Media Playground: Is Mobile Data the Fuel for Digital OOH?

Ged Weston, sales director at Eye Airports, discusses Media Playground’s mobile session. 
I found the interplay at this year’s Media Playground session on mobile fascinating. Tom Pearman, director of brand and business development at Weve, successfully framed that mobile’s greatest opportunity is location based – and demonstrated the parallels to out of home (OOH).
Everyone knows there is a perfect fit of mobile and OOH working together – the challenge is realising this in a way that genuinely works for clients.
We are all aware that you can overlay an OOH campaign with push messaging through geofencing/beacons delivered by SMS, apps and display – and that OOH can pull consumers to mobile through NFC/QR codes. This is still early days with revenue and brand counts in their infancy.
This is common sense and consequently clients will eventually view both through the same lens. Nigel Clarkson, Weve’s commercial director, and James Davies, Posterscope’s CSO, debated at length where this budget should come from. My view is once we prove that this works clients will automatically find the budget.
The real exciting play for me is how clients tap into mobile data, to fuel what consumers see outside of their mobile phones.
An enclosed environment like an airport or shopping mall with a huge retail footprint and a unique mindset seems like the perfect opportunity: you want to – and can – buy! The digital infrastructure to deliver this content already exists through digital OOH, but is still under-utilised by clients.
So my question is how do we collectively help advertisers do this?
Imagine a campaign fuelled by knowing in real-time who the audience is, what they have done before they arrived, where they are going afterwards and what they are actually doing in real-time?
Then put this on steroids playing out to the scale and impact of OOH – not to mention the benefit that established trust in the medium delivers. This happening at the same time as mobile/OOH as a location based opportunity has to be the sweet spot for clients.

Data feeding the OOH campaign – OOH campaign feeding Data – Data feeding the OOH campaign…

Location based and data fuelled mobile and OOH – now that is game changer where clients wouldn’t quibble over the budget.
Via: Media Tel