Outdoor Plus illuminates the journey to Harrods

The face of Hyde Park underpass changed forever this week with the Out of Home sector’s most exciting new digital site launch of the last 5 years.  Outdoor Plus has unveiled two state of the art digital screens under the prestigious Hyde Park Corner in London.  Located in an area rich in heritage and culture, this is a unique opportunity for advertisers wanting to reach the heart of London’s Luxury Quarter, which on its own accounts for over 50% of London’s total luxury market spend.  This location is unique as it offers advertisers an exclusive opportunity to reach London’s global audience with no other premium digital advertising within a one-mile radius.
Jimmy Choo Fragrances will dominate the Knightsbridge bound screen for the launch.
Kenneth Green, Chairman of KGA commented: “The One offers Jimmy Choo Fragrances the ultimate showcase in an area of media scarcity yet rich in some of the world’s most aspirational consumers.  In proximity to Harrods & Harvey Nichols this location has no rival and no equal in the London market and is absolutely on brand for the UK’s largest distributor of luxury fragrance & beauty brands.”
Jonathan Lewis, Managing Director at Outdoor Plus, said: “We are delighted to be bringing London’s most elite advertising location to market. At a time when advertisers have more media choices than ever, we are excited to be able to offer them a truly unique opportunity to target the very heart of Central London.  With people spending more and more of their time Out of Home, and with DOOH offering such strength with audiences on the move, we strive to ensure that advertisers are seen in all the right places.”
The launch of The One comes after the announcement last week that Transport for London has awarded Outdoor Plus the contract to install, market, sell & manage a portfolio of at least 15 premium digital landscape screens across its London Underpass estate which will provide brand new digital OOH opportunities across the main arterial routes into and out of the Capital.

#whatmakesyoublush NARS Campaign To Promote New Store Opening

On Friday 10 and Saturday 11th June, NARS Cosmetics will be celebrating the opening of their new standalone store in Covent Garden. It wouldn’t be a celebration without a distribution of their number 1 Blush in the US, Orgasm Blush.
Using models dressed up like the woman featured on the Blush packaging, NARS will be distributing card samples of the limited edition range of their ‘hero’ product. There are a total of 20,000 samples to distribute across the 2 days with a further 2,000 vouchers to give out and with those engaged in the activities organized by the models at the store.
Created by Monsieur Nars himself in the late 90’s, the Orgasm Blush quickly became a sensational product, winning countless awards and becoming the #1 best-selling blush in the United States.  
With its peachy-pink and universal flattering shade, Orgasm Blush is suitable for all skin tones. Just enough to make you blush! And as we can never have enough of a good product, the original blush offered in stores is being customized to a limited-edition oversized compact, available to all buyers.
To make the experience memorable, all NARS enthusiasts are encouraged to Twitter and Instagram a picture throughout the day while using the hashtag #whatmakesyoublush on the Orgasm paddles distributed during the event.
The project was organised by MKTG UK, Dentsu Aegis Network’s experiential global brand.
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China’s ‘Leftover Women’ Ask to Marry for Love in Beauty Campaign

Sheng Nu literally translates to ‘leftover woman’, says Li Yu Xuan, a 33-year old single Chinese woman. “It refers to women over 27 who are not married.”
To shine a spotlight on Chinese women being labelled as a ‘Sheng Nu’, international skincare brand SK-II has released a short four minute film called ‘Marriage Market Takeover’. The campaign aims to highlight that everyone should have the freedom to marry for love and not because of familial or societal pressure.
Since 2004, parents in Shanghai (that’s the only place highlighted) have visited the Marriage Market, paying to post, compare and match personal ads, listing the height, weight, salary, values and personality of their sons and daughters. In some cases, according to the release sent over and Wikipedia (haaaa), women are unaware that their parents have listed them at a marriage market.
For this campaign, SK-II placed photos of hundreds of unmarried women alongside positive messages from each – ‘I don’t want to get married just for the sake of marriage. I won’t live happily that way’ says one below the face of Li Yu Xuan.
The campaign aims to help change the perception of the word and place emphasis on the individual rights of women (a not entirely unhelpful message if your aim is to sell make-up to them, obviously).
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]irfd74z52Cw[/youtube]
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NARS and Steven Klein Collaborate with psLIVE for Beauty Pop Up

To celebrate the highly anticipated collaboration between NARS and Steven Klein, psLIVE helped launch a pop up which consisted of a series of events over four days. The event was open 3rd – 6th November at 15 Bateman St Soho and was open to the public during the day 10am – 5pm.
People were able to view the collection, receive a free NARS makeover, have a go in the GIF booth and also enjoy the bar (free mocktails!) Tuesday evening was the launch party with 160 guests, consisting mainly of press. The party had Little Boots DJing as well as cocktails and canapés. Wednesday evening was Stylist reader’s event with Andrew Gallimore giving a makeup tutorial. Then finally, Thursday was a blogger event with In The Frow blogger.
The event generated over 2 million social media impressions and the client describes it as ‘phenomenal’.

Water Purifying Plant Billboard is Trying to Clean Up One of Manila’s Most Polluted Rivers

A floating billboard from the Japanese beauty brand Shokubutsu HANA was recently installed on the extremely polluted Pasig River in the Philippines. The billboard is made from a type of grass that can absorb toxic materials and help to reduce pollution.
Vetiver, a perennial, non-invasive grass often used to treat wastewater and stabilize landfills and garbage dumpsites, has been shaped with the simple message, “CLEAN RIVER SOON.” According to Hana’s website, the billboard is able to clean 2 to 8 thousand gallons of water per day, thanks to its ability to tolerate high levels of nitrates, phosphates and heavy metals.
While this particular billboard was created to fit with Hana’s belief that healthy beauty can be brought about by the restorative power of nature, it’s also in line with a recent trend to create restorative advertising.
The billboard is the first of its kind in the Philippines, and came about from a collaboration between Hana, The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission, Vetiver Farms Philippines and the advertising agency TBWA\SMP. More water billboards are planned for various sections of the river.
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Sephora Launches ‘World-First’ 3D Augmented Reality Mirror

Beauty retailer Sephora has launched an augmented reality mirror in its Milan Store that can simulate cosmetics on a user’s face in both real-time and 3D.
Using technology from virtual makeover provider ModiFace, the mirror tracks the location of a user’s facial features and applies eye shadow colours directly via a video feed from a camera.
Through using the mirror, shoppers are able to try out different shades of cosmetics by tapping a palette on the screen and also view eye shadows from different angles as they move their heads from side to side.
“We believe ModiFace’s 3D Augmented Reality Mirror will be a breakthrough technology for our customers as they virtually try out different eye shadow shades quickly and easily,” said Antonio Ferreira de Almeida, general manager, Sephora Italy.
The move follows a number similar initiatives by beauty retailers looking to capitalise on augmented reality technology, including luxury brand Bobbi Brown, who last year used Blippar to bring its campaign to life.
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