JC Decaux Launch The Gateways

Introducing the newly launched nationwide network of premium Out-of-Home locations – The Gateways.
The Gateways is made up of the best landscape digital propositions situated along key arterial routes that welcome audiences into major UK cities such as London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Leeds and Bristol.
The network currently comprises of The London Gateway, previously known as The Cromwell Road Digital Gateway, and The Manchester Gateways (The Trafford Arch and newly launched Salford Arch).
Dominating the busiest stretch of road in Europe, The London Gateway is a perfect opportunity for advertisers to showcase their campaign creatively across 9 different sized screens. Combined with the two stand-out Arch locations in Manchester, brands can reach 15 million impacts in two weeks across the two largest metropolitan areas in the UK.
The network will continue to expand in 2016 with further roll out of premium digital landscape screens across Edinburgh, Sheffield, Leeds and Bristol.
Via: JC Decaux