Nifty Picnic

Nifty Picnic

Defn: 'Neat, Cool, Neat Idea'

Great minds don't think alike. 

It's diverse perspectives that drive innovation 

and lead us to a better solution.​

We created Nifty Picnic as a place to bring diverse talent from across the business to think, to imagine, to experiment, to explore new technologies, to do something new that creates value for our clients.​

people at a festival

And we make a point of looking beyond the OOH medium, because the best inspiration and ideas could come from anywhere. ​

​Every week we come together to share our finds.​

Different coloured t-shirts

Here’s what’s been catching our eye around the web. Let us know what you think.

Was Bowie from the future?

Fancy driving the worlds lowest car?

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