Client controlled screen content

OMD, Posterscope and The Cloud and Compass produced Channel 4’s live campaign on CBS’ Cross Track Projection network promoting the flagship 7pm Channel 4 News bulletin, highlighting and updating key headlines that will feature on that night’s show, combined with tweets and blogs from the news presenters.
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ESPN’s socially connected digital OOH

ESPN, Arena Media and Posterscope UK kicked off the soccer season with a live campaign combining both social media and up-to-date content automated across 8 digital OOH networks (300+ screens) making it the the largest and most ambitious social/DOOH campaign in the UK.  Questions and topics were posed by ESPN for fans to respond to, via the hashtag #ESPNUK, with opinions and commentary.


To promote the launch of the UK edition of the Huffington Post, the US news and current affairs website, Posterscope UK in partnership with Total Media, MBA, JCDecaux and LocaModa, produced a dynamic digital OOH campaign that reflects the ‘real-time’ nature of the brand.  Ads on digital screens across a number of mainline stations, invited the public to tweet their opinions and views on the day’s top news story.  A genuinely automated system enabled consumer tweets with the #HuffPostUK hashtag to be played out live on the OOH screens.

OOH prize for Facebook competition

Carat’s Vauxhall Corsa Facebook competition, invited the UK public to paint, using an app, a scene featuring a Corsa and post it onto a central gallery to be voted on by other Facebook users. There were over 10,000 entries and Posterscope UK arranged for the winners’ artwork to be spray painted by professional graffiti artists onto a London billboard.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]0cgixz1O3A0[/youtube]

Becks, art, Facebook and OOH

To celebrate Becks 25-year association with the artistic community, Posterscope UK and Vizeum connected social media and OOH through a Facebook competition that invited artists of the future to submit their own Beck’s label design.  The six winning entries were then painted live on a series of mural sites in East London while digital screens integrated into bus shelters displayed interviews with some of the artists, local information on participating venues and competitions to win some art.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]rL8_yxkTmhQ[/youtube]

Coca Cola goes Retro

To mark its 125th anniversary, Coca-Cola’s UK campaign by Posterscope and Vizeum included customised billboards with giant 3D replica bottles fitted with bubble machines.
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]23272486[/vimeo]

Peroni cinema billboard

Posterscope, MPG Media Contacts and The Bank created the spectacular ‘Cinema Peroni’, a real cinema open to the public for two weeks at a JCDecaux’s Old Street poster site in London.  Measuring 8 x 6 metres, ‘Cinema Peroni’ seated 20 people in cinema-style  blue seats with a specially commissioned film projected onto a billboard. The cinema was flanked by two other billboards which were fitted with a giant silver reel, spooling blue film. consumer review bus shelters

As part of’s national multi-format UK OOH campaign, Posterscope and PHD created 20 bus shelters with integrated touch-screens.  The screens pulled in current consumer generated reviews and ratings of local amenities such as bars, restaurants, hair salons etc.

Google posters encourage mobile voice based search

In order to promote Google’s voice search capabilities, Posterscope executed a location-specific campaign featuring over 30 different pieces of copy and numerous different OOH formats.   Examples include sites with ‘latest scores’ copy appearing near football clubs, sites with ‘taxi numbers’ appearing near taxi ranks, and ‘train times’ appearing on cross tracks.

MINI Countryman interactive car windows

How many people can fit inside the new MINI Countryman?
In public spaces across the UK members of the public were invited to record video footage of themselves in a specially constructed booth at each location. Using the latest interactive digital installation technology, this was then uploaded and projected onto the inside of the MINI Countryman, as if the participants were squeezed in, looking out from within.
Participants could then watch themselves “pressed against the glass” on the car windows and share their video with their friends using Facebook connected touch screens.
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]18045229[/vimeo]