JCDecaux Airport launch latest research survey 'Travel Unravelled'

This week JCDecaux Airport UK launched their latest research study ‘Travel Unravelled’ to the market.
Travel Unravelled explores the travel and spending habits of the travel elite, an audience found passing through  concessions on a regular basis as they travel the globe on both business and leisure. The study was conducted in conjunction with Condé Nast and aims to further knowledge of the travel category and how advertising can play a very significant role in the travel decision making process.
The extensive study revealed that the JCDecaux Travel Elite:
• Invest significantly in travel with nearly 1 in 10 spending £20k+ annually
• Are inspired to think about future trips while at the airport (54%)
• Consider travel brands at the airport as eye-catching, informative and inspiring
Steve Cox, Marketing Director JCDecaux Airport UK says: “The global travel market is a key economic driver, generating 10% of world GDP and accounting for 1 in every 11 jobs. The travel sector is also one of the most significant in terms of advertising spend at the airport. This research both highlights the communications benefits driving this media investment, and suggests ways in which advertisers might maximise the effectiveness of their airport activity.”
For more information on this research project, please contact lucy.heyman@jcdecaux.com.
Via: JCDecaux