JCDecaux extends its digital offering in the finance capital of the UK

With an average salary of £60,000 per annum[1] and showcasing luxury retailers such as Tiffany & Co and Hermes, the City draws a huge £1 billion annual retail spend[2]. As such, it is a prime location for targeting consumers with significant disposable income. Sitting in the heart of this network, the Motion@TheCity channel gives brands the opportunity to reach this affluent audience.
Motion@TheCity sees the installation of five huge new state-of-the-art full motion digital landscape screens in the City of London at London Blackfriars, London Cannon Street, London City Thameslink and London Fenchurch Street. The five new screens are in addition to the four existing screens at Liverpool Street Station and will deliver a total of 16 million weekly viewed digital impressions each fortnight[3]. This new channel is an expansion of the Motion@Portfolio, which currently comprises Motion@Waterloo and Motion@Euston.
JCDecaux has also extended its London Digital Network (LDN) with the installation of six double-sided screens on TfL bus shelters in the City of London. This is the first time digital advertising screens have been installed in this area, making it a media first. The 84-inch digital screens are on key locations including Bishopsgate and Aldgate High Street. The launches are part of the company’s target to reach #onebillioneyeballs.
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Primesight announces over 50 InLinks have now been installed across London

Primesight today announces over 50 InLinks have now been installed across London, offering advertisers more than 100 premium digital screens.
Since June 2017, users have had access to free ultrafast Wi-Fi, calls to UK mobiles and landlines and charging points through the InLinks.

  • More than 21,000 users have signed up for Wi-Fi with over 225,000 sessions to date
  • 7,000 GB of data has been used – which roughly equates to a feature film being downloaded 10,000 times
  • In total users have spent on average 85 seconds connected to the InLink tablets and engaged in 60,000 tablet sessions
  • Since launch, more than 16 brands have advertised on the InLinks
  • Warner Bros and O2 are two of the brands to have booked multiple campaign bursts on the InLinks, including O2’s advertising for Samsung and Apple handsets
  • TfL is the first brand to take advantage of the ultrafast free Wi-Fi, encouraging downloads of its new app

Currently installed in London, they occupy key, high footfall locations including Camden High Street, Finchley Road and High Holborn, with installation continuing over the coming months as the digital expansion continues. The latest InLinks have just arrived in Hammersmith & Fulham giving advertisers unrivalled access to highly desirable audiences in one of London’s wealthiest boroughs, around high footfall locations at Hammersmith Broadway, King Street and Shepherd’s Bush Green.
Naren Patel, CEO at Primesight said: “The usage statistics show just how welcome InLinks are to consumers, and advertisers are clearly reaping the benefits of being aligned to this multi-faceted advertising platform. We’re excited to celebrate over 100 InLink digital screens going live and are looking forward to rolling out the next InLinks in key areas of London and beyond.”
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JCDecaux expands its Towers Channel with 4 new DOOH screens

The Towers Channel expansion sees 2 new additions to the London Towers with The West Cross Tower (outbound) and the Putney Tower going live. Located on key arterial routes, the Towers capture an affluent West London audience and are unmissable to those traveling in and out of the city.
JCDecaux’s unbeatable presence in major UK cities is further confirmed with the addition of The Sheffield Towers, which complete the National Towers Channel.
The latest additions add a combined 1.8 million weekly viewed impressions.
The Towers Channel now consists of 41 digital screens generating 43m weekly viewed impressions.
(Source: Route v24)
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JCDecaux announces expansion of its London Digital Network

JCDecaux, the market leader in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), has announced the expansion of its London Digital Network by launching the brand new Shoreditch Channel.
The channel will consist of 51 digital screens located in key locations including Old Street and Shoreditch High Street, JCDecaux will install new state-of-the art screens across this dynamic area , further strengthening its digital presence across London.
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Corona’s dynamic DOOH campaign that reflects the city's sunset

To interrupt Londoners’ often monotonous weekday journeys on the Underground, Corona has set out to inspire and enable people to experience more sunsets in the city – launching a dynamic DOOH campaign that counts down to the sunset on summer evenings with the optimum conditions.
The dynamic creative – running on JCDecaux’s LDN and Rail D6 network – changes depending on the time of day and forecast to reflect the sunset across the city, inviting people come aboveground to enjoy the sunset that day.
The Out-of-Home element supports the wider ‘Aboveground’ campaign initiative from Corona, which will see the beer brand host aspirational events across some of the best rooftops and vistas in London, including The Shard  – to enjoy live music and amazing sunsets, with a Corona in hand.
The campaign was planned and booked through Vizeum, Posterscope and Liveposter.

JCDecaux launches Paddington Tower

The Paddington Tower is now live, becoming the latest addition to the premium state-of-the-art digital channel, The West London Towers.
Located on a key arterial route into the capital, the Paddington Tower is unmissable to those traveling on the A40, capturing an affluent West London audience travelling along the ‘wealth corridors’ to and from surrounding areas such as Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.
The Paddington Tower provides brands with the opportunity to communicate their message on 43m2 of digital advertising space, which delivers 11 million viewed impressions annually.
The addition of the Paddington Tower to the West London Towers  increases the channel’s digital screen count to 17, generating 5.1 million weekly viewed impressions.
(Source: Route v23 2017, 20% SOT).
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JCDecaux launches London Waterloo channel with premium 80” digital 6-sheet screens

JCDecaux has launched its Gateline Channel which includes new premium 80-inch digital 6-sheet screens, as well as adding extra locations.
The 80-inch screens provide a 23% increase in visual area. With a footfall of 2.2 million every week, JCDecaux can now deliver a combined total of 40 million digital viewed impressions over a week at London Waterloo.
The 80-inch digital screens positioned at each platform end target every passenger departing the station and alone deliver 10 million weekly viewed impressions. This channel gives advertisers the ability to reach commuters travelling from London Waterloo to affluent areas of London and the South West such as Richmond, Barnes, Weybridge and Windsor.
The digital development to London Waterloo marks another step in JCDecaux’s goal to reach #onebillioneyeballs by the end of 2017.
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JCDecaux strengthens London Digital Network (LDN)

JCDecaux has strengthened its London Digital Network (LDN) with 40 new free-standing digital screens in the London Borough of Bromley.
The new contract, previously held by Clear Channel, includes the digital upgrade of prime advertising locations in the town centre, with additional new locations to be agreed following Bromley’s extensive high street improvement work, and links the digital offer in the Glades mall with other key sites in Bromley centre including Bromley South station.
40 screens will be installed in the borough, with the majority of them located in central Bromley, one of London’s top 20 Retail Zones with over half a billion pounds annual spend (Source: CACI). These new sites will continue JCDecaux’s LDN roll out and support the goal of reaching #onebillioneyeballs by the end of 2017.
Spencer Berwin, Co-Chief Executive Officer at JCDecaux, said: “This 10-year contract in the London Borough of Bromley reaffirms our commitment to making London the global showcase for Digital Out-of-Home and our goal of doubling the number of digital viewed impressions by the end of the year. As one of London’s top 20 Retail Zones, the Borough of Bromley’s prime location allows us to further strengthen our position as leader in digital Out-of-Home while giving advertisers a great opportunity to reach a broad audience.”
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Clean air ‘breath’ sheets to tackle London’s pollution crisis

A ground-breaking material hailed by medical experts for its ability to absorb harmful airborne molecules and disperse cleaner air will be launched today in Leicester Square.
“The Breath” was created by a team of leading Italian researchers and has been rolled out across several European cities, including Rome and Milan, over the last three years.
The material is now being brought to London as part of a corporate partnership between The Breath and media company Urban Vision.
Urban Vision is to attach sheets of the air-cleaning substance to all of its outdoor advertising sites in the capital in a bid to remove damaging pollutants from the air.
The launch of The Breath follows a series of alarming studies warning of the dangers posed by air pollution to Londoners.
Last week a study commissioned by London Mayor Sadiq Khan found that tens of thousands of children in the capital’s schools are exposed to illegal levels of air pollution that can permanently damage their health.
Another study conducted by Kings College London found that in 2010 dirty air contributed to up to 9,500 deaths in London.
The same study estimated the annual economic cost of these health impacts was equivalent to £3.7 billion.
Gianluca de Marchi, president of Urban Vision, said: “More needs to be done to tackle the scourge of air pollution.
“I believe the use of innovative technologies such as The Breath will help to contribute towards improving the health of Londoners.
“Urban Vision has a strong reputation for looking after cultural and historical beauty in some of the world’s most important cities. But today we can say that our work also contributes to improving the environment and protecting people’s health from the harmful effects of air pollution.”
The material uses a series of nano-molecules and the local atmosphere’s natural air flow to remove harmful pollutants such as nitrous oxides, sulphur oxides and particulates.
The material can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes, including for office workstations, classrooms and public advertising spaces.
The Breath’s Italian inventors claim that once the material is installed it can absorb high concentrations of air pollution within a 25-metre area.
By installing 250 sq/m of the material over a one-year period, The Breath’s inventors say its impact on the environment is the equivalent of removing pollution from over 750,000 unleaded vehicles and 300,000 diesel cars.
The Breath, which has won a series of technological and innovation awards in Italy, was hailed last year by Professor Umberto Veronesi – the former scientific director at the European Institute for Oncology.
In March 2016, he said The Breath was a good example of the benefits from the alliance between technology and science, which he said was important in helping to “win the fight in the treatment and prevention of cancer”.
Initial tests from 1-4 Leicester Square carried out by Universita Politecnica delle Marche in Italy last autumn have proved to be positive.
Using these initial results, researchers at The Breath estimate that just two 10 m² sheets of The Breath correctly positioned in the square over a one-year period could cancel out nitrogen oxide emissions from 5,475 diesel vehicles and unleaded cars.
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Lululemon stages meditation on bus to calm commuters

Canadian athletic apparel brand Lululemon Athletica is bringing a touch of serenity to London’s public transport users, with the launch of the UK’s first meditation bus.

The activity, which began on 10th January is being staged to mark the opening of the brand’s European flagship store on Regent Street, which will welcome visitors from today (12th January). The ‘Meditation Om The Move’ bus is providing complimentary sessions until 15th January, giving passengers the tools to make every commute a soothing experience.
The interior of the double-decker London bus has been converted into an oasis of calm, with every detail designed with wellbeing in mind. Lemon, lavender, cinammon and jasmine oils – recognised by aromatherapists as being the most calm-inducing scents is diffused throughout the bus. A simple inhalation of these aromas can cause a relaxing response by activating the hypothalamus – the area of the brain which sends feel-good messages to the body.
Shakes, juices and snacks are available on board and have been specially designed by Neat Nutrition, the premium protein brand running Lululemon Regent Street’s in-house cafe. Carefully selected ingredients such as dark chocolate, honey, cranberry and pistachios have been included due to their antioxidant and stress-busting qualities.
The interior is draped with colours known to induce specific effects with green for calmness and tranquillity, yellow for happiness and positivity and purple for creativity and inspiration.
Flowers in the same relaxing colours are placed around the bus, alongside terrarium garden plants. Several experimental studies have proven that the presence of flowers and potted plants has been found to improve wellbeing, lower blood pressure and decrease levels of anxiety.
Noise-blocking headphones will also allow passengers to focus on their meditation and shut out the noises of the city, while steamed face towels will be available, to replicate an ancient practice designed to relax and rejuvinate the senses.
Lululemon is also working with global ambassador and renowned yoga and meditation expert, Ryan Leier. A former basketball professional, Leier turned to yoga and meditation following injury and now travels the world teaching others. He will be leading introductory meditation sessions specially designed to help achieve a sense of calm in the midst of hectic surroundings. As well as Leier, some of London’s leading mindfulness and meditation experts will be climbing on-board to deliver a range of other free sessions throughout the course of the week. Each session lasts between 45 minutes to an hour.
Lululemon’s newest store on Regent Street will span 6,344 sqft. Aside from athletic apparel, the store aims to offer visitors and ‘experience’, from the concierge greeting on arrival, to the Community space housing the first cafe from Neat Nutrition. The brand is also hosting a series of events in-store to mark the opening, including opening day yoga sessions, a wellness mindset workshop and strength and cardio sessions.
In December the brand hosted a series of morning yoga classes at Dalloway Terrace in Covent Garden, while in October, it staged a yoga-themed event as part of the Africa Yoga Project.
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