ERV UK and EYE Airports Launch Fully Mobile Last Minute Product

ERV UK has launched the first fully mobile last minute travel insurance product at London Gatwick Airport. ERV Go is available across multiple devices offering passengers the chance to purchase travel insurance right up to the point they board the plane.
ERV partnered with airport media specialists Eye Airports to utilise the latest in digital advertising technology for the launch of ERV Go.
The new ‘last minute travel insurance’ product reduces the cost of purchasing insurance by removing some of the cancellation period (to 14 days) not required by those passengers looking to purchase at the last minute. This enables ERVs customers to purchase just before departure without paying for cover not required due to the reduced chance of the trip being cancelled.
Nearly 20% of British holidaymakers are thought to travel without insurance* whilst nearly 80% admit not having the means to pay the cost of a hospital bill abroad** for themselves or loved ones.
 Tim Hufford, Business Development Director for Eye Airports, said:
“This collaboration offers great synergy between Out-of-Home and mobile to support the campaign’s objectives. Benefitting from the unique advertising environment and the opportunity to engage passengers immediately before boarding, ERV are able to capitalise on reaching customers when no other environment can.”
The project is currently being rolled out Nationally, currently promoted at Gatwick, Belfast, Newcastle, East Midlands, Stansted, Bournemouth and Southampton.