Ocean Outdoor to launch new Two Towers Digital in Manchester

Set to dominate the advertising skyline on the approach to the city, the iconic Two Towers Digital Out of Home structure is coming to Manchester.
The Two Towers® Manchester, is the City’s first double-sided advertising towers which will grace the elevated section of the A57 Mancunian Way from March 2018.
These two portrait orientated screens will capture access in both directions to the busiest inner city motorway route in Manchester, making The Two Towers® Manchester’s number one large digital out of home display in terms of audience reach, delivering 3.6 million impacts a fortnight.
Via: Ocean Outdoor

Forrest Media launch network of full motion DOOH in Northern hotspots

Forrest Media have announced the launch of their Northern FM Network.
The Network spans across 3 vital northern cities; Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester, with a total of over 2 million fortnightly impacts, enabling advertisers to take advantage of full motion digital out-of-home.
The locations of the Network include:

  • Glasgow Western Gateway- 50sq.m giant landscape screen located just before the busiest road junction in the country
  • Edinburgh Eastern Gateway- 50sq.m giant portrait screen situated overlooking the main A199 Eastern Approach to the city centre
  • Manchester Central CityScreen- 63sq.m giant landscape screen overlooking the heart of the city.


Ocean Invites Manchester to Follow #thehumansensor

Ocean will curate user generated content created during the Human Sensor live performances.

Live content featuring artist Kasia Molga’s highly anticipated choreographed performance, Human Sensor, in which performers are dressed in wearable technology to detect air pollution levels, will be broadcast across Ocean screens in Manchester city centre this weekend.
In a partnership with Manchester, European City of Science and Invisible Dust, producers of Human Sensor, Ocean will curate user generated content created during a series of live performances in the City which will reflect how the population is affected by air quality.
During the shows, performers will model hi-tech clothing which is designed to reveal the presence of invisible pollutants to audiences during walks around various Manchester locations. Each walk culminates in a choreographed performance in Sadler’s Yard, NOMA.
The performances mark the culmination of several months of research by the artist, scientist Professor Frank Kelly and partners, and could lead the way in clothing design amongst urban populations around the world.
Ocean features #thehumansensor across The Loop city centre network of wifi enabled screens from July 18th, curating social media walls ahead of the performances on The Printworks and The Screen @Arndale screens from July 23 to July 29.
Social media content will be managed by Ocean’s mobile partner,, who will moderate online conversations via Twitter and videos and images uploaded to Pinterest, Instagram and other channels as they appear across out of home screens.
Ocean head of screen investment Kevin Henry said: “Through its eye-catching visual performance, The Human Sensor lends itself to curated user generated content from the audience. This will be harnessed by our wifi enabled screens to create a collage of photographs and video which reflect the power of the project both within Manchester and to a wider audience outside of the city.
‘Human Sensor’ is commissioned and produced by Invisible Dust in partnership with Manchester, European City of Science. It is supported by The Wellcome Trust’s Sustaining Excellence Award and Arts Council England.
Alice Sharp, director and curator said:  “Invisible Dust are delighted to work with Ocean and Wayin on this exciting opportunity that will drastically increase the reach, engagement and impact of Human Sensor.  When I founded the organisation I named it ‘Invisible Dust’ and our mission is to make the invisible visible.  We have been raising awareness about dangerously high levels of air pollution for nearly 10 years. I’m very happy the message is finally hitting home and that the world is beginning to wake up to this environmental challenge.”
Via: Outsmart

The Salford Arch…coming soon to Manchester

As part of the newly formed The Gateways that launches soon, The Salford Arch – an iconic digital superstructure that stretches across one of Manchester’s busiest arterial routes – will be going live this September.
Showcasing its strong presence in Manchester, JCDecaux has created a CGI video to demonstrate how The Salford Arch will provide a powerful addition to its unprecedented Digital Roadside portfolio in the city. The film takes you on a trip along Manchester’s key arterial roads, bringing to life iconic The Trafford ArchThe Trafford Tower and The Salford Arch.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]gjet7XP_XX4[/youtube]
Via: JCDecaux

Ocean Group acquires MediaCo Outdoor

Ocean Group CEO Tim Bleakley today (April 22) announced the acquisition of MediaCo Outdoor, Manchester’s leader in OOH digital and backlight premium large formats, through its highly successful partnership with Manchester City Council.
The deal, for an undisclosed cash sum, significantly strengthens Ocean Group’s national footprint and leading position as the premium large format provider in London, Birmingham and Manchester, ranked the UK’s top 3 cities for total advertising spend.
This accelerates Ocean Group’s dual strategy of developing iconic digital and premium formats, and mirrors its acquisition of Signature Outdoor in Birmingham last year, which was warmly welcomed by both agencies and brands.
Commenting on the move, Tim Bleakley said “MediaCo Outdoor and Manchester City Council have worked collaboratively and tirelessly together to build a truly state of the art portfolio across the city, to the mutual benefit of taxpayers and the business community alike. The entire Ocean Group team is committed to furthering this great work and using our unique offering across the UK’s top three cities to drive growth in the medium and offer advertisers a compelling network.”
MediaCo Outdoor managing director Mark Wardle said “This is a very exciting development for Manchester and I look forward to seeing how the portfolio evolves in the coming years.”
Commercial director of MediaCo Outdoor Richard Blackburn said “We have built up some unique products and innovative trading models and I’m delighted we are passing on the baton to the Ocean Group, who share our ethos and, we believe, are an ambitious partner who will take the business to the next stage.”

Ocean Outdoor launch the Manchester Media Wall

Ocean Outdoor has launched central Manchester’s largest full motion digital screen (which features an impressive vinyl surround). Standing at 141.6m2, this head-on hybrid roadside location is located on Manchester’s busy inner ring road, Trinity Way, delivering long sight lines and exceptional impact.  Details include the following…..
Impacts – 944,080 per fortnight
Size – 24.6m x 5.76m digital screen with additional 94m2 vinyl surround (30.4m x 7.78m)
Environment – City Gateways, Iconic City Hubs
Loop length – 4 x 10 seconds (Can be bought as domination with vinyl surround)
To watch the video click here

MediaCo’s New Mega Digital Screen Launches in Manchester

As part of the second phase of MediaCo’s major digital expansion this high impact 18.0m x 5.2m screen is the UK’s largest pedestrian-only facing full motion digital screen reaching over 750,000 pedestrian shopper, business people and resident impacts a fortnight.
Located in Market Street in Manchester at the heart of the city’s vibrant retail area the screen dominates one of the busiest retail stretches in the country. It also provides brands with the opportunity to use animated and interactive content to connect with and influence an active and receptive pedestrian audience.
#1Manchester will also use an audience-based trading model which will allow it to be planned alongside the company’s CityLive touchscreen network. The combination of #1Manchester and CityLive will provide an opportunity for cross-screen, live data-driven interaction.
Via: Outdoor Media Centre

Welcome to Vanchester

A ‘Welcome to Vanchester’ banner in central Manchester through BlowUp has been installed to greet United’s new manager. In conjunction with Posterscope and the Arena team, Betfair launched the PR stunt without any branding. The banner, emblazoned with the welcome message beneath a picture of the Dutchman, parodies the one put up on Deansgate by City to welcome Carlos Tevez after the former Reds striker defected to the Blues in 2009.
The original, which taunted ‘Welcome to Manchester’ across a picture of the Argentinian celebrating a goal, was paid for by supporters of the Blues and was seen as a swipe at the fact United are based in Trafford rather than Manchester, like City. Fans of the Reds got their own back two years later with a billboard poking fun at Tevez’s rift with Roberto Mancini. The digital poster showed a picture of the player – who had been suspended and was later fined after refusing to come on as a sub in a Champions League match against Bayern Munich – sitting on the bench with the slogan ‘Welcome to Carlos Manchester’.
This new taunt has sparked a tremendous amount of conversation globally. In under 24 hours there have been 8,210 twitter mentions by 7,397 people with an estimated 16.4 million impression spanning across 104 countries. This activity marks the second campaign booked this year with Betfair around tactical messaging as they continue to push the boundaries.

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