Fun for passengers at Toronto’s Pearson Airport

Passengers travelling through Canada’s busiest airport terminal were entertained by ‘Mine Flight’ an interactive, gesture-controlled screen that creates a fully interactive 3D ‘flight’ experience. Players fly through a virtual mine, using their arms (outstretched like those of a bird) and bodies to dive into various elements of the shaft, collecting points along the way.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]J8ieNdF3vIk[/youtube]
Via: DailyDooh

The Great Gambit Art Heist

To celebrate the release of Gambit, psLIVE, Momentum Pictures and the Evening Standard teamed up to create ‘The Great Gambit Art Heist’ which gave the public the chance to ‘con’ their way into the world premiere of the movie. Prior to the premiere, clues were published indicating where readers could find a reproduction Monet Haystack painting the following day. In all, six paintings were hidden across London, and anyone who found one could exchange it for two tickets to attend the premiere. Each location was recorded and the video footage was played at the premiere itself whilst people took their seats.

Real-time video peephole between two cities

To promote its new high-speed service linking Lyons with Brussels, SNCF and TBWA Paris created a real time, dual location video installation. A cube was installed at the Place de la République in Lyons, which contained a hole and the instruction “Stick Your Head into Brussels”.  Anyone who did become part of a live video stream onto a screen in the Mont des Arts in Brussels creating a giant peephole from one city into another
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]TLLRvLo_0gQ[/youtube]
Via: OoH-tv

Augmented Reality Floors

GM promoted the new Cadillac ATS model using 3D perspective floorart race tracks which consumers could drive a virtual car around by viewing the tracks through a smartphone or tablet.  This augmented reality experience was devised by Carat, Fallon and Posterscope USA and attracted nearly 4,000 plays per location per day!

McCain brings heat and scent to the high street

To launch McCain’s Ready Baked Jackets, 3D jacket potatoes appeared on bus shelters across the UK. When consumers pressed a button, the 3D shape warmed up and released the smell of an oven-baked jacket potato.  The bus shelter also dispensed money off coupons.  Planned and bought by PHD UK and Posterscope UK.

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