The Outdoor Media centre Collaborates with the IPA to launch OOH forums

The Outdoor Media Centre (OMC) and the IPA Outdoor Group have formed an alliance to launch a new, pioneering series of Out Of Home (OOH) Forums for the industry. This first time collaboration signifies the OMC’s ambition to work in close partnership with key stakeholders to further highlight the power of OOH.

The Forums will explore the many benefits of the medium, with the first Forum set to focus on demonstrating the effectiveness of OOH advertising. The overall aim is to produce new research and insights that further unlock the unique value of OOH for Advertisers and Agencies alike.
Mark Craze, Chairman of The Outdoor Media Centre, said:
“Out Of Home is one of the most innovative, engaging and influential forms of advertising and we are delighted to be at the forefront of such a ground-breaking initiative with the IPA Outdoor Group.By working on these joint initiatives we will be able to deliver compelling new research that further demonstrates Out of Home’s effectiveness as well as celebrate and share the benefits and innovative opportunities that it provides.”
 Gill Reid, Joint Chair of the IPA Outdoor Group added:
“Out of Home has enjoyed spectacular growth over the years and we are keen to help continue this momentum. Through this collaboration with the OMC we are confident that the Forums will enable us to inspire and share ideas about the future of Out Of Home and further highlight the medium’s power.”

OMC appoints Mark Craze as chairman

The Outdoor Media Centre, the outdoor media trade body, has appointed Mark Craze, the former chief executive of Havas Media UK, as its chairman, replacing Naren Patel.
Craze comes to the chairmanship at a crucial time for the body. Earlier this month JCDecaux, one of the OMC’s four council members, pulled out of the OMC.
The outdoor industry has commissioned Craze to conduct a review of OMC’s business in October 2014, to look at the “role, activity and direction” of the organisation.Craze presented his report to the OMC board in late 2014, but his appointment and the review were considered independently, Campaign understands.
It is the first time the body’s chair has not been an executive within the industry. Patel is the chief executive of Primesight.
He said: “Our media sector is poised to take a great step forwards. When I was appointed chairman I realised that we needed to reinvigorate the OMC and Mark’s experience will be invaluable in helping demonstrate the potential to advertisers, brands and media and creative agencies.
“He has the gravitas, the clout and the contacts to really help raise the OMC to another level.”
Craze left his role as the group chief executive of Havas Media UK in February 2014. He joined Havas Media as managing partner in 2005 and was promoted to group chief executive in 2008.
Prior to Havas, Craze was at Aegis Media UK for 15 years, latterly as the chief executive from 2002 to 2004.
Craze said: “The out of home industry is at the most exciting point in its history, and I have been massively impressed with the commitment and energy of all the contractors supporting the OMC.
“On the back of huge investment, new technology and improved audience insights, out of home (OOH) has enjoyed spectacular success over the last ten years, and is now passing the billion pound mark in ad revenue.
“Our ambition is to unleash the full innovative potential of OOH and work even more harmoniously with advertisers, agencies and the Specialists.
“Our single minded goal is to further drive growth and enhance our position as the most innovative, engaging and influential form of advertising.”
The OMC’s chief executive, Mike Baker, announced his intention to step down in October and expects to complete work in March. He rebranded the group as OMC and ushered the group through a new marketing-led approach.

Mike Baker to step down as CEO of the Outdoor Media Centre

Mike Baker, the CEO of outdoor trade association the OMC, has announced that he will step down from his post no later than March 2015, and will wind down his involvement with the trade body from January 2015 onwards.
The news has triggered a strategic review to scope OMC’s future, to be led by Mark Craze, formerly Group CEO of Havas Media.
“I have been developing a media services start-up called Wossname which has been taking more of my time recently,” Baker said in a statement. “Even though my role at OMC is not full time, I am finding it impossible to cover all that the job requires while still giving the start-up its proper care and attention.
“The outdoor sector is in a great place and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at the OMC. I will have been nearly five years in the role and I am proud of all the team has achieved.
“The industry continues to grow its share of display advertising, media owners are investing heavily in the future, and advertisers are finding more reasons to include outdoor media on their media plans.”
Baker took over the Outdoor Advertising Association in May 2010, rebranding the trade body as the OMC in January 2011 and giving it a more marketing-led direction. His achievements include the Customer Journey research, Power of 5 programme and the Outdoor Works conference in autumn 2013.
“We are sorry to see Mike go and we thank him for his contribution,” said Naren Patel, CEO of Primesight and chairman of the OMC.
“The out of home industry is well placed to benefit from the continued improvement in the economy. Advertisers continue to rely on Out of Home to achieve cost effective cover, while Digital screens are bringing in new tactical advertising revenue.
“We have very ambitious and exciting goals for OOH and are going to take this opportunity to fully evaluate the role of the OMC.”
Source: MediaTel