Contextually Relevant Ads 19% More Effective, according to Adshel (Australia)

Adshel, together with leaders in neuroscience research Neuro-Insight, has released findings to the world’s first neurological study which aimed to determine campaign effectiveness and impact from contextually relevant advertising across digital out-of-home.
Knowing that contextually relevant advertising is one of the most difficult things to quantify, Adshel invested in undertaking research that went beyond a standard research methodology to delve deeper into the mind.
The Context Effect study monitored brain activity of respondents who were served advertising that was both in and out of context at different times of the day. To determine the effect of context, respondents were matched to the right time, mood, behaviour and environment relating to particular internal and external factors.
Overall, the study found that across all neuro measurements, contextually relevant advertising was 19 per cent more effective than non-contextually relevant advertising.
In addition, when respondents were shown advertising in context, their visual attention, emotional intensity and engagement toward the ad increased. This led to greater memory encoding which ultimately influences consumer behaviour.
Neuro-Insight sales and marketing director Peter Pynta said: “Context is one of those aspects of advertising that most people say ‘it makes sense’, but is very difficult to quantify. That’s because context is often a passive, unconscious filter that consumers are unaware of and one that they couldn’t consciously articulate in a survey.
“By measuring the power of context, we’re paying full respect to the chemistry between message and medium. These days, clients are looking to cut-through the clutter. Context can now deliver this. These context effects are quite significant.”
Adshel group sales and marketing director David Roddick said: “Adshel is the first to market globally in undertaking this type of neuro research to prove that context plays a huge part in advertising effectiveness and that there is a direct correlation between message and medium.
“With the launch of Adshel Live we’ve created an opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers with relevant messages at scale. This coupled with dynamic messaging giving advertisers’ full control to adapt to business needs is a powerful proposition and it’s all part of the package.”
Adshel Live is a combination of high-impact digital screens showcasing messages with optimum definition and in the best locations to be seen across Australia’s five capital cities.
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