Appropriation & Amplification: Ocean Outdoor reveal third in series of Neuroscience Research

Ocean Outdoor have launched the last in their series of Neuroscience Research- three exclusive research projects into Out of Home Advertising.
Building upon previous studies which demonstrated Iconic Impact, OOH Priming, and Mobile Priming, their latest study looked into the neuroscience view of full motion in DOOH, and how it delivers an experience that appropriates the traditional brand-building role of television and which can amplify the impact of online advertising.
Building on our previous neuroscience studies, we hypothesised that full motion DOOH would play a similar role to television in helping to build brand equity and create strong emotional associations for advertising brands and that, as part of a linked campaign, it could prime the brain to respond more strongly to brand communication in an online environment.
It can also work as an effective delivery mechanism for short-form online content and, as part of a linked campaign, can prime the brain to respond more strongly to that same content when viewed online.
The full studies are available on Ocean Outdoor’s ‘Research & Insights‘ page.