These concrete dog statues drew attention to a tragic pattern many were overlooking

When you see a dog tied to a lamppost, park bench or bicycle rack, you expect its owner to return soon and take the animal home.
It wouldn’t occur to most of us that such dogs might, in fact, simply have been abandoned.
But it happens all too often. For example, some 1,400 pets , including 760 dogs, were discarded on the streets of Barcelona last year. That’s a 13 percent increase from 2016.
To raise awareness of the issue and fetch new owners for some of the 200 critters awaiting adoption in city shelters, Ogilvy Barcelona placed 20 life-sized concrete dog statues around town on behalf of the City Council.
Tethered to posts, polls and other urban structures, the figures were cast from 3-D printed molds by Ingi Guðjónsson, product designer at Fab Lab Barcelona and the Institute of Advanced Architecture Catalonia. Each statue includes an ID tag with a code that links to the City Council’s animal welfare site, where viewers can get information about real furry friends in desperate need of loving homes.
Two shelter dogs—4-year-old mixed-breed Neula and 5-year-old American Staffordshire Samsó—served as models for the statues.
“Neula and Samsó represent all the dogs that have been waiting a second chance,” says Jofre Banquells, creative director of Ogilvy Barcelona. “They both waited for at least a year at Barcelona’s animal shelter. Fortunately, Neula has been quickly adopted as soon as the campaign has been launched (on April 9).”
Of course, the pet adoption issue has generated plenty of notable work in recent years. Such efforts include Pedigree’s lauded films from 2015 about ex-cons whose lives changed for the better after they began caring for dogs, and the brand’s flip-the-script take from last year that showed humans longing to escape cramped shelter cages. In January, two different appeals used music playlists as a focal point, one from Spotify, and another from Dallas Pets Alive.

“Installing the dogs attached to lampposts, as if they were really abandoned, helps people visualize the situation. People don’t only see a dog, they see the problem.”
Jofre Banquells, creative director, Ogilvy Barcelona

Dubbed “Dogs S.O.S.,” the Barcelona City Council effort cuts especially close to the bone by confronting people where the problem occurs and challenging them to become part of the solution.
“Installing the dogs attached to lampposts, as if they were really abandoned, helps people visualize the situation,” Banquells says. “People don’t only see a dog, they see the problem. In addition, it gained media attention with no investment at all.”
The sculptures will sit and stay on the streets another week, then move to other public spaces, such as libraries.
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Perrier transforms Shanghai Metro into a jungle

For the PerrierXWild limited edition designed by artist Juan Travieso, Perrier transformed Shanghai’s South Huangpi Road Metro station into a jungle with STDecaux. The pillars were decorated as giant trees with artificial treetops. When passengers walked by, the trees would light up gradually from the roots, and passengers would hear the lion roar. In addition, the limited edition, comprised of 6 bottles and 5 lifestyle objects, was displayed in the station.
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Amazon constructs the largest installation by an advertiser in Times Square

There’s a new giant structure in Times Square, but it has nothing to do with office space or condos. The 79-foot (or seven story tall) structure is an Amazon Echo of sorts—it’s attached to a billboard as part of the company’s new campaign touting the streaming capabilities of Amazon Music.
The massive effort, which is essentially a model of the Amazon Echo, isn’t interactive, but does have LED lights to make it look functional. The build also breaks Pepsi’s record set in the 1940s for the largest ad build in Times Square, according to the company’s agency partners Outfront, Rapport and Traction 3D.
“Our goal is to increase awareness for Amazon Music,” said Josh Fein, head of partner and brand marketing for Amazon Music. “To highlight one of our unique and innovative Alexa voice features, the lyrics search functionality, we chose iconic lyrics that promoted positivity and togetherness through the power of music.”
Added Fein: “One of our inspirations for the campaign was John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s billboards in Times Square featuring lyrics from their new song, ‘Happy Xmas (War is Over).’ Their campaign amplified the fact that music lyrics can speak volumes, and that the right song, at the right moment, can connect with large groups of people.”
“While our ‘Music Unites’ campaign is in 15 cities across the U.S., U.K., and Germany, we knew that Times Square had to be a centerpiece. We’re excited to have the largest advertising installation in one of the most widely recognized places in the world.”
The billboard Echo has a 22-foot circumference and weighs more than seven tons. It will be in Times Square until June 25.
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Gatorade create human figure made from 100% water

To launch Gatorade’s new electrolyte water G Active, Unit 9 and TBWA made a true-to-life water athlete, animated it in mid air, and caught it on camera.
The technical infrastructure was designed and built in less than ten weeks, bringing together more than 20,000 individual parts and custom-made components. More than 5,000 man hours were taken up in the design and build of the system.
The custom-made “rain rig” dripped water in complete sequence and harmony, to recreate the figure of a real athlete – in a liquid animation. Each unit contained 64 litres of water, with 8 units running at any one time – a total of half a tonne of water to bring the system together.
To make the water character true-to-life, they motion-captured a human athlete running, jumping and kickboxing. Data from the motion capturing informed the water rig when to turn its nozzles on and off.
A series of 2,048 switches turned the water pressure on and off – at millisecond intervals – triggering the droplets at exactly the right moment. We then used flash-lighting to illuminate and “suspend” the water droplets in mid air, with millimeter and microsecond accuracy for each frame. Meaning an entire layer of data was transmitted through the entire system in just a microsecond.
We had to take each frame and process it in two ways. First to squash it, to compensate for gravitational acceleration, and second to slice it. The data for each frame was stored in a controller unit and triggered by the camera.
To have the camera positioned at the right angle for the shot, the water rig was programmed to sync with our motion control team. Every time our motion control specialists set a camera sync and a flash, the water was dropped at that precise moment.
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CANAL+ takes commuters into the depths of the Amazon rainforest at a Parisian station

To promote their new original series “Guyane” (international title: “Ouro”), which premiered January 23rd, French pay-TV giant CANAL+ partnered with ad agency BETC Paris to take people into the depths of the Amazon rainforest.
The adventure drama revolves around a 20-year-old geology student from Paris who travels to French Guiana to do an internship in a gold mining company. Just like the series’ protagonist, commuters on the Paris Métro line 3 now get to enjoy a jungle atmosphere at the station Opéra, which was transformed into an exotic jungle with real plants, in a marketing stunt developed by BETC. The huge installation, which will be there until February 1st, not only informs consumers about the series’ premiere date, but also supports an Instagram competition, which give users the chance to find a hidden golden nugget for the chance to win a trip to French Guiana (@guyane_canalplus).
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Free OOH exhibition reveals world changing research

Made Possible by Melbourne…
The University of Melbourne drives research that is changing our world. They are celebrating this throughout November with their ‘Made Possible by Melbourne’ activity.
Fourteen OOH sites in the City of Melbourne are hosting installations that explore some of their best research projects, alongside audio explaining  the inspiration behind these incredible stories.  Passersby can see these inventions and innovations up close, from robot arms to a brand of super rice and discover how, for example, they are making the city of the future, growing organs outside the human body and working to eliminate blindness.
The 21st Century’s most pressing problems require collaboration and ingenuity. ‘Made Possible by Melbourne’ makes these stories come alive and explains how researchers and academics are working together to improve lives.
Explore ‘Made Possible by Melbourne’ and discover how Melbourne is changing the world.
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easyJet creates immersive travel experience for Londoners

easyJet and the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions teamed up to create a mysterious plane door, which appeared overnight in Shoreditch. The door left passers-by intrigued about what is on the other side however EasyJet disclosed that beyond the door there is an installation, which provides a show-stopping, immersive experience designed to inspire people to travel.
On the 14th and 15th October the free experience took visitors on a whistle-stop tour through contemporary Holland guided by a full cast of live actors. Curious passers-by were instantly transported into a world where they met intriguing characters, larger-than-life surroundings and plenty of surprises along the way.
Those unable to experience it over the two days can still see it via an exciting 360 film – produced using the latest technology to capture immersive footage of the activation – and chance to win their very own adventure in a special flight giveaway.
Ian Cairns, Head of Brand and Marketing Services at easyJet, said:
“Generation easyJet are adventure-seekers and this bespoke, immersive activation totally reflects the fun, energy, exuberance and inclusivity of our brand. We can’t wait for people to experience Holland’s amazing sights without leaving central London. We, along with our partners the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, wanted to bring something special to Londoners and show them first-hand what Holland has to offer to inspire them to travel.”
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JCDecaux Awarded Bus Shelter Contract for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

JCDecaux announced today that it has been awarded the Bus Shelter advertising contract for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.
This 15 year contract previously held by Clear Channel, was awarded following a competitive tender process and includes the provision, installation, maintenance and advertising operations for 80 new Bus Shelters including 16 sites already approved for 84” digital screens.
Jean-François Decaux, Chairman of the Executive Board and Co-CEO of JCDecaux, said: “Further to the recent award of the TfL Bus Shelter concession in London, this 15 year contract for Bus Shelter advertising in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is a significant win. Securing these additional premium locations including Brompton Road, Kensington High Street and King’s Road strengthens our London advertising portfolio and will enable advertisers to reach audiences in some of the most affluent retail and tourist destinations in London, with 40% of the retailers in the area classified as “Premium”.
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Philips turns bus stop into an interactive light and music experience

Posterscope, Australia Carat and Adshel’s latest special build has resulted in an experiential activation by technology company Philips called #Huetown, showcasing Philips Hue – a web-enabled LED connected lighting system for the home.
Converting a Newtown bus shelter into an interactive light and music showcase, Philips set-out to engage a dynamic commuter audience. Cross referencing Adshel’s sites with Roy Morgan’s Helix Persona data, Newtown was an obvious choice for targeting the desired ‘Metrotech’ segment, with Philips looking to leverage social media engagement to extend the campaign through social channels.
Sitting at the fork of King Street and Enmore Road, the #Huetown campaign achieved over 2,000 physical interactions in its first week, as well as social chatter across Twitter and Instagram. With visitor interactions highest across weekdays during peak commute times, the installation also enjoyed strong screen touches over the long weekend.
The special build is designed to offer the general public an insight into one of the Philips Hue feature – syncing Philips’ colour-changing LED bulbs with an interactive music panel. At the bus shelter, commuters can enjoy music and lights that represent various areas of Sydney, from the heady beats of Potts Point to the laidback vibe of Bondi Beach.
As part of the experiential activation, Adshel’s Immerse team also installed 24 Wi-Fi-connected Philips Hue light bulbs along the roof of the shelter and then created a touch sensitive poster panel featuring iconic locations of Sydney and built-in speakers. From there, commuters simply select a location and let the show begin.
Adshel’s chief revenue officer David Roddick said Adshel’s Immerse products set the company apart from the competition: “Embracing creativity is part of Adshel’s core offering to customers. Through our Immerse team we bring extraordinary ideas to life and turn them into real-world experiences. #Huetown is another great example of how out-of-home can engage an audience.”
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Ikea The Joy of Storage

Following the success of its latest brand campaign, ‘The Joy of Storage’, IKEA has unveiled a striking 3D special-build poster in the heart of the UK’s second city. The billboard depicts the flock of t-shirts from the TV spot, flocking to rest in an IKEA PAX wardrobe, continuing the theme of having a home for all the things you love. The clothes theme has added relevance with the giant poster located beside Birmingham’s Bull Ring shopping centre. The installation was brokered and built by agencies, Vizeum, and Posterscope in partnership with BlowUp Media. It will be seen by an estimated 800,000 people and is one of the largest 3D posters ever seen in the UK measuring 200sqm.
Check out the amazing video
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