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Can tech turn the moon into the world’s biggest billboard?

Japanese sports drink company Pocari Sweat is tapping into the moon’s immense advertising potential with its ambitious plan to land the drink on the moon’s surface. Otsuka Pharmaceutical, the maker of Pocari Sweat, plans to launch a can of the drink into space and land it on moon in summer 2016. Carried into space by […]

Posterscope SA writes about 'Capturing an Airport Audience'

Posterscope South Africa’s managing director Craig Page-Lee featured in The Media Online to explain that Advertising in airports is not only lucrative but also very effective. Those behind airport media have clearly understood the relevance and exploited the benefits presented by out of home (OOH) advertising today. They have tapped into the multitude of format types […]

Apple Music outdoor ad campaign goes interactive with Shazam

Apple has begun to roll out new, interactive Apple Music posters that work with the Shazam iOS app to link iPhone owners directly to the featured artist’s page in Apple Music. The new ads are aesthetically similar to the larger billboards Apple has been placing around the world in recent weeks, with a stylised Apple […]

Miniature ‘Ant Man’ scenes pop up around London

To celebrate the recent release of Ant-Man, Marvel commissioned the micro-artist to create micro-installations and place them around London. For this project, Slinkachu modelled Ant-Man in various scenes, including riding a real winged ant, leaping off a telescope and battling the Yellow Jacket. Source: Design Taxi

McDonald's offered free McFlurry's with heat-activated billboard

When a heatwave hit the Netherlands earlier this month, McDonald’s conjured up a novel way to keep people cool by to creating a heat-activated billboard. When the temperate at the Damrak in Amsterdam hit a record 38.6 degrees Celsius a panel opened automatically to offer out 100 McFlurry empty cups to passing pedestrians. They then […]

100 ant-sized IMAX tickets were hidden around UK cities

We’ve previously seen an ant-sized billboard, an ant-sized teaser trailer and even ‘Britain’s smallest art exhibition’; keeping on trend, a day before the release, one hundred ant-sized IMAX tickets were hidden around three UK cities – London, Manchester and Birmingham. Clues to the tickets were posted on the IMAX twitter account to give a helping hand […]

Turkish Airlines Launches the World's First Periscope Flight

Turkish Airlines have launched the world’s first ever “Periscope” live broadcasted flight as passengers and social fans got a behind the scenes experience as the airline flew from Istanbul to New York. Through Periscope the airline showcased crew cabins, flight lounges, pre-flight checks, inflight service, the crew and the pilots hard at work! [youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]0imf3zUHlD8[/youtube] […]

You Need to Speak Emoji to Understand This Anti-Drug Campaign

If you can’t figure out what these billboards mean, you’re probably terrible at decoding emoji, and you’re probably not a teenager. But that’s OK, because the new campaign from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids was designed to communicate with high schoolers, not adults. Known for its iconic “Your Brain on Drugs” campaign, the Partnership for […]