Australian Defence Force Recruits Using OOH and "Mobile Medic" App

The Australian Defence Force used ‘medically diagnosable posters’ to recruit the best medical students in the country.  The Mobile Medic app allowed the students to scan the poster and diagnose, using image recognition layered into an augmented reality framework, a series of patients using true-to-life techniques on real medical problems. If you were good enough, you were offered the chance to become a medic for the Australian Defence Force!
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]fcbUP59MfeE[/youtube]
Via: Digital Buzz Blog

Augmented Reality Floors

GM promoted the new Cadillac ATS model using 3D perspective floorart race tracks which consumers could drive a virtual car around by viewing the tracks through a smartphone or tablet.  This augmented reality experience was devised by Carat, Fallon and Posterscope USA and attracted nearly 4,000 plays per location per day!

Domino’s mobile app lets you order from a poster site

Domino’s Pizza has launched an augmented reality initiative, using Blippar, at more than 6,000 sites across Britain enabling consumers to download deals, get the Domino’s mobile ordering app and become a Facebook fan through their smartphone. Planned by Arena Media and Posterscope.

Digital OOH augmented reality

Two campaigns from Heartland-Posterscope China allowed members of the public to interact with characters on large digital screens.  Fanta’s cartoon character augmented reality installation was placed in cinema foyers whilst Nokia’s campaign complemented their interactive outdoor experience with a 9.5m Transformer figure to promote the X7 handset leveraging their partnership with the movie Transformers 3, Dark of the Moon.