New Poster Art on London Transport

London has a long and celebrated history of transport poster art, dating back over a century.  An exciting new Transport Poster Art programme, led by London Transport Museum and sponsored by outdoor media owner Clear Channel, is revitalising this tradition.  The specially commissioned artworks, feature London’s events, activities and venues and have been created by excellent contemporary artists, illustrators and graphic designers. As well as appearing across the London Underground network, the posters can be seen on Clear Channel bus stops, including their digital Adshel Live network. The first posters, by the artist Paul Catherall, featuring the new Routemaster, are now on display across the city until the end of March.
The modern graphic poster came into use in the 1890s, revolutionising the fields of publicity, advertising and propaganda. Since its first graphic poster commission in 1908, London Underground has developed a worldwide reputation for commissioning outstanding poster designs, becoming a pioneering patron of poster art – a legacy that continues today. London Transport Museum now cares for one of the finest poster archives in the world with over 5,000 original posters dating back to 1908.
Andrew Morley, Clear Channel’s Chief Executive, said “Clear Channel is delighted to support the London Transport Museum’s Contemporary Poster Art programme, building on the success of the Year of The Bus.  We’re also thrilled to be able to bring these wonderful posters to London’s bus shelter network allowing Londoners to enjoy them right across the Capital.”
Sam Mullins, Chief Executive at London Transport Museum, said “The Transport Poster Art project celebrates and continues a legacy of over 100 years of world famous poster art on the Underground – the world’s largest art gallery. We are delighted that Clear Channel’s support is enabling us to commission the next generation of iconic transport posters.”