Digital Billboards Helped Recover Over 220 Missing People in a UK Scheme Backed by Kate McCann

The Outdoor Media Centre and charity ‘Missing People’ have reported that a digital billboard ad operation has helped recover 220 missing people in the UK.
The scheme, which is backed by Kate McCann – mother of missing child Madeline – regularly publicises the name and images of missing people free of charge. The Outdoor Media Centre fills unused and brand-donated ad inventory with the appeals.
The ads are broadcast directly to the location where the individual originally went missing. Creative for the campaign, and the use of OpenLoop, a campaign management platform, was donated by Grand Visual.
Kate McCann said: “When your child is missing, you want the whole world to stop and join the search. Thanks to the Outdoor Media Centre and its members, so many families missing a loved one have benefited from this unique opportunity to appeal for them”.
Via: The Drum