INLINKUK expands into Leeds

Primesight today announces the roll-out of its latest digital advertising opportunity in Leeds, with the first InLink installed on The Headrow.
Already proving incredibly popular with consumers in London, the 70+ InLinks across six boroughs have had over 24,000 Wi-Fi subscribers to date, who have already used enough free data to stream over one million songs.
As well as currently hosting advertising from a range of brands such as Amazon, Barclays, Tanqueray and Three Mobile, the InLinks’ sleek 55″ HD digital displays feature real-time information, allowing advertisers to align themselves with valuable sponsorship opportunities that bring useful information to consumers such as traffic alerts and news bulletins.
As the roll-out continues, 14 InLinks will be activated in Leeds providing residents and visitors free ultrafast Wi-Fi speeds of up to one gigabit per second (1Gbps), the fastest free public Wi-Fi service available in the UK. Consumers can also make free phone calls to UK landlines and mobiles alongside a range of other free digital services.
Via: Outsmart

Primesight Brings Digital Roadside OOH to Leeds

As another panel is added to Primesight’s Network proposition, Leeds acquired its first digital roadside panel on the 17th November, positioned on Hunslet Road.
Located on a main arterial route, the site serves the city centre from the M1 and South Leeds. The digital site has a head-on location and is also in close proximity to The Royal Armouries Museum and the rejuvenated Canal area, which consists of popular hotels, bars and restaurants. The approximate impacts the panel will deliver are 303,000 with a reach of 93,750 based on all adults.
Primesight’s digital proposition Network consists of 48 sheet digital screens available nationally. By the end of 2015, 50 digital sites will be part of Network.
Via: Primesight