Maltesers unveils Braille billboard in next phase of disability campaign

Maltesers has launched a billboard in London written entirely in Braille as it continues its efforts to better represent disability in advertising.
The poster comes after the Mars brand released three TV ads featuring disabled actors during the Rio Paralympics in September.
The new ad is made of Braille, the tactile writing system used by visually-impaired people, with the dots formed of model-made Maltesers. The poster marking World Braille Day will be accessible for everyone through a combination of audio description and a translation on Maltesers UK’s Facebook page.
The Braille translation reads: “Caught a fast bus once – turns out it was a fire engine.”
The JCDecaux billboard will run in Farringdon from today until 15 January.
Like the previous TV ads, the poster is part of Maltesers’  “Look on the light side” campaign, which launched in summer 2015. It was inspired by a true story from a focus group led by Maltesers and disability charity Scope.
The ad was created by Lucy Jones and Charlotte Mather at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. MediaCom is the media agency.
Michele Oliver, the vice-president of marketing at Mars Chocolate UK, said: “As one of the UK’s biggest advertisers, we have a responsibility and a role to play in championing greater inclusivity in our advertising and communications.
“Maltesers is the brand that looks on the light side of life and this scenario is just one example of the real-life, everyday experiences of people affected by sight loss; and in this case from Michelle in Glasgow. This small-scale activation is a natural next step in our ambition to get closer to our consumers, by normalising disability in advertising and communications, and using humour to challenge preconceptions.”
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‘Wait with a Mate’ by The Lost Dog's Home

GPY&R Melbourne and JCDecaux have developed a new interactive billboard for The Lost Dogs’ Home that allows commuters waiting for a train to ‘play fetch’ with an energetic virtual pooch.
The ‘Wait with a Mate’ campaign is a fully immersive experience that tracks throwing motions via an in-built sensor and accordingly triggers a digital ball’s throw. Once the dog has retrieved it, a real ball with adoption information gets dispensed at participants’ feet.
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Ferrero gives fans opportunity to get personalised kinder Scokolade

To increase brand love and encourage sales of Germany’s most favourite chocolate treat in the pre-Christmas season, Posterscope Germany and Ferrero implemented an engaging and interactive campaign.  Fans could upload their photo portrait onto the Ferrero website and in return receive a personalised pack of kinder Schokolade with their portrait on the front for them to take home.
The activity was supported by a multi-format Out of Home campaign.  In addition to roadside billboards in the Top 10 cities, which featured multiple creative executions of kinder Schokolade, billboards at Point of Sale and branded busses, an eye catching giant digital screen in a highly frequented location in Berlin was utilised.  The digital screen which was located just above the photobox broadcast live the photos as they were taken.
The simple but engaging event performed extremely well with the PhotoBox working to capacity. Despite rainy weather and low temperatures, kinder Schokolade fans were content to wait up to 45 minutes for their personalised kinder Schokolade package. Approximately 3500 personalised packs of kinder Schokolade were distributed and 2300 photos broadcasted live and in real time onto the digital landmark.

Belize Tourism creates the world's first drum-controlled billboard

Olson and long-time partner Belize Tourism Board teamed up to celebrate WestJet’s new nonstop flights from Toronto to Belize by inviting passersby to play on a custom-built Belizean drum that measures decibels to “power” a Belizean boy who dances on the new 90ft digital board towering over the square. One enthusiastic drummer will receive roundtrip airfare from Toronto for two to visit and explore this unique Central American nation.
Part of the two-day experience was broadcast via Facebook Live and also packaged in a shareable campaign video to be launched on BTB’s social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter starting this week.
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Pokemon Go-themed campaign helps find missing people too

British charity Missing People leveraged the immense popularity of VR game Pokemon Go to help raise awareness of missing persons. The philanthropic organization partnered with the Bartle Bogle Hegarty intern program BBH Barn in London to create the Pokemon Go-themed campaign.
London has an estimated 5 million UK Pokemon Go players, but also 250,000 people who go missing every year. This clever and socially relevant example of Pokemon Go-inspired content stands out by encourages those out searching for invisible anime creatures to keep an eye out for the advertised missing people as well. High traffic areas of London including Trafalgar Square and Waterloo Station featured the enormous Pokemon posters, which showed the face of a missing person inside a Pokeball.
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KitKat dance challenge rewards commuters with a chocolate bar!

To illustrate KitKat’s “Have a break, have a Kitkat” tagline, Nestlé collaborated with JCDecaux Colombia to transform 3 bus shelters into dancing machines.
Passers-by were invited to follow the steps and enjoyed a dance while waiting the bus. When the song was finished, the score was shown on the screen and participants were able to take a KitKat bar from the dispenser as a reward!
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Santander creates 'From Bus Stop to Bus Stop' to target millennials in Brazil

As part of the bank’s new general brand position, focussed around the phrase “How can we help you today?“, a new stunt, by Talent Marcel in partnership with Vice, was created to target Millennials and form a better connection between the younger audience and the bank.
Branded interactive bus-stops were installed nearby major universities in the city of Sao Paulo, which besides offering free Wi-Fi also provided other types of interactions, including cellphone chargers, karaoke stations, printing literary messages, movie tickets – provided according to the user’s mood, sports drinks, raincoats – available during rainy days, and so on.
From these activation stations, random users were invited to participate in unique experiences, which were filmed as part of the “From Bus Stop to Bus Stop” web-series and provide the content for printed ad campaign to be applied in major cities through the country a few months. So far 3 episodes have been produced including Helder who was charging his phone and was invited to be part of a party featuring different technologies, Bruno who was singing at the karaoke bus-stop, and was invited to a Laundry-Bar that featured karaoke, and Michele who received printed poetry and was invited to an Open Poetry/Music Bar.
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JCDecaux ‘Draws’ on Digital Relaxation Techniques for Deep Spring

JCDecaux, Ansible, UM, Saatchi & Saatchi NZ and the Coca-Cola Amatil brand Deep Spring
have partnered to bring the first Outdoor digital colouring book to life on the streets of
Sydney and Melbourne to promote Deep Spring’s relaunch and celebrate its delicious
natural and organic range of sparkling mineral water with 5% juice.
Tapping into gaming culture and current health and mindfulness trends, the campaign
combines the ancient art of Zentangle patterns with the latest in Out-of-Home technology to
bring a rare moment of distraction and relaxation to the busy streets of Sydney and
The custom-built panels, created by JCDecaux, feature an in-built digital touchscreen that
allows passers-by to colour in beautiful Zentangle patterns interwoven with inspirational and
calming quotes such as ‘Sip, relax, repeat’. Zentangle patterns are believed to heighten
focus and creativity, as well as an increased state of personal well-being.
Part of a wider integrated campaign, the personalised user-generated digital drawings,
created by passers-by on JCDecaux’s digital panels, will be shared across Deep Spring’s
social channels emphasising the moment of disconnection enabled by Deep Spring.
Deep Spring is utilising simple, elegant Outdoor / digital integration to celebrate a return to
the brand’s mineral water roots. The unbeatable dwell time provided by JCDecaux’s high
foot-traffic rail environment and pedestrian sites, coupled with simple, seamless digital
gaming integration delivers a moment of relaxation on the daily commute, or lunch time
break. The innovative activation celebrates Deep Spring’s focus on the ‘simple pleasures’ –
in the language of today’s digital world.
Alan Klein, Head of Creative Solutions, JCDecaux said: “We’re excited to see clients playing
in the gaming space. Combine this with beautiful imagery, audience engagement and
online/offline out-of-home integration and you see really exciting results like the Deep Spring
Gaelle Boutellier CCA General Manager said: “It’s great to not only be able to provide
Australians with inspirational creative reminding them to enjoy life’s simple moments but also
the actual tools for them to do so.”
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The Innovate panels are live until 22 August at Flinders Street Station and Southern Cross
Station in Melbourne and Darling Harbour and Martin Place in Sydney.

Pets at Home Invite Cinema Goers to Feed Pets Via Touch Screen

Pets at Home has launched an expansive nation-wide touch-screen campaign on Primesight’s digital interactive 6-sheet network. The interactive game runs across 38 cinema locations in close proximity to Pets at Home stores, inviting pet-loving cinema-goers to digitally feed animals for a chance to win vouchers.
The interactive and geo-targeted campaign was created by John Brown Media, with production and game build by Grand Visual. The fast-paced touch-screen activation awards the top ten players by entering their name on the leader board and issuing voucher codes to spend in-store, with location-specific directions to their nearest Pets at Home store.
The DOOH push was planned and booked by Carat Manchester and Posterscope, and runs in Vue, Odeon and Cineworld cinemas in England and Scotland until the end of September.
Tim Dowling, Head of External Communications at Pets at Home, commented: “Interactive digital screens are a new marketing channel for Pets at Home. This campaign promotes our free in-store My Pet Pals workshops where kids can learn how to look after pets responsibly. These screens are targeted in locations where we know families are spending time together – allowing people to experience our brand in a fun and interactive way. The campaign incentivises participants to visit the store which is very close to the 38 cinemas. We look forward to seeing the results.”
Tim Last, Products & Services Director at Grand Visual said: “Few interactive campaigns have been done on this scale in the UK before. Primesight’s cinema foyer network is a unique canvas with national coverage, long dwell times and touch-screen technology. The game is simple, fun and instantly accessible to pet loving families flocking to see one of the many popular family movies out this summer.”
Dan Sharp, Head of Digital, Primesight said: “We thrive on working with brands looking to digitise their messaging and take their out-of-home advertising campaigns in a fresh and innovative direction. The capabilities of OOH are showcased through our touch-screen cinema network, which is the perfect platform for Pets at Home’s eye-catching creative.”

Outdoor detects flu systems with live Thermo-scanner

Saatchi & Saatchi/ Interactive Solutions Poland and Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland joined forces for over-the-counter cold and flu medicine brand, Theraflu, to create the world’s first Out-of-Home ad that detects fever.
Each ad is equipped with a live Thermo-scanner camera, that assesses your body temperature and tells you if you have a fever – one of the main symptoms of flu.  It also generates the world’s first Thermo-scanner selfie. Not only do you find out if you have a fever, but , gives you a scan of your body that you can send to your boss as an excuse for not going to work (and also your girl- or boyfriend to prove you really are ‘hot’; or use as your Facebook profile photo).
The first interactive Theraflu Thermoscanner as been installed in Złote Tarasy shopping centre. After completing their Thermo-scanner selfie, people are prompted to download it on the microsite or via a QR code then share it on social media with the hashtag #TherafluThemoscanner.
It works using the infrared spectrum, also called thermal energy, which is not visible with the naked eye. The Theraflu Thermoscanner is built with a very sensitive, latest generation thermal scanning camera, that can “see” your body temperature. Everything works under the control of dedicated custom-built software running on an Android device, which turns data from the camera into an interactive application linked to a large high definition screen.
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