Adshel Live hits the West End with New World Payphones, decluttering London’s streets

The roll out comes as part of Clear Channel’s continued commitment to transforming and enhancing high streets across the UK. As the new kiosks are installed, hundreds of aging phone boxes are being removed, decluttering the streets of the West End, with new units add to the growing nationwide Adshel Live network, providing an essential public utility.
This week sees the first phase of New World Payphones being installed on the streets of London’s West End, bringing Adshel Live back into the heart of the nation’s capital and its cultural, business and entertainment centres.
When installation is complete, the stunning payphones will bring essential wayfinding, Wi-Fi and telephony services to the public, as well as visitors to London.
As part of their commitment to transforming and enhancing UK highstreets, Clear Channel will be responsible for installation, cleaning and maintenance of the units, at no cost to the public, as is already the case with the thousands of bus shelters, Adshel and Adshel Live screens across the country.
Each New World Payphone will contribute to trees being planted in the local community, through a fund with the local authority, adding to the legacy already created by the existing payphones around the UK.
At the end of the West End roll out, the number of New World Payphones nationally will be 350, adding to an already strong London presence, with kiosks already found in 22 London boroughs, including Islington, Southwark, Wandsworth and Tower Hamlets. The total of Adshel Live screens already in towns and cities across the UK is over 1200 and will reach 2000 before the end of 2018.
Justin Cochrane, CEO of Clear Channel UK, says “We’re enormously proud the see the return of Adshel Live to the West End and our much loved local community. We can trace our roots in London back to 1936 and we’re proud to add to the rich fabric of the capital with New World Payphones.”
“We are proud to be creating the future, and leaving a lasting legacy with our commitment to transform the payphones in London’s West End. Not only does this latest expansion of the Adshel Live foot print mean more valuable services, such as public Wi-Fi and interactive local maps, it also provides amazing opportunities for advertisers in key retail locations inside our world famous city.”
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Clear Channel's Adshel Live returns to London

Clear Channel UK has announced the return of Adshel Live to London, alongside ambitious plans to transform payphones across the capital and nationwide. This news follows the Out of Home media owner’s acquisition of Arqiva’s payphone division earlier this year.
As of 3rd October, Clear Channel will begin transforming aging phone boxes into brand new phone boxes featuring Wi-Fi, interactive local maps and payphone services, with an Adshel Live digital screen integrated into every unit. The screens have been designed and built by Amscreen at their factory near Bolton, creating vital jobs in the area and supporting manufacturing in the UK.
The stunning new phone boxes re-imagine the iconic London phone box for the 21st Century and pay homage to a design classic – breathing life back into the traditional, and instantly recognisable, British payphone.
As part of their commitment to transforming and enhancing UK high streets, Clear Channel is to plant and care for a tree in the local area for every phone box they upgrade. The new trees will be planted in partnership with international environmental charity, Trees for Cities.
As with the rest of their nationwide Adshel and Adshel Live digital networks which appear at thousands of bus shelters right across the UK, Clear Channel will be responsible for the installation, cleaning and maintenance of the units at no cost to the public. Over the last five years alone, Clear Channel has contributed £170 million to public infrastructure for the UK communities they operate in.
By the end of 2016, Clear Channel will have installed over 100 new phone boxes in London. This will rise to up to 500 boxes in London by the end of 2017 – bringing the number of Adshel Live screens across the country to over 1,500 –further enhancing the UK’s only national roadside digital Out of Home network.
Justin Cochrane, CEO of Clear Channel, said “We’re enormously proud to announce the return of Adshel Live to London, bringing the flexibility and dynamism of the network back to advertisers in the capital.
“Not only does this announcement mean amazing opportunities for advertisers in key retail locations right across the capital, it also means hundreds of beautifully designed, British-built phone boxes offering valuable services such as public Wi-Fi and interactive local area maps.”
“Clear Channel can trace our roots in London all the way back to 1936 and we’re committed to this wonderful city. Our new phone boxes will become part of the fabric of the capital and we’re delighted to be working with Trees for Cities to plant a tree for each and every phone box we upgrade. This announcement will see us enhance the urban environment, provide valuable public services and leave a lasting legacy for Londoners.”
Simon Sugar, Amscreen’s CEO commented: “Over the last year we have delivered more than 1200 screens as part of the Adshel Live network and we’re now very pleased to be able to extend our partnership with Clear Channel with a ground-breaking new product. We’ve worked closely with the team to design and manufacture an entirely new unit that we’re confident will revolutionise the on-street out of home space.”
Sugar continued; “This extensive roll-out of these revolutionary new phone box displays plays into Amscreen’s key strengths in terms of delivering a scalable product that ensures ease of deployment, maintenance and leverages the power of real-time insight. Were also proud to say that this has all been developed and built on home soil so British engineering talent has been key in launching these modernised, iconic displays”
David Elliott, CEO at Trees for Cities, said, “Trees are one of the most vital elements of liveable and healthy cities. They help create spaces that promote physical activity, reduce mental illness, and enhance community cohesion and a reconnection with nature. They clean pollutants from the air, prevent flooding, mitigate the urban ‘heat island effect’, shield traffic noise, and provide an essential habitat for the biodiversity that supports our ecosystem services. Tree-lined streets increase property values and promote economic activities in business districts.  It is remarkable how much we rely on trees, yet how much we can take them for granted.”
Elliott added, “Our cities’ environments and tree stocks face multiple risks and threats, and their futures are integrally tied to the actions of the business sector. The leadership and vision that Clear Channel has demonstrated in supporting and promoting this programme is truly inspirational. They have set a high benchmark and a challenge to other companies to follow that can help secure resilient urban environments for generations to come.”

Clear Channel Kicks off Digital Sites Expansion

Clear Channel has launched Play London, a three-part digital outdoor expansion strategy.
Play London comprises, firstly, the London Wrap, a new network of 40 digital 48-sheet screens across London. The first screen installation will take place on 1 October and the network will be completed by the end of December.
The second element of the expansion strategy is the more than doubling in size of the digital portfolio of Clear Channel’s premium digital brand Storm. This move will take the number of sites from nine to 20.
The final stage of the plan is the rebranding of the LD6 network of 100 digital six-sheets to Adshel Live.
Play London forms the first stage of an overall investment in UK digital outdoor, which will feature the nationwide expansion of Storm and Adshel Live with hundreds of sites planned across the country.
The outdoor media owner launched the Play brand in 2011, when it expanded its digital portfolio in malls.
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