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NHS - Clap for carers

19 January 23

In March 2020 the UK went into lockdown and a ‘Clap for Carers’ initiative started on Thursday nights, in addition to millions of messages of support on social media. We wanted to amplify this initiative to support key workers and drive people to donate to NHS Charities in a time of crisis.

A ‘Thank You NHS’ website was developed to collect all the messages of thanks and turn them into digital ‘claps’. DOOH was used to serve ‘claps’ in relevant areas (e.g: in proximity of hospitals), including personalised messages, all in real-time. The creative also included a CTA to prompt people to donate to NHS Charities Together.

The campaign drove nearly 1 million claps (and counting!) of thanks, donations to NHS Charities and nationwide PR. Most importantly, the NHS Clap Counter helped to amplify messages of support nationwide to the people who needed it most, during an unimaginable time.