Lemon T Takes Over Busy Glasgow and Edinburgh Hotspots with Scented Campaign

Tennent’s new offering Lemon T is taking over Buchanan Street subway and Edinburgh’s Princes Street over the next two weeks with two specially commissioned lemon scented advertising panels.
The panels, strategically placed by Posterscope in each city, aim to provide commuters with a refreshing change to their journey.
“Lemon T is all about bringing a refreshing change to consumers, so we thought we should extend this to commuters as well,” said Paul Condron, marketing director at Tennent Caledonian.
“These panels have proved a big hit and we’ve had many positive comments from commuters about the refreshing new scent in each city. We think it’s a bit more fun than your average advertising campaign and will raise a smile for those passing through the Subway or bus stop on their way to and from work.”
Discount vouchers will also be distributed in each city near to the poster locations, giving consumers the chance to try Lemon T for themselves.
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Cubanisto Creative Changes From Day to Night

For the brand launch of Cubanisto, AB InBev’s new rum flavoured premium beer, Posterscope worked with Vizeum and creative agency, Ralph, to create an eye-catching OOH campaign that would stand out at any time of day.
From 19th May till 1st June, as part of a larger national 6-sheet campaign, one hundred day and night 6-sheet customisations will be deployed in key locations nationwide. In addition to this, eight day and night Mega-6s will target specific areas. The day and night printing technique allows two different creatives to be shown depending on the time of day and lighting. This allows passersby to experience a different creative during the day than they would at night, giving the campaign greater standout and reaching consumers throughout the day. Through the day and night changes, the campaign aims to highlight the message of bringing the spirit to light at night.
The wider campaign will be spread across all channels, including television, POS, OOH, digital and event/experiential.
Posterscope planned the wider media OOH campaign, while Hyperspace project managed the customisations.

Do You Like the Smell of Chocolate?

This was the first scent marketing campaign using street furniture in Spain. With the slogan ‘do you like the smell of pleasure?, milkshake brand Cacaolat invited people to smell their appealing cocoa scent. The action is complemented by a series of actions in social networks to increase the impact.
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Coca-Cola Sets Up Tiny Kiosks to Promote Miniature Cans

They say “good things come in small packages”—that seems to be the idea behind the Coca-Cola campaign ‘Mini Kiosk’.
To promote its Mini Cans, Coca-Cola and ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Berlin installed tiny Coke kiosks around cities in Germany.
The tagline for this campaign: “It’s the little things in life that makes us happy”.
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World's First Touch-Sensitive Playable Posters

In New Zealand, beer brand Beck’s has created ‘the world’s first playable poster’:
The world-first technology uses touch-sensitive conductive ink and a flat-panel speaker to deliver the sound.
The playable poster, at present in an ‘experimental’ phase, has been created to promote local musicians. According to the video, they’ll be appearing on ‘popular music street poster sites’ and at Beck’s venues around the country throughout May – dubbed ‘New Zealand Music Month’.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]EAtpwfWeUfY[/youtube]
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Coke Use Drones to Deliver Drinks From the Skies

Coca-Cola can claim to be one of the first advertisers in Asia to deploy drone cameras in a marketing campaign.
As part of its Open Happiness campaign, the fizzy drinks brand has teamed up with non-profit organisation the Singapore Kindness Movement to deliver cans of Coke from the sky to construction workers in Singapore.
Coke dropped off cans of drinks and words of encouragement to more than 2,500 guest workers around the island nation. The company is using the hashtag #CokeDrones to promote its campaign.
The agency behind the ‘Happiness from the skies’ campaign was Ogilvy.
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Coca-Cola Creates an Arcade Game Powered By Empty Plastic Bottles

To encourage recycling, Coca-Cola teamed up with agency Grey Dhaka to create an arcade game that is powered by empty plastic bottles.
Called the ‘Happiness Arcade’, it was placed in six different locations around Dhaka, Bangladesh, over a period of six days.
To play, users simply insert an empty plastic bottle into the machine, and it will boot a Pong-like video game.
According to the agency, they also have plans to expand this fun idea to different countries around the world.
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Taste the Brightside With Lipton Ice Tea in Belgium

Last month in Brussels, on the Place Louise, passersby were invited to sit down on deckchairs and enjoy the sun and music while promoters distributed some ice cold Lipton Ice Tea cans and yellow sunglasses…  inviting them to start the summer taking selfies and sharing them on social media. Free Wi-Fi was also provided.
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Tanqueray Cinema Bus Shelters

Tanqueray, Carat and Posterscope Iberia turned normal bus shelter seats into cinema seating, complete with curtains and decorations for the Malaga Film Festival. A screen was also installed showing the campaign ad, ‘Setting the Tone’, along with movie trailers for the festival.

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Coca Cola Launches New Bottle with 3D Customisations

To celebrate the release of the new  Coca Cola contour shape, Hyperspace oversaw the production & installation of twenty-six giant replica bottles across multiple media owners on 48-sheets across the UK. The new bottle shape was in response to feedback from Coke fans, who preferred the contour shape found in the smaller sized bottles.
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