Clear Channel UK integrates its proprietary automated buying system (Clear Channel Ad Platform) with Posterscope’s location analytics, planning and trading platform, ECOS

-Initial roll out offered for Clear Channel’s premium Storm products, now available for Out of Home (OOH) specialist Posterscope to check availability and pricing, option and buy inventory inside its own ECOS system.
– The integration is a key milestone for Clear Channel’s automation strategy and vision for Creating The Future of Media, Out of Home.
– Work has begun with other Out of Home specialists to integrate the platform with their own systems and for the platform to carry additional products from the Clear Channel Portfolio.
Following the launch of the Clear Channel Ad Platform last year, the leading UK OOH media owner has connected its platform with Posterscope’s own location analytics planning and trading platform, ECOS. The direct connection simplifies the entire process of booking premium Storm inventory for the Posterscope team, from the initial checking of availability and cost, to placing options and purchasing.
The API integration is the first Clear Channel UK has made with an OOH specialist and is an important next step as part of the company’s automation strategy.
Clear Channel UK’s Ad Platform is a web-based portal, with access granted to authorised users. Inventory on the Platform is traded on an automated guaranteed basis. This means advertisers can access and buy fixed volumes of premium inventory with fixed, upfront pricing.
Ad Platform, wholly owned and developed by Clear Channel UK, delivers data via the Open Direct Protocol, the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) standard. This method has meant integration has been straightforward for both Clear Channel and Posterscope.
Justin Cochrane, CEO, Clear Channel UK, says:“It’s fantastic knowing that brands will soon be getting the most out of our automated Ad Platform. The Integration with Posterscope is making booking Out of Home smarter, simpler and more effective.”
“We’re heavily investing in building a next-generation OOH estate in order to achieve our vision: to Create the Future of Media, Out-of-Home. Automation is the next step in making media easier to plan, buy and deliver, and maximise the benefits of our leading digital portfolio.”
Stephen Whyte, CEO, Posterscope UK added: “Planning and buying out-of-home can be logistically complex so anything that helps simplify the process and increase speed to market is welcome. Integrating our award-winning ECOS platform with Ad Platform will enable faster, more efficient planning and booking across Clear Channel’s digital estate, and, most importantly, allow clients to really leverage the flexibility and agility of digital OOH.
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Clear Channel UK expands Ad Platform

Following a successful first phase of their Ad Platform, the first automated buying system for Out of Home (OOH) to be launched by a UK media owner, Clear Channel has today announced that they will be expanding the functionality of the tool.
The Ad Platform, which was launched 12 weeks ago and has been used to book campaigns for the likes of O2, Santander and Budweiser through Posterscope and other media buyers; has achieved its revenue targets and continues to generate adoption and interest from some of Clear Channel’s biggest clients. Through the Ad Platform, users can access and buy packages across Clear Channel’s super premium Storm network on an automated guaranteed basis. This means advertisers can plan and execute super premium digital Out of Home campaigns with fixed, upfront pricing.
Clear Channel is now expanding the functionality of the Ad Platform based on user feedback. New packages available on the Ad Platform include Storm Navigate 5, which allows advertisers to buy 5 sites from the Navigate portfolio, reaching target audiences across a potential 5 different cities.
In addition, two Storm Dominations will be added to the packages available on the Ad Platform – the Cromination Domination and the Shoreditch Triangle Domination. The Storm Cromination Domination allows advertisers to take total ownership of Storm’s iconic Cromination site on the Cromwell Road, one of the longest digital OOH (DOOH) sites in Europe, with bespoke creative lighting capabilities. Storm’s Shoreditch Triangle Domination will also become available, which combines a state-of-the-art digital portrait screen with high-impact banner advertising on trendy Shoreditch High Street.
The development of the system will continue to evolve in an agile way, reflecting the flexibility of the Storm brand, and Clear Channel’s commitment to working in partnership with Ad Platform users to lead OOH into the automation era. In addition to the new Storm packages, increased functionality will also include the ability to book different display dates within a single order, decreased booking lead times and improved online user experience. As the Ad Platform continues to develop, users can also access Clear Channel inventory via API, using their own platforms and tools.
Justin Cochrane, CEO, Clear Channel UK, said: “We’ve been really pleased with the engagement with our Ad Platform since its initial launch 12 weeks ago, and it’s great that we’re now able to release further functionality based on customer feedback.
The Ad Platform allows our customers to book premium DOOH inventory on an automated guaranteed basis, with the flexibility to access our Storm packages with ease and in a way that suits them.
As Clear Channel continues to push forward into the automation era, we’ll also continue to develop the Ad Platform. I’m very much looking forward to working with our customers to further the creative potential we know Out of Home can deliver.”
Chris Daines, Chief Media Officer, at Posterscope said: “At Posterscope we are focused on moving towards a world where we can better leverage the power of OOH through technology, and optimise the delivery of messaging in terms of creative content, and also from an operational perspective. Integrating the buy side with the sales side through an API is an area we have invested significantly in to date and we share Clear Channel’s pride in taking these first steps. Traditionally certain aspects of the OOH planning and buying process have been complex and time-consuming, being able to simplify and make the whole transaction process more efficient is critical for us across the entire market so we can provide our clients with the best possible value and business outcomes”.
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OOH's first automated buying system, The Clear Channel Ad Platform goes live

Clear Channel UK has become the first media owner to launch an automated buying system for Out of Home in the UK, the Clear Channel Ad Platform, with campaigns booked using the tool going live in London.

The launch follows a successful premier of the buying system by Clear Channel International (CCI) in Belgium earlier this year, and sees Clear Channel UK inventory, starting with their super premium Storm network in the first phase, traded on an automated guaranteed basis. This means advertisers can access and buy fixed volumes of premium inventory with fixed, upfront pricing.
Since the UK Ad Platform went live, media buyers have bought Storm campaigns automatically, for major advertisers including:
Advertiser                Media buyer              Agency
Santander                    Posterscope                   Carat
O2                               Posterscope                   Forward Media
Budweiser                   Posterscope                    Vizeum
Other media buyers include Rapport and Kinetic.
Clear Channel’s Ad Platform will continue to evolve with additional capabilities as it is rolled out across their nationwide digital estate. Currently, advertisers can now access and buy packages across Clear Channel’s super premium digital Storm network, via the proprietary Ad Platform.  Clear Channel are also working on further automated connections to our customers’ planning / buying tools as well as to Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).
Justin Cochrane, CEO, Clear Channel UK, said: “We are delighted to be leading Out of Home into the automation era, with the launch of the UK’s first OOH automated buying tool by a media owner. We’ve invested heavily in building a next-generation OOH estate in order to achieve our vision: to Create the Future of Media, Out of Home. Now it’s about getting the right automated systems in place, which will make our media easier to plan, buy and deliver, in order to maximise the benefits to advertisers. It’s fantastic to see brands embracing our automated Ad Platform, and I look forward to seeing the next level of creativity that automation will enable as it continues to make Out of Home smarter, simpler and more effective.”
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