awareness and positive association has been made possible through high quality digital sites in Gatwick with the ability to serve dynamic messaging, which will help drive this high spending consumer to the world class Westfield malls.”

Hive Active Heating Campaign from British Gas Welcomes Brits Home with World-First Flight Data-Driven DOOH Ads

As temperatures across the country drop, the British Gas team behind Hive Active Heating today launches the world’s first digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign to use flight data to solely target British travellers as they touch down in Britain. The company has partnered with international out-of-home (OOH) agency PSI and DOOH specialists Liveposter to target the 8.8 million UK residents who will return home through London Heathrow (T1, T2 & T4) and London Gatwick this winter.
In deals with media owners JC Decaux and EYE, returning passengers will be welcomed home with bespoke messaging which relates to their holiday destination. For example, passengers returning from Malaga in Spain will be encouraged to ‘Keep the Malaga mood with Hive Active Heating.’ The activity forms part of a national OOH campaign planned by Carat & Posterscope for Hive Active Heating, which enables customers to control their heating and hot water remotely via mobile, tablet or laptop.
The campaign for Hive Active Heating marks the first implementation of a new international hub package from PSI and Liveposter called Liveposter Airports. The package enables brands to exploit the opportunities that dynamic digital creative offers to deliver the right message at the right time and to the right audience. Brands can now create, schedule and publish digital ads to major airport media owner networks across nine global hubs, including London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Dubai, Singapore, Istanbul, New York JFK,  Barcelona, Moscow and Frankfurt.
Liveposter Airports uses flight, time, location and weather data to improve audience targeting for brands. All ads are centrally managed via an easy-to-use online interface, providing complete control of the creative messaging and targeting by audience.
Pamela Brown, head of marketing and insight for Connected Homes at British Gas, said: “Today, 10 per cent of people with central heating don’t have a timer and almost a quarter of people that have a timer don’t use it. Hive Active Heating is a smart thermostat that turns this on its head. It lets people control their heating and hot water remotely on their mobile phone. This new campaign will help us reach people as they’re arriving home from holiday – just when people would want to switch their heating on so their home is warm when they arrive.”
Liz Jones, managing director of PSI, said: “Hive Active Heating is the first of many products that will be using data to be smarter about how to target travellers. Using live flight and campaign planning data from PSI’s Global Planner tool, along with Liveposter’s expertise in DOOH and data, products like Hive Active Heating can now turn international airports into highly targetable, measurable OOH environments. Brands can ensure they engage their target audience with personalised, specific messages via digital screens, and improve the efficacy of national and international campaigns.”
Dan Douglas, founder of LivePoster, said: “We’re really excited to be rolling out our first global product with Liveposter Airports. It’s a unique offering at this scale for advertisers to maximise digital OOH in major airports around the world, enabling them to tailor their messaging for global and local audiences using real time data and dynamic content to ensure maximum impact.”
Sarah Parkes, Managing Director at Eye Airports, said: “Airports are a hotbed of creativity powered by big data. This campaign has showcased the many capabilities of DOOH advertising and through collaboration with our partners we have created a unique, media first campaign to effectively and efficiently reach passengers as they arrive back from holiday”.
Rob Elms, sales director at JCDecaux Airport, said: “It’s fantastic to see Hive Active Heating harness our digital Out-of-Home network at Heathrow in such a dynamic and innovative way. By tapping into the mind-set of passengers who are travelling home, they have taken advantage of the unique opportunity to promote Hive Active Heating using relevant and topical content in areas of high dwell-time at the world’s largest international airport.”

Emirates Promotes New Aircrafts Targeting Gatwick Passengers

In early June Emirates became the first carrier to regularly fly A380s into Gatwick; we created a campaign that promoted the additional capacity of these aircrafts and the expanded destinations flown.
The two-week campaign which runs until the 22nd June, spans across OOH, press and online and reinforces the perception that Emirates is a modern brand, leading the way in aviation. The campaign messaging allows us to shout about the ‘new news’ that Emirates regularly fly A380s into Gatwick, whilst also serving to leverage market share drivers such as safety and modernity.
In order to promote Emirates new aircraft flying out of Gatwick, Posterscope executed a location-specific campaign featuring over 97 different pieces of copy across numerous different OOH formats and environments. The campaign features regional OOH across large formats in order to raise awareness in an impactful way. By overlaying our mapping tools onto the Gatwick catchment, and utilising postcode data, we were able to identify the highest populated areas within a 60 minute drive of Gatwick. This ensures we target the most relevant areas. Using ‘Planner,’ our proprietary algorithm based optimiser app, data was combined for planning the most relevant formats in the market and audience delivery was reported through Route data.
A Victoria Station Domination is also being used to provide significant standout in the hub station for Gatwick airport. This key commuter station targets anyone heading towards Gatwick, with over three million potential passengers passing through it each fortnight.
In addition to this, geo-targeted press titles and online placements as well as digital activity are being used to support OOH.
This campaign was planned and booked with Posterscope and Havas, with creatives by Geometry.