FEPE International Study Shows DOOH Advertising Drives Mobile Engagement

More than 60% of urban consumers say they have used their smartphones after seeing DOOH advertising.
Forty percent of consumers have looked up information online immediately as a result of seeing an out-of-home ad, with the figure rising to 62% for urban consumers who are most engaged with their smartphones while traveling, according to a new study by Future Foundation on behalf of FEPE International. The research showed that 79% of consumers have taken some form of action after seeing an out-of-home (OOH) ad, with 62% doing so after seeing a digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertisement.
The research study for FEPE International, a global organization representing the world’s major OOH media owners and leading OOH agency specialists and suppliers, also has found that 59% of consumers were interested in DOOH advertising that was specific to a time of day or location, and 65% were interested in DOOH advertising that rewarded interaction, such as offers for discount vouchers or prizes.
Future Foundation’s research was performed using a 20-minute online questionnaire with a sample of 1000 consumers between the age of 18 to 64 living and working in the largest cities in the UK, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Brazil and South Africa. This is believed to be the biggest international study into OOH advertising so far undertaken.
”This major research study shows that out-of-home has both separate and complementary roles to play in this age of digital, on-the-move communications. The simplicity, power and memorability of OOH clearly strikes a chord with most modern consumers,” said John Ellery, FEPE International Executive Director.
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Via: Screen Media Daily