8 Outdoor secures 1-year contract with Emirates

8 Outdoor has partnered with Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, for a year-long domination of the Digital Out of Home media owner’s Heathrow Terminal 5 site.
The only exterior large format digital screen at the airport’s Terminal 5, the site is situated in one of the most prestigious locations at Heathrow, reaching an audience of frequent flyers and C-suite executives arriving into the UK. 8 Outdoor launched the full motion site in April 2017, with previous advertisers on the screen including Jaguar Land Rover, Vogue and Ralph Lauren.
Cennydd Roberts, CEO, 8 Outdoor, said: “As we continue to expand as the fastest growing out-of-home media owner in the UK, we are thrilled to see our premium Terminal 5 screen attracting new advertisers of this calibre. Its positioning and impact is perfect for a client such as Emirates, taking advantage of the large format brand fame a screen in this location offers. In addition, the flexibility of our digital out-of-home portfolio allows for powerful and relevant contextual campaigns – perfect for a year-long domination.”
Joanna Mikolajczyk, Business Director, Arena Media, said: “8 Outdoor’s Terminal 5 site is the latest addition to the Emirates long term holding strategy, which aims to bolster awareness at the key airports they fly from. Located at T5, the home of BA, it offers a great opportunity to showcase the Emirates routes and product offering to a key target audience.”
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Visa adds first hotel wifi sponsorship to OOH campaign targeting Chinese tourists

PSI, Posterscope’s international division, has signed its first hotel wifi sponsorship deal, for Visa China, as part of a wider out-of-home (OOH) campaign promoting its China Merchants Bank card to Chinese tourists as they arrive, travel to and stay in London.
The sponsorship, delivered in partnership with Luxia Global and Starcom UK, incorporates sponsorship of guest wifi services in 68 four and five star hotels across London throughout July. Users will be identified through browser language, served messaging in Chinese, and later retargeted with digital ads on relevant tourist and shopping websites.
RoccoForte Brown's Hotel Smartphone
The sponsorship completes a campaign appearing along the Heathrow to London “travel corridor” featuring digital OOH sites throughout Heathrow’s T5 terminal, lamppost banners across Central London and in shopping hotspots, plus a wrap of a Central London tourist bus.
James McEwan, deputy MD, at PSI said: “We are delighted to have been able to secure this sponsorship opportunity and add a targeted element to Visa’s wider campaign for its China Merchant Bank card. By supporting the provision of wifi in key hotels frequented by Chinese visitors to London, we are able to put the brand directly into the hands of the target audience at a time when they are relaxing and open to receiving brand messages.”
A spokesperson for Starcom UK, added: “The sponsorship of guest wifi is an exciting addition to our campaign for the China Merchant Bank card. The ability to reach these travellers in their own language as they arrive in London, and be associated with such a highly valued service as guest wifi is a great manifestation of Visa’s brand desire to be ‘everywhere you want to be’.”

JC Decaux to launch 'The Gold Channel' in Heathrow's Terminal 5

This May will see the launch of Heathrow’s most exclusive advertising opportunity yet, offering premium brands a unique chance to immerse, engage and influence the world’s elite. Located throughout the exclusive passenger route in Terminal 5 to the British Airways First Class Lounge, The T5 Gold Channel offers the unparalleled opportunity to showcase a brand’s proposition in a sumptuous, relaxed and private environment.
The Gold Channel is comprised of two  digital opportunities:
The Golden Gateway – a striking 6×2.5 meter digital totem that truly dominates the entrance point to the route to the First Class Lounge
The Immersion – a collection of 15 stunning digital totems that line the winding corridor leading to the First Class Lounge, totally immersing passengers as they make their way into departures.
The T5 Gold Channel provides exclusive access to an elite group of global travellers. Over 2,000 passengers will pass through the private route every day including British Airways First Class ticket holders, Gold Card members and their guests.  As well as powerful business leaders and the world’s wealthiest leisure passengers, these are the most select and discerning customers travelling through Heathrow. With a 71% AB profile, the Gold Channel proposition reaches the most affluent in society and provides the rare chance for brands to communicate with them while they are in a receptive mindset and are open to new experiences.
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Heathrow's business lounge iVisions are live

The roll out of Heathrow’s latest digital network, the Business Lounge iVisions, began at the start of the year with the installation of the first 3 high definition screens. Located directly outside the entrance points to the North and South British Airways Lounges in the prestigious Terminal 5, the 80 inch iVisions are unmissable to the elite Business, Club and First Class passengers.
Luxury retailers Gucci and Oakley made fitting launch partners for the new premium network, as they aim to reach the most affluent of passengers passing through the airport to encourage extravagant purchases and high level spending.
This premium network will roll out across a further 9 business lounges over the coming weeks, and once complete will provide advertisers access to an exclusive audience of affluent leisure travellers and influential business leaders, equating to around 3.2 million passengers per annum. 
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JCDecaux's Motion Showcase at T3 is live!

Heathrow’s latest large format digital opportunity, the T3 Motion Showcase has launched.  Terminal 3’s first large format interior digital site, will reach and influence over 8.8million valuable arriving passengers each year.
Situated head-on to passengers as they make their way into baggage reclaim, the Motion Showcase consists of two 6.9 x 2.3 meterfull motion digital screens which dominate the arrivals route. The fantastic location and size of the Motion Showcase is guaranteed to capture the attention of the affluent, tech-savvy passengers and fully engage them with bold immersive messaging. It will also provide greater creative flexibility and increased memorability and recall from the audience.
The installation of this premium DOOH site is a continuation of Heathrow & JCDecaux Airport’s digital transformation, following on from the successful launch of the iconic Heathrow Gateway and T5 Motion Showcase earlier in 2016. 2017 will see JCDecaux Airport’s digital portfolio expand even further, with the installation of Taxi Rank iVisions, the Business Lounge iVision network and new large format digital opportunities.
This campaign was planned and booked by JCDecaux One World through JCDecaux Airport.
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Microsoft are the launch partner on the Towers@T5

Microsoft was the launch partner Towers@ T5 – the largest digital airport opportunity in Europe, located at Terminal 5, Heathrow’s busiest airport terminal.
Microsoft utilised the iconic platform to showcase the impact of Microsoft Cloud. Microsoft is promoting it as the cloud that enables AccuWeather to respond to 10 billion requests for crucial weather data per day.
Pursuing Microsoft’s business audience and in collaboration with Empowering Media and JCDecaux UK, PSI planned a campaign that would reach a high footfall of airport business travellers in a dominant way.
With five screens located landside and two located airside, the Towers @ T5 ensured maximum impact as they reach 100% of the Terminal’s departing and transferring passengers. Each digital display is 14 metres wide by 7 metres high, and has a 6mm LED screen quality. These can be treated as one synchronised showcase, or as individual displays.
This activity received an abundance of attention in the media with a collaborative press release from all parties involved in the campaign reaching the likes of DailyDOOH, Frontier, Airport Technology, Essential Retail and Screen Media Daily.
Microsoft has also deployed classic and digital Out-of-Home locations throughout Terminal 5’s check-in and security check zones as well as key opportunities at Heathrow Express.
Alan Sullivan, Managing Director of JCDecaux Airport, said: “It’s great to see Microsoft as the launch advertiser on this stunning new 700 square metre digital platform – the Towers@T5. These seven new iconic locations in Heathrow offer an extraordinary new opportunity for brands to dominate and inspire the affluent, exclusive and influential passengers of Heathrow. This demonstrates once again how the airport is at the cutting edge of digital OOH innovation.”
Robin Hall, Managing Director of Dentsu Aegis OOH’s international division, said: “Being the Towers @T5 launch partner provides the ideal opportunity for iconic brand Microsoft to reach the highly desirable international business traveller through a hugely impressive site”.
Jonathan Coen, Heathrow’s Retail Director, said: “As Britain’s hub airport, connecting more than 70 million passengers across the globe every year, it’s no surprise that the world’s premier brands have recognised the power of advertising at Heathrow.  We are delighted to welcome Microsoft to Terminal 5’s newest installation”.

Emirates targets Heathrow Airport passengers with spectacular OOH site

April 27th 2015: As part of its ‘Hello Tomorrow’ global marketing campaign, Emirates is strengthening its already dominant presence at Heathrow with the launch of a special-build campaign with JCDecaux Airport on the iconic Central Terminal Area Welcome Site.
Occupying the gateway to one of the world’s busiest hubs, the 37.2m by 3.8m illuminated location spans the width of Heathrow’s entrance roundabout, is visible from over 500 metres away, and provides the first brand message for 100% of vehicular traffic as it enters Heathrow from the M4.
Emirates’ creative execution promotes the airlines’ Airbus A380 planes and underlines its position as an enabler of global connectivity and meaningful experiences with the strapline: “Your remarkable journey begins here. Experience the Emirates A380”. In an innovative twist, the special build is designed so that the image of the plane appears to fly off the billboard.
The long-term campaign was planned and booked with JCDecaux Airport by Havas and Posterscope’s international division PSI.
Alan Sullivan, Managing Director of JCDecaux Airport, said: “We are delighted that Emirates has seized the opportunity to ‘own’ Heathrow’s most famous landmark site with a special-build campaign that showcases the unmissable branding potential of this classic Out-of-Home location.”
Natasha Murray, Managing Director at Havas said, “We are absolutely delighted to have secured the iconic Heathrow Welcome Site. This is a prominent site within an excellent location and provides Emirates the opportunity to speak to those travelling through the World’s busiest hubs”.
Robin Hall, Managing Director at PSI, said: “The site is ideal, passengers have a heightened sense of excitement and awareness arriving at the airport. Emirates have created an ownership of that point of the journey, using great creative in an iconic location.”
Jonathan Coen, Retail Director at Heathrow, said: “As the UK’s hub airport, Heathrow sees 73 million passengers pass through its doors every year. This site is a perfect spot for Emirates and we’re delighted with the creative.”
Emirates’ campaign complements its other long-term locations with JCDecaux Airport in the interior and exterior of the airport, including: the new TTS (Train Transit System) location that leads passengers towards Terminal 5’s satellite terminals, and the iconic branded A380 plane situated on the Central Terminal Area roundabout, targeting all vehicular traffic travelling to Terminals 1, 2 and 3.

Hive Active Heating Campaign from British Gas Welcomes Brits Home with World-First Flight Data-Driven DOOH Ads

As temperatures across the country drop, the British Gas team behind Hive Active Heating today launches the world’s first digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign to use flight data to solely target British travellers as they touch down in Britain. The company has partnered with international out-of-home (OOH) agency PSI and DOOH specialists Liveposter to target the 8.8 million UK residents who will return home through London Heathrow (T1, T2 & T4) and London Gatwick this winter.
In deals with media owners JC Decaux and EYE, returning passengers will be welcomed home with bespoke messaging which relates to their holiday destination. For example, passengers returning from Malaga in Spain will be encouraged to ‘Keep the Malaga mood with Hive Active Heating.’ The activity forms part of a national OOH campaign planned by Carat & Posterscope for Hive Active Heating, which enables customers to control their heating and hot water remotely via mobile, tablet or laptop.
The campaign for Hive Active Heating marks the first implementation of a new international hub package from PSI and Liveposter called Liveposter Airports. The package enables brands to exploit the opportunities that dynamic digital creative offers to deliver the right message at the right time and to the right audience. Brands can now create, schedule and publish digital ads to major airport media owner networks across nine global hubs, including London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Dubai, Singapore, Istanbul, New York JFK,  Barcelona, Moscow and Frankfurt.
Liveposter Airports uses flight, time, location and weather data to improve audience targeting for brands. All ads are centrally managed via an easy-to-use online interface, providing complete control of the creative messaging and targeting by audience.
Pamela Brown, head of marketing and insight for Connected Homes at British Gas, said: “Today, 10 per cent of people with central heating don’t have a timer and almost a quarter of people that have a timer don’t use it. Hive Active Heating is a smart thermostat that turns this on its head. It lets people control their heating and hot water remotely on their mobile phone. This new campaign will help us reach people as they’re arriving home from holiday – just when people would want to switch their heating on so their home is warm when they arrive.”
Liz Jones, managing director of PSI, said: “Hive Active Heating is the first of many products that will be using data to be smarter about how to target travellers. Using live flight and campaign planning data from PSI’s Global Planner tool, along with Liveposter’s expertise in DOOH and data, products like Hive Active Heating can now turn international airports into highly targetable, measurable OOH environments. Brands can ensure they engage their target audience with personalised, specific messages via digital screens, and improve the efficacy of national and international campaigns.”
Dan Douglas, founder of LivePoster, said: “We’re really excited to be rolling out our first global product with Liveposter Airports. It’s a unique offering at this scale for advertisers to maximise digital OOH in major airports around the world, enabling them to tailor their messaging for global and local audiences using real time data and dynamic content to ensure maximum impact.”
Sarah Parkes, Managing Director at Eye Airports, said: “Airports are a hotbed of creativity powered by big data. This campaign has showcased the many capabilities of DOOH advertising and through collaboration with our partners we have created a unique, media first campaign to effectively and efficiently reach passengers as they arrive back from holiday”.
Rob Elms, sales director at JCDecaux Airport, said: “It’s fantastic to see Hive Active Heating harness our digital Out-of-Home network at Heathrow in such a dynamic and innovative way. By tapping into the mind-set of passengers who are travelling home, they have taken advantage of the unique opportunity to promote Hive Active Heating using relevant and topical content in areas of high dwell-time at the world’s largest international airport.”

Prada Experiential at Heathrow's Terminal 5

Puig showcased the latest edition of their best-selling perfume, Prada Candy, this summer in an experiential and DOOH campaign.
Planned and booked by Havas and PSI, the campaign took over the departure lounge of Heathrow’s Terminal 5 as it targeted passengers for the launch of Candy Florale. The experiential zone was situated in close proximity to both World Duty Free and the Prada store, capitalising on the point-of-sale opportunities to purchase the scent at the airport.
Passengers were invited to try out the perfume and other Prada Candy fragrances as they made their way through departures.
As JCDecaux Airport’s Global Shopper 2013 research reveals, shopping while abroad is an integral part of the travel experience, with 81% of global shoppers purchasing luxury cosmetics and fragrances at the airport.

Heathrow Terminal 2 Opens

JCDecaux Airport and Heathrow have unveiled a range of airport advertising opportunities at Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal, as the doors officially opened to the public for the first time on 4th June.
As part of Heathrow’s on-going transformation, JCDecaux Airport and Heathrow have worked alongside architects to develop media opportunities integrated into the building’s structure. With poster sites, experiential zones and over 100 digital screens, Terminal 2 delivers an array of flexible, creative and immersive opportunities for brands to engage with the terminal’s affluent passenger audience.
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