Microsoft Target Tech Audiences with OOH Campaign

Microsoft are highlighting the sophistication and functionality of the Lumia phone personal assistant app Cortana with a special build giant poster on blowUP media’s Old St/Rivington St site in the heart of Tech City in East London.
The standard 123 sqm banner is being augmented by an eye catching digital light element demonstrating the different emotions shown by Cortana, with the green circle on the phone lighting up with LED panels. This banner will be the largest of all the specials that Microsoft is using for its OOH campaign.
The location of the site is perfect for reaching the young, technologically-literate audiences, who research has found, are the early adopters and influential to their peers. The giant poster will reach more than 1.2 million people during the two weeks it will be up.
Planning and buying is by the OOH team within Dentsu Aegis network.
Via: Outdoor Media Centre