Cannes' Largest Digital Screen

Brands such as Samsung, McDonalds, the Weather Channel, CNN, Getty and YouTube have booked space on the largest digital screen in Cannes during next week’s Lions Festival.

The space is double the size of a super 96-sheet and is situated on top of the Grand Hotel. It will be made available for all major festivals in the future, including the annual film festival in the city.
Clear Channel Outdoor has partnered with Curb Media, advertisers and agencies to use the audio enabled screen to celebrate the best outdoor creativity.
Content will be managed by Enigma, while live broadcasts will also be available through the screen.
In addition to this, a giant mobile interactive football game, called Le Grand Kick, is also available to be played by all Cannes attendees on the huge digital screen.
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]91305899[/vimeo]
Via: The Drum