London Commuters can Donate to Charity with Contactless Payments

London commuters have very quickly accepted the idea of contactless payment cards, which could soon be an effortless way to give to charity as well. “Penny for London” makes it easy for travelers to donate between 1p and 10p every time they use their card. Kind-hearted souls can choose from charities that include the Mayor’s Fund for London, Cash for Kids, The Prince’s Trust, and many more.
To get started, you first need to register one of your cards on the Penny for London website. From there, you can keep track of your donations and set up monthly limits to make sure you’re always in control.
Barclaycard was responsible for developing the “micro-donation” system which is compatible with any Visa or Mastercard.
Transport for London is currently the main partner of the scheme.
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Via: psfk