JCDecaux launches Paddington Tower

The Paddington Tower is now live, becoming the latest addition to the premium state-of-the-art digital channel, The West London Towers.
Located on a key arterial route into the capital, the Paddington Tower is unmissable to those traveling on the A40, capturing an affluent West London audience travelling along the ‘wealth corridors’ to and from surrounding areas such as Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.
The Paddington Tower provides brands with the opportunity to communicate their message on 43m2 of digital advertising space, which delivers 11 million viewed impressions annually.
The addition of the Paddington Tower to the West London Towers  increases the channel’s digital screen count to 17, generating 5.1 million weekly viewed impressions.
(Source: Route v23 2017, 20% SOT).
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Interactive bus stops in San Francisco act like virtual aquariums

For Monterey Bay Aquarium’s 2017 “Share the Love” campaign, bus riders and pedestrians on the sidewalks of San Francisco will have their own authentic aquarium experience as they encounter custom-built, state-of-the-art interactive bus shelters in a series of  creative executions.

The dynamic digital screens  display a beautiful underwater scene full of colour and natural motion, featuring a fashionable cuttlefish. For those who stop to admire him, the imaginative cuttlefish – a natural master of camouflage – will detect the colour of the current viewer’s clothing, morphing his on-screen colour to match his admirer and relay a personal message.
The digital displays will also showcase scenes of the aquarium’s real-life underwater beauty, framed by animated silhouettes of aquarium “visitors” observing the magic. When pedestrians step within range, the experience will capture that person’s silhouette and display it onto the underwater experience itself. Users will be playfully prompted to show their “best octopus impression,” test “how high they can jump,” and more.
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]227008301[/vimeo]
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Clear Channel UK expands Ad Platform

Following a successful first phase of their Ad Platform, the first automated buying system for Out of Home (OOH) to be launched by a UK media owner, Clear Channel has today announced that they will be expanding the functionality of the tool.
The Ad Platform, which was launched 12 weeks ago and has been used to book campaigns for the likes of O2, Santander and Budweiser through Posterscope and other media buyers; has achieved its revenue targets and continues to generate adoption and interest from some of Clear Channel’s biggest clients. Through the Ad Platform, users can access and buy packages across Clear Channel’s super premium Storm network on an automated guaranteed basis. This means advertisers can plan and execute super premium digital Out of Home campaigns with fixed, upfront pricing.
Clear Channel is now expanding the functionality of the Ad Platform based on user feedback. New packages available on the Ad Platform include Storm Navigate 5, which allows advertisers to buy 5 sites from the Navigate portfolio, reaching target audiences across a potential 5 different cities.
In addition, two Storm Dominations will be added to the packages available on the Ad Platform – the Cromination Domination and the Shoreditch Triangle Domination. The Storm Cromination Domination allows advertisers to take total ownership of Storm’s iconic Cromination site on the Cromwell Road, one of the longest digital OOH (DOOH) sites in Europe, with bespoke creative lighting capabilities. Storm’s Shoreditch Triangle Domination will also become available, which combines a state-of-the-art digital portrait screen with high-impact banner advertising on trendy Shoreditch High Street.
The development of the system will continue to evolve in an agile way, reflecting the flexibility of the Storm brand, and Clear Channel’s commitment to working in partnership with Ad Platform users to lead OOH into the automation era. In addition to the new Storm packages, increased functionality will also include the ability to book different display dates within a single order, decreased booking lead times and improved online user experience. As the Ad Platform continues to develop, users can also access Clear Channel inventory via API, using their own platforms and tools.
Justin Cochrane, CEO, Clear Channel UK, said: “We’ve been really pleased with the engagement with our Ad Platform since its initial launch 12 weeks ago, and it’s great that we’re now able to release further functionality based on customer feedback.
The Ad Platform allows our customers to book premium DOOH inventory on an automated guaranteed basis, with the flexibility to access our Storm packages with ease and in a way that suits them.
As Clear Channel continues to push forward into the automation era, we’ll also continue to develop the Ad Platform. I’m very much looking forward to working with our customers to further the creative potential we know Out of Home can deliver.”
Chris Daines, Chief Media Officer, at Posterscope said: “At Posterscope we are focused on moving towards a world where we can better leverage the power of OOH through technology, and optimise the delivery of messaging in terms of creative content, and also from an operational perspective. Integrating the buy side with the sales side through an API is an area we have invested significantly in to date and we share Clear Channel’s pride in taking these first steps. Traditionally certain aspects of the OOH planning and buying process have been complex and time-consuming, being able to simplify and make the whole transaction process more efficient is critical for us across the entire market so we can provide our clients with the best possible value and business outcomes”.
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Giant digital billboard StarLights goes live at Spaghetti Junction

Digital-Out-of-Home media owners Elonex has launched a new giant digital billboard at the UK’s busiest motorway junction, Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham. The new digital billboard, which measures over 4000 square feet, will be known as StarLights.
Designed, manufactured and constructed by Elonex, StarLights consists of two super-size LED HDR (High Dynamic Range) advertising screens. The screens are positioned to face high volume traffic travelling both north and south at the iconic Spaghetti Junction location, the main route to and from Birmingham city centre and gateway to the entire UK motorway network.
The new giant structure is situated high above the Star City entertainment complex adjacent to junction 6 of the M6, and highly visible from incredible distances went live broadcasting digital advertisements from international brand launch partners DiRT4, British Athletics, Caterpillar and I Saw It First.
StarLights will deliver more than 40 million audience advert impacts every month to become the most seen digital advertising site in the Central Region, and further adds to the ever growing Elonex portfolio of large-format Digital-Out-of-Home advertising screens at prominent locations across the UK.
So far in 2017 Elonex has installed at least one new digital screen in the UK every week, meaning the Elonex UK advertising network now consists of more than 1500 digital screens.
Known for its innovation in the marketplace, Elonex has also announced StarLights will be partly solar powered to acknowledge a new dawn at the former site of Birmingham Power Station where its positioned within the Star City complex, and to provide a modern, clean and environmentally friendly means of power generation.
Commenting on the launch of Star Lights, Nick Smith, CEO at Elonex, said:
“StarLights is perfectly positioned to target huge audiences as commuters travel through the Midlands and on to a multitude of UK destinations. Add to that its iconic location of Spaghetti Junction and targeting the main route in and out of Birmingham, and StarLights presents brands with unique showcasing opportunities.
“We’re very proud to add StarLights to the Elonex Digital Network and its launch strengthens our reputation for delivering large-format digital locations and for being a media owner with the ability to solely design, manufacture, construct and operate our entire screen portfolio.”

JCDecaux launches London Waterloo channel with premium 80” digital 6-sheet screens

JCDecaux has launched its Gateline Channel which includes new premium 80-inch digital 6-sheet screens, as well as adding extra locations.
The 80-inch screens provide a 23% increase in visual area. With a footfall of 2.2 million every week, JCDecaux can now deliver a combined total of 40 million digital viewed impressions over a week at London Waterloo.
The 80-inch digital screens positioned at each platform end target every passenger departing the station and alone deliver 10 million weekly viewed impressions. This channel gives advertisers the ability to reach commuters travelling from London Waterloo to affluent areas of London and the South West such as Richmond, Barnes, Weybridge and Windsor.
The digital development to London Waterloo marks another step in JCDecaux’s goal to reach #onebillioneyeballs by the end of 2017.
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Ocean adds Leicester Square to its London portfolio

Ocean has unveiled a new digital screen in the heart of London’s West End, Leicester Square.
Located in the centre of London’s entertainment district, the screen forms part of a £6.6 million investment in the Vue Entertainment venue, which has a big screen entertainment heritage dating back to 1938.
The addition of Leicester Square is Ocean’s response to advertisers’ demand for super premium locations, and the strategic strengthening of its position in London following the exclusive wins of other “Ask for it by name” assets including the Piccadilly Lights, Westfield Stratford and phase two of Westfield London.
The Screen on Leicester Square launches with OnePlus as its advertising partner. OnePlus’s campaign was planned through Starcom and runs for two weeks.
Measuring 62.7 square metres, the high definition screen will deliver advertisers 3,500,000 impacts per fortnight.
Ocean marketing director Richard Malton said: “The addition of Leicester Square to our portfolio extends Ocean’s presence in premium London postcodes. Ocean has always been about iconic locations which enhance the out of home footprint for advertisers. The Screen on Leicester Square is absolutely one of those super premium beach front addresses.”
View The Screen on Leicester Square

Outdoor Plus wins The Hammersmith Towers

The Hammersmith Towers, one of London’s most prestigious double sided digital screens, has been won by Outdoor Plus.
A council spokesperson said “We selected Outdoor Plus following a competitive marketing process to be our partner on this landmark site moving forward.  We are looking forward to working with them and believe that their market leading position in London will generate significant additional revenue for our borough to reinvest in services for our residents.
The site, one of the UK’s best digital advertising opportunities, delivers OOH’s biggest audience on the affluent west London Gateway to the A4/M4 corridor.
Portrait in format, this dynamic site is exceptional, reaching over 6.9m people every 2 weeks, from prestigious AB audiences to posh shoppers, from UK travellers to the most influential women in the country.
It remains an iconic landmark location and is a valued addition to the already iconic Outdoor Plus London portfolio. Rich with creative opportunity, this location offers brands the ability to execute two creatives simultaneously, allowing greater scope to push the technological boundaries and create ultimate stand out.
Jonathan Lewis, Managing Director at Outdoor Plus, said: We remain committed to delivering the best sites in the best locations in the best city in the world.  As part of that commitment we will be replacing the screens with new state of the art technology before the end of 2017. We are delighted to welcome this new addition to our ever growing London portfolio. Another unmissable moment from Outdoor Plus for audiences on the move

Ocean Outdoor seeks bold ideas for the 8th annual Digital Creative Competition

Ocean has launched its 8th annual competition to discover the best creative ideas in DOOH, using innovative and emerging technology and techniques.
Ocean’s Digital Creative Competition is now inviting submissions for bold new creative ideas which set new boundaries from brands, the creative community, agencies and charities.
Campaigns can be devised for either UK audiences, or to reach much broader global audiences spanning three continents (Europe, North America and Asia).
This year, to encourage simple and effective creativity, there’s a single category of entry, although submissions for charities and commercial brands will be judged and awarded separately by a panel of industry experts.
Entrants that truly raise the bar will win a share of a £650,000 prize fund and the chance for their creative concepts to be showcased across Ocean’s iconic UK DOOH locations, or via The Alliance network to Europe (Madrid), the USA, the Middle East (Dubai) and the Far East (Hong Kong or China).
Announcing the 2017 awards, Ocean CEO Tim Bleakley said: “Ocean’s annual competition has consistently challenged creative thinking within the all screen market, consistently raising the bar for what is possible over the past eight years.
“It has provided a platform for brands to succeed at global awards ceremonies such as the distinguished Cannes Lions, delivering inspired ideas and aligning creative minds to the opportunities digital out of home affords alongside other progressive platforms and content channels.
“Last year’s winners created some show-stopping media moments on a UK and an international scale. Entering the competition is simple but the rewards are multiple. All you need to compete is an idea.”
It is free to enter Ocean’s competition, which is open until August 25. The winners will be announced at a prestigious awards ceremony at the IMAX in London on October 5.
All you need is an idea
In 2017, Ocean celebrates the 8th anniversary of a competition that has consistently educated and helped drive the DOOH success story. The initiative reflects Ocean’s ethos to stimulate technical understanding and creative exploitation of the medium and with it, drive sector growth and brand count.
Last year’s winners included Churchill Car Insurance with Churchie’s Drive-Thru created by WCRS and the spectacular March for Giants, created by 18 Feet & Rising for the charity Space for Giants.
Eight years of supreme creativity
Ocean’s competition has powered global success stories for visionary brands and agencies who have shown the world how DOOH is closely aligned with other progressive technologies in the screen world and fully integrated with capabilities such as wifi, augmented reality, 3D modelling and audience and vehicle recognition.
March for Giants transcended global boundaries broadcasting across three continents via The Alliance
Gold Cannes Lions for Women’s Aid’s Look at Me and MicroLoan’s Pennies for Life campaigns
Top Shop and Twitter presented catwalk trends live as they happened from London Fashion Week
NHS Blood & Transplant used augmented reality to show the transformational power of life saving blood donations
A live broadcast from the Caribbean was powered by British Airways
Powering a digital billboard using human energy and Pavegen technology to promote the Toyota Hybrid
Feeding pigs apples in a farm in Buckinghamshire, in real time, via your mobile phone from Westfield, London
Integrating EEG technology which reads brain waves allowing a game of Mind Pong, controlled by human thought, for The Brain Tumour Charity
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Engagement uplift for Stena Line by adding a programmatic mobile campaign to Out of Home

In cooperation with Isobar and Amnet Posterscope Netherlands created an Out of Home awareness campaign combined with an online mobile 360° ad for ferry company Stena Line. Combining Out of Home with a location-driven mobile campaign and a mobile audience creates an uplift with more impact and engagement. By using a programmatic strategy, the best of both mediatypes is optimally utilized to reach the target group on the biggest and the smallest advertising screen at the same time.
From Goal to Strategy
With their core business on the holiday market, visibility just before the high season with a focus on branding and awareness were the main campaign goals. To translate this into a strategy Stena Line wanted to be visible from the end of May until July because during this period most potential clients get inspired and book their holidays. Until the end of July, the campaign will be exposed on digital highway billboards, big screens at subway/train stations and on mobile with a 360° ad.
Cross channel boosting effect
For this campaign Out of home was the perfect medium to create awareness and generate exposure. The use of digital screens totally suited the campaign goals of Stena Line. To add an extra campaign layer, the programmatic trading desk Amnet purchased a mobile campaign based on geofencing (proximity) and a pre-defined audience. Therefore, they used gps-locations with a focus around train stations. The digital Out of Home screens were exposed on working days and during the weekends between 16:00 and 19:00. Whenever passersby were near a train station they both got to see the ad on the Out of Home screen and on their smartphone. To give this ad an extra brand experience Isobar created a rich media ad with the use 360°.
From insights to effectiveness
By using a mobile strategy and data it’s possible to provide insights on the effectiveness of the Out of Home campaign. It gives us the opportunity to define the number of clicks and the engagement by location. Overall the combination of Out of Home and Mobile enchances target group insights based on POI’s. We can also retrace passersby who interacted with the Out of Home object, which gives us the possibility to optimize the next campaign. This proofs that Out of Home and Mobile are the ingredients for a success formula and for creating a campaign uplift.
 Client:                                    Stena Line, Mariel Korpel, Stefan van Beek
Out of Home specialist:      Posterscope, Bas van den Hoogen, Roos Groesz
Experience design:              Isobar, Melvin van Gom
Programmatic:                     Amnet, Frank Meiland, Guido van Oosten
Media owners:                     CS Digital Media, Interbest, Ngage Media, OOHA media

Posterscope Netherlands host round table debate @ Digital Marketing Live 2017

Posterscope Netherlands host round table debate @ Digital Marketing Live 2017
On Thursday the first of June the sixth edition of Digital Marketing Live event took place. Dentsu Aegis Network Netherlands participated as content partner and organized two presentations and four round tables.
Together with Isobar colleague Melvin van Gom, Bas van den Hoogen, managing director Posterscope Netherlands hosted a roundtable in which they claimed that we as marketing and media professionals are closer to the consumer than we think. They showed how data gives us a range of insights that we can use to map the target audience’s customer journey. By telling a fictional story about a day in the life of a customer Bas and Melvin explained how OOH and mobile can enhance each other.
By giving participants a look in a day of a customer with multiple touchpoints they showed that we can follow and interact with the consumer everywhere. The story starts with a daily morning routine of a fictional person, followed by how he travels to work every day and ends with multiple possible scenario’s after a day of work. During the story the participants were asked their opinion about audience insights and interaction options. After every claim Bas and Melvin explained how OOH in combination with mobile advertising can be used effectively. Overall this round table focused on the desired effect that marketing and media professionals are getting aware of the fact that the OOH/mobile media mix creates an engagement uplift for their campaigns.