JCDecaux launches a powerful new digital channel at London Bridge

JCDecaux has extended its digital offering in London with the launch of Motion@LondonBridge – seven state-of-the-art full motion digital landscape screens at London Bridge station.
Bringing a new opportunity for brands to target affluent audiences as they shop, eat and socialise, Motion@LondonBridge screens have been carefully positioned to target the retail offering on both sides of the gateline and will deliver 14 million weekly viewed digital impressions at this newly redeveloped travel hub in the heart of London.
Motion@LondonBridge is an expansion of the Motion@Portfolio, which currently comprises Motion@Waterloo, Motion@Euston and Motion@TheCity.
As a new premium shopping environment, London Bridge station offers over 70 outlets, more than any other Network Rail station, including luxury brands such as Ted Baker, MAC and Rituals.
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Pringles pop user generated content onto DOOH to promote Easter on-pack promotion

Kellogg’s owned snack brand Pringles is launching a UK-wide digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign to encourage participation in its Easter on-pack promotion “Take a Bite and Win a Flight”.
Players are invited to snap and share a picture of themselves enjoying their favourite Pringles on social media for the chance to win a trip to a European destination every hour throughout every day of the month-long promotion.
The DOOH campaign has been designed to amplify the social media campaign and will harness the real-time capabilities of digital out-of-home by featuring the social photos of each hourly winner in real-time on panels close to point of purchase.
The campaign runs until 16 April on six-sheet digital panels outside key Tesco and Asda stores nationwide. OOH campaign planning is by location marketing specialist Posterscope and Carat with creative produced by ZEAL.
Emily Dutton, Assistant Brand Manager, UK & I Pringles, said: “Easter is a time for friends and family to get together and celebrate, and Pringles plays a big part in this sharing occasion. Our “Take a Bite and Win a Flight” adds another sharing opportunity into the holiday, and with our winners celebrated on advertising panels close to purchase points, we want to encourage shoppers to grab a tube and get involved.”
Lee Mabey, Agency Strategy Director at Posterscope, added: “Research has shown that people are more likely to enter a competition if they feel that they have a real chance of winning. Our ability to feature real-time, user-generated content from our competition winners on panels right next to purchase points, taps directly into this and will help to drive interest and desire for this fantastic Pringles promotional.”

8 Outdoor owner completes significant funding

The owner of 8 Outdoor, the UK’s fastest growing Out of Home media owner, has confirmed an investment of £11 million – the first from Asia into a digital-only UK Out of Home media owner. The funding will fuel further expansion for parent company SIS Digital Vision Limited, a market leader in Out of Home digital advertising and construction, with a growing portfolio of national and European screens.
The new multi-million-pound equity funding package from Sun Hung Kai & Co. Limited (“SHK”), an investment firm headquartered in Hong Kong, was delivered by Nash & Co Capital Limited, the specialist UK SME focused merchant bank. The funding process was led by SIS Digital Vision Limited’s first Group Chief Financial Officer, Darren Poynton, who brings over 15 years’ media industry experience to the role, having most recently been UK Group CFO at Havas Media Group. Previous roles have included UK CFO at MediaCom and European Finance Director at National Geographic Channels Europe, having started his career at KPMG, where he focused primarily on entertainment and technology clients.
The funding represents significant investment for 8 Outdoor, as it looks to build on its market leading position in UK premium roadside digital Out of Home. The company was founded in September 2015 and has since grown to be the UK’s fastest growing Out of Home media owner, with over 90 screens in 25 cities. It has recently embarked on its biggest ever trade campaign, focused around its flexible and cost-effective proposition to commercial partners.
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Posterscope Belgium publish their 2018 OOH overview document

Posterscope Belgium, post an annual overview guide to the OOH marketplace.
This is their summary for 2018 covering the Belgium and Luxembourg regions.
For more detail and guidance on their perspective, please click HERE ….

Full-motion outdoor ads deliver the emotional punch of TV

Ocean’s research reveals full-motion digital out-of-home’s impact as an ad medium.

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is a rapidly growing medium, with global media revenues in the sector growing 13% to reach $13.4bn in 2017, according to media research firm PQ Media. As the medium matures, the key question has become not whether to use it, but how best to use it.
Over the past five years, Ocean has partnered neuroscience research firm Neuro-Insight UK to develop a better under­standing of DOOH’s impact on consumers.
There’s a need for hard data – and neuroscience is the ideal way to gather it, using steady-state topography to track memory encoding and emotional peaks.
For its latest study, Ocean set out to explore how full-motion video can deliver brand-building qualities by appropriating learnings from TV and its role in amplifying online content. The results were significant – demonstrating that full-motion DOOH campaigns have an impact 2.5 times greater than content on static displays, delivering a powerful emotional experience comparable to that of TV advertising.

Telling a story with full motion
The study exposed respondents to out-of-home sites featuring both static and full-motion content, before measuring their brain response to a filmed version of the real-life journey they had undertaken. Because our brains process information holistically, content has to be seen in context; Neuro-Insight UK tracked participants’ peaks in emotional response, how positive that response was, and the number of brand impacts encoded into memory.In previous studies, Neuro-Insight UK has found that the impact of advertising across out-of-home and TV is driven by memory encoding, peaks of emotional intensity and positivity – but, most importantly, it is the number of peaks of response that is crucial for delivering elevated levels of brand effectiveness. The most effective ads feature more peaks of memory response when branding is present, and deliver a strong emotional nudge to viewers.
“What’s important is some sort of evolving narrative, because our brains tend to respond to new information,” says Heather Andrew, chief executive of Neuro-Insight UK.
While both static and full-motion content delivered high levels of positive emotional response, Neuro-Insight UK found that full-motion creative delivered more branded peaks of memory encoding.
Combining these two metrics reveals that full-motion DOOH has the ability to really influence consumers, delivering brand effectiveness in spades.
“Digital out-of-home works in a similar way to television advertising,” says Ocean’s head of marketing and events, Helen Haines. “It delivers multiple impacts and a strong emotional response: two key components that contribute to driving real-world sales.”
The study suggests that full-motion DOOH can extend the reach of a TV campaign, effectively contributing to positive brand-building outside the home.
Bringing DOOH online
Online advertising tends to be more about targeted activation than brand-building – consumers tend to engage with it for short amounts of time, making it a challenge to deliver multiple peaks of response. However, full-motion content that plays well online is similar to that used in the DOOH medium – showcasing movement and colour, and not relying on sound to carry the message.
Ocean wanted to explore how consumers responded to a piece of shortform online content played on a full-motion DOOH display.
Neuro-Insight UK’s research revealed that the same content delivered stronger levels of response in an out-of-home context than it did online – building on previous findings showing that respondents’ exposure to a DOOH ad has a positive priming effect on online advertising.
Taken together, this suggests that a multi-platform campaign using full-motion DOOH can both amplify the effect of online content and play a vital role in brand-building through delivering multiple peaks of memory response and emotional intensity.
“The work that we did for Ocean was innovative in terms of methodology and outputs, and clearly demonstrates the changing nature of the relationship between different media,” says Andrew.
“In an increasingly online media world, full-motion digital sites can play a unique role in amplifying the impact of an online campaign,” she adds.
By delivering multiple peaks of response and emotional intensity, full-motion DOOH can perform both a brand-building role and amplify the effectiveness of content in other media – making it an essential asset in an integrated media plan.

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Ocean Outdoor to launch new Two Towers Digital in Manchester

Set to dominate the advertising skyline on the approach to the city, the iconic Two Towers Digital Out of Home structure is coming to Manchester.
The Two Towers® Manchester, is the City’s first double-sided advertising towers which will grace the elevated section of the A57 Mancunian Way from March 2018.
These two portrait orientated screens will capture access in both directions to the busiest inner city motorway route in Manchester, making The Two Towers® Manchester’s number one large digital out of home display in terms of audience reach, delivering 3.6 million impacts a fortnight.
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JCDecaux extends its digital offering in the finance capital of the UK

With an average salary of £60,000 per annum[1] and showcasing luxury retailers such as Tiffany & Co and Hermes, the City draws a huge £1 billion annual retail spend[2]. As such, it is a prime location for targeting consumers with significant disposable income. Sitting in the heart of this network, the Motion@TheCity channel gives brands the opportunity to reach this affluent audience.
Motion@TheCity sees the installation of five huge new state-of-the-art full motion digital landscape screens in the City of London at London Blackfriars, London Cannon Street, London City Thameslink and London Fenchurch Street. The five new screens are in addition to the four existing screens at Liverpool Street Station and will deliver a total of 16 million weekly viewed digital impressions each fortnight[3]. This new channel is an expansion of the Motion@Portfolio, which currently comprises Motion@Waterloo and Motion@Euston.
JCDecaux has also extended its London Digital Network (LDN) with the installation of six double-sided screens on TfL bus shelters in the City of London. This is the first time digital advertising screens have been installed in this area, making it a media first. The 84-inch digital screens are on key locations including Bishopsgate and Aldgate High Street. The launches are part of the company’s target to reach #onebillioneyeballs.
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Countdown to a Millionaire in dynamic DOOH first

In an Irish media first, Posterscope’s Irish office PML Group has delivered dynamic Digital Out of Home at scale in a campaign using its proprietary Dynamic platform.
Working in conjunction with Starcom and creative agency, Rothco, PML Group rolled out its new capabilities with a National Lottery campaign which encompassed a live countdown clock to the Millionaire Raffle which took place on New Year’s Eve. The winning €1 Million ticket was sold in Wexford.
The Dynamic platform enables digital campaigns to run seamlessly across multiple networks and media owners. It uses a range of available data sources to optimise the communication across the day, week or campaign period and provides full control over the content without the need to individually supply media owners’ systems. Research has shown that OOH using dynamic digital content boosts overall effectiveness by an average 19%.
The live countdown clock featured on the Clear Channel’s new Tesco Live screens, the city centre street side Orbscreen network, and mall digital encompassing Exterion Media’s dPods and JCDecaux’s iVision. Supplementing the dynamic digital was a heavyweight national 6 Sheet campaign comprising Bus Shelters, Adshel and Adboxes.
Speaking of the campaign, PML Group’s Managing Director Geoff Lyons said, “Our proprietary Dynamic platform allows us to deliver contextually relevant advertising at scale and in real time across multiple DOOH networks for our clients using a multitude of scheduling and content triggers. This technology is the perfect tool enabling us to deliver on brief for the National Lottery driving excitement and awareness at screen right through to purchase. This campaign encompassed advertising across the entire OOH sphere using an array of formats in classic and digital whilst cleverly utilising our Dynamic platform allowing for live content served across a variety of digital screens at the right time and in the right place. “

JCDecaux launches the Hull Digital Network

JCDecaux has expanded its small format digital network nationally to Hull, launching 10 new double-sided state of the art D6s in the city centre. As the market leader in digital street furniture, JCDecaux’s Edinburgh and London portfolio delivers 55% of the weekly viewed impressions in this environment (Route 25). The company is now extending this presence into a third city, with the launch of 10 new double sided free-standing digital 6-sheets in Hull.
Hull was awarded the UK City of Culture 2017, an award given every four years to a city demonstrating the belief in the transformational power of culture, and in its inaugural year Hull has hosted over 450 events, exhibitions and cultural activities.  This has attracted over 1.4 million visitors to the city and provided a £1bn boost to Hull’s tourism economy (
With a mix of retail including House of Fraser and Debenhams, Hull is a top 40 UK city with an annual retail spend of £428m (CACI). The new digital assets provide advertisers with an unmissable opportunity to engage with audiences as they move around the city.
In Q1 2018, JCDecaux will further expand its digital street furniture portfolio into the City of Bristol.
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Subway's #LiveFeed donates meals to those in need in real time

Subway donated 13.3 million meals to charities around the world as a result of its global campaign to fight global hunger on World Sandwich Day.
The Subway Live Feed campaign, which was created by J Walter Thompson Sydney, ran in 60 countries globally and saw sales at the 40,000 contributing restaurants increase by up to 20%.
Subway partnered with local hunger-relief charities for the global real-time, data-led campaign which saw a meal donated to charity for every Sub purchased on World Sandwich Day on 3 November.
The campaign tracked the donated meals in real time through the Subway Live Feed digital ticker, which drew data from Subway’s point-of-sale devices to create both a global and country-specific live tally of the meals Subway was donating.
The tally was also displayed on individual country microsites, digital banners and outdoor billboards around the world, including 42nd street in New York City. Social media and PR were also used to drive awareness, along with staff engagement, influencer marketing and local area promotion.

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