Look for Longer is back

CBS Outdoor’s online urban community work.shop.play. has launched the next generation of its highly addictive game, Look for Longer, with the 100 cryptic station clues provided by the members of the public.  The game debuted last year and attracted 578,777 visits from 297,205 unique users across 170 countries whilst Look for Longer 2 has already 210,000 vists from 100,000 unique users across 137 countries with 58 minutes being the average time spent playing.
The game is being promoted all over London. 65 large ‘Look for Longer’ posters challenging the public’s lateral thinking and testing their knowledge of the city’s’ iconic Tube network will appear in 45 major London Underground stations.  The posters will be highly visible from Tube platforms so people can start guessing the station as they wait for their train to pull in. Passengers can then submit their answers at www.lookforlonger.com, as well as interact with the Twitter account – @lookforlonger. The hashtag – #lookforlonger – is also back to enable people to help each other achieve a perfect score.
CBS Outdoor worked in collaboration with creative agency Clinic to execute the campaign.