JCDecaux launches Paddington Tower

The Paddington Tower is now live, becoming the latest addition to the premium state-of-the-art digital channel, The West London Towers.
Located on a key arterial route into the capital, the Paddington Tower is unmissable to those traveling on the A40, capturing an affluent West London audience travelling along the ‘wealth corridors’ to and from surrounding areas such as Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.
The Paddington Tower provides brands with the opportunity to communicate their message on 43m2 of digital advertising space, which delivers 11 million viewed impressions annually.
The addition of the Paddington Tower to the West London Towers  increases the channel’s digital screen count to 17, generating 5.1 million weekly viewed impressions.
(Source: Route v23 2017, 20% SOT).
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JCDecaux launches London Waterloo channel with premium 80” digital 6-sheet screens

JCDecaux has launched its Gateline Channel which includes new premium 80-inch digital 6-sheet screens, as well as adding extra locations.
The 80-inch screens provide a 23% increase in visual area. With a footfall of 2.2 million every week, JCDecaux can now deliver a combined total of 40 million digital viewed impressions over a week at London Waterloo.
The 80-inch digital screens positioned at each platform end target every passenger departing the station and alone deliver 10 million weekly viewed impressions. This channel gives advertisers the ability to reach commuters travelling from London Waterloo to affluent areas of London and the South West such as Richmond, Barnes, Weybridge and Windsor.
The digital development to London Waterloo marks another step in JCDecaux’s goal to reach #onebillioneyeballs by the end of 2017.
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JCDecaux strengthens London Digital Network (LDN)

JCDecaux has strengthened its London Digital Network (LDN) with 40 new free-standing digital screens in the London Borough of Bromley.
The new contract, previously held by Clear Channel, includes the digital upgrade of prime advertising locations in the town centre, with additional new locations to be agreed following Bromley’s extensive high street improvement work, and links the digital offer in the Glades mall with other key sites in Bromley centre including Bromley South station.
40 screens will be installed in the borough, with the majority of them located in central Bromley, one of London’s top 20 Retail Zones with over half a billion pounds annual spend (Source: CACI). These new sites will continue JCDecaux’s LDN roll out and support the goal of reaching #onebillioneyeballs by the end of 2017.
Spencer Berwin, Co-Chief Executive Officer at JCDecaux, said: “This 10-year contract in the London Borough of Bromley reaffirms our commitment to making London the global showcase for Digital Out-of-Home and our goal of doubling the number of digital viewed impressions by the end of the year. As one of London’s top 20 Retail Zones, the Borough of Bromley’s prime location allows us to further strengthen our position as leader in digital Out-of-Home while giving advertisers a great opportunity to reach a broad audience.”
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JCDecaux turn screens green for #WorldEnvironmentDay

JCDecaux is showing its support today for World Environment Day by turning some of its iconic digital sites across the UK green.
The initiative, designed to raise awareness of the day, is part of a wider sustainability commitment on behalf of JCDecaux. Spencer Berwin, Co-Chief Executive Officer at JCDecaux UK, told us “JCDecaux was founded with the intention of enhancing the quality of urban life by focusing on services for all citizens.. By turning our screens green this World Environmental Day we hope to raise awareness of the importance of making a commitment to sustainability.”
Seven iconic digital superstructures went green between the hours of midnight and 05:00am, including the Salford Arch and the Trafford Arch in Manchester and the newly launched Edinburgh Arch. Additional locations include the Towers Channel, featuring the Liverpool Towers, the M4 Tower and the Torch.
Led by the United Nations, World Environment Day encourages worldwide awareness and action for the protection of the environment. JCDecaux’s green screens echo the wider awareness-raising initiative to turn global iconic buildings – including the Empire State building – green.
In 2014, JCDecaux renewed its Sustainable Development Strategy – a policy designed to address six key priorities including the reduction of energy consumption, with a focus on furniture electricity efficiency and renewable energy sourcing. On a yearly basis, JCDecaux UK increases the proportion of electricity covered by renewable sources with the ultimate objective of reaching 100% by 2022.
JCDecaux is also committed to helping clients communicate their sustainable development commitments by offering green paper printing solutions and acting as a platform for innovative, environmentally-friendly campaigns. A recent example includes equipping bus shelters with air cleaning units designed to fight pollution in London for The Body Shop.
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JCDecaux launches The Edinburgh Arch

JCDecaux, has today launched a new premium, state-of-the-art digital superstructure, The Edinburgh Arch, with Sainsbury’s, Jaguar, Vodafone and The Walt Disney Company as launch partners.
Situated at the Gogar Roundabout, this large-format roadside location is a unique gateway to the city; positioned in proximity to the RBS Headquarters and the prestigious Edinburgh Business Park, home to blue chip companies including HSBC and J.P. Morgan. The two 41 square metre screens will be unmissable to drivers travelling to and from Edinburgh International Airport, the fastest growing major airport in the UK (Source: Edinburgh Airport Limited 2017).
JCDecaux was awarded the City of Edinburgh contract in 2015 and The Edinburgh Arch is a milestone in the digital regeneration of advertising sites across the city in line with JCDecaux’s ‘Blueprint for the Future’, providing premium Out-of-Home opportunities across roadside, retail, rail and airport environments. It follows the successful installation of synchronised digital bus shelters on Princes Street and the digitisation of key locations including Edinburgh Airport and Edinburgh Waverley; fulfilling JCDecaux’s promise to provide advertisers with premium locations with the best screen quality in a brand safe environment.
With exposure to a city population of nearly half a million, the 2 x 41 square metre HD digital screens that form The Edinburgh Arch will contribute 1.2 million impressions over a one-week period towards JCDecaux’s target of reaching #onebillioneyeballs by the end of 2017.
The Edinburgh Arch, the first ever digital large format for JCDecaux in Edinburgh, follows the successful launch of two digital superstructures in Manchester – The Trafford Arch and The Salford Arch.
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JCDecaux Airport launch latest research survey 'Travel Unravelled'

This week JCDecaux Airport UK launched their latest research study ‘Travel Unravelled’ to the market.
Travel Unravelled explores the travel and spending habits of the travel elite, an audience found passing through  concessions on a regular basis as they travel the globe on both business and leisure. The study was conducted in conjunction with Condé Nast and aims to further knowledge of the travel category and how advertising can play a very significant role in the travel decision making process.
The extensive study revealed that the JCDecaux Travel Elite:
• Invest significantly in travel with nearly 1 in 10 spending £20k+ annually
• Are inspired to think about future trips while at the airport (54%)
• Consider travel brands at the airport as eye-catching, informative and inspiring
Steve Cox, Marketing Director JCDecaux Airport UK says: “The global travel market is a key economic driver, generating 10% of world GDP and accounting for 1 in every 11 jobs. The travel sector is also one of the most significant in terms of advertising spend at the airport. This research both highlights the communications benefits driving this media investment, and suggests ways in which advertisers might maximise the effectiveness of their airport activity.”
For more information on this research project, please contact
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JCDecaux unveils two new West London Towers

JCDecaux, the market leader in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), has added two new digital Towers in the affluent west London Corridor. These new locations deliver 3.8 million viewed impressions every week driving scale and reach in the Extra-Large OOH sector.
Situated near the Westfield London Shopping Centre on two of the most important routes in London, the A40 ‘wealth corridor’ and the West Cross Route, JCDecaux continues to build a high quality channel of communication. The Channel now delivers 25 million viewed impressions across 11 Towers and 16 screens in West London. The A40 links affluent commuters including Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire with central London.
The A40 Tower and West Cross Tower, deliver 10mm pixel digital screens for HD quality display providing a rich canvas for brands.
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JCDecaux launches City Channel in London

JCDecaux has launched City Channel, bringing business-focussed editorial and data to a commuter audience across rail D6 digital screens in the City of London. City Channel will comprise the latest business and financial news curated by PA (Press Association) and live, financial data (currencies, government bonds, precious metals) from Bloomberg, and weather updates – delivered to screens by JCDecaux Dynamic.
City Channel will be shown on weekdays across portrait (D6) screens in London Blackfriars, London Cannon Street, City Thameslink, London Fenchurch Street, London Liverpool Street, London Bridge and London Waterloo stations, across a dedicated content channel, alongside brand advertising.
Chris Collins, Managing Director – Rail at JCDecaux said: “City Channel is part of our strategy to provide the right content at the right time for audiences – keeping people working in the city up-to-speed with the latest business news during their commute, as well as providing a relevant editorial environment for our advertising partners.”
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6 Nations viewers found the right pub at the right time with a little help from Guinness

For this year’s RBS 6 Nations, Guinness ran a locally targeted, dynamic Out-of-Home campaign that celebrated the brand’s status as the official beer of the tournament.
Devised by Carat and Posterscope and deployed on JCDecaux’s LDN network, the campaign sought to capture the attention of Guinness fans and direct to them to pubs nearby where they could watch England battle to claim the Grand Slam whilst enjoying a pint of the much loved pub favourite.
The campaign’s dynamic creative element was automatically ad-served as a match approached to provide kick off times and distance to nearby pubs screening the live match (run through Liveposter).  A network of sensors fitted in participating pubs captured footfall data and, based on capacity levels, triggered real-time, tailored creative executions to cleverly drive fans to the best venues to watch the game.
Elliot Duncan, Guinness Marketing Manager Europe, said: “Guinness is a beer Made of More so we wanted an OOH campaign for the RBS 6 Nations that would embody this and provide more relevant content for our fans and pub partners. This campaign gave audiences upcoming match information and also let’s passers-by know where there was an available seat nearby to catch the game accompanied by a pint of the official beer of the tournament.”
Alexandra Porritt, Client Manager at Posterscope said: “This campaign used location-marketing expertise to programmatically ad-serve relevant creative to audiences: using footfall data, location and geo-targeting, and dynamic creative to provide useful information to fans, in an engaging way, at the right time and in the right place.”
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JCDecaux celebrates 500th digital screen along the TfL bus network

This week, Jean-François Decaux, Co-Chief Executive Officer, JCDecaux and Graeme Craig, Commercial Development Director, Transport for London (TfL), celebrated the 500th digital screen installation on the prestigious TfL bus shelter network.
Jean-François Decaux, Co-Chief Executive Officer, told us “London is a global hub and we take great pride in the strength of our digital proposition. We are at the forefront of the digital transformation in Out-of-Home advertising in one of the most powerful and influential cities in the world. The partnership with TfL has been essential to achieving our vision of a global digital showcase.”
The digital transformation of TfL’s bus shelter network is a core element of JCDecaux’s vision to make London the global showcase for digital Out-of-Home. A key part of the roll-out was the total digitisation of Oxford Street, with its digital screens synchronised last year to dramatically increase the impact and noticeability of the Oxford Street network. The Luxury network extends across the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Kings Road, Knightsbridge, Hyde Park Corner, High Street Kensington and Park Lane.
Graeme Craig, Commercial Development Director, Transport for London said, “I am delighted to celebrate the 500th digital screen on our bus shelter network. Even at the half-way point, this is already the largest digital rollout in the world, reflecting our shared confidence in London and its bus network. Working closely together we are transforming London and the industry, generating vital commercial revenue for us to reinvest in transport.”
This new channel of communication for London has increased the vibrancy of bus shelter advertising to the benefit of both advertisers and passengers with new dynamic capabilities and increased screen quality. A new data centric strategy has been enabled through JCDecaux’s SmartBrics planning platform and its Smart Content management system driving a new era of contextual, topical and socially integrated campaigns across London.
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