Pokemon Go-themed campaign helps find missing people too

British charity Missing People leveraged the immense popularity of VR game Pokemon Go to help raise awareness of missing persons. The philanthropic organization partnered with the Bartle Bogle Hegarty intern program BBH Barn in London to create the Pokemon Go-themed campaign.
London has an estimated 5 million UK Pokemon Go players, but also 250,000 people who go missing every year. This clever and socially relevant example of Pokemon Go-inspired content stands out by encourages those out searching for invisible anime creatures to keep an eye out for the advertised missing people as well. High traffic areas of London including Trafalgar Square and Waterloo Station featured the enormous Pokemon posters, which showed the face of a missing person inside a Pokeball.
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Digital Billboards Helped Recover Over 220 Missing People in a UK Scheme Backed by Kate McCann

The Outdoor Media Centre and charity ‘Missing People’ have reported that a digital billboard ad operation has helped recover 220 missing people in the UK.
The scheme, which is backed by Kate McCann – mother of missing child Madeline – regularly publicises the name and images of missing people free of charge. The Outdoor Media Centre fills unused and brand-donated ad inventory with the appeals.
The ads are broadcast directly to the location where the individual originally went missing. Creative for the campaign, and the use of OpenLoop, a campaign management platform, was donated by Grand Visual.
Kate McCann said: “When your child is missing, you want the whole world to stop and join the search. Thanks to the Outdoor Media Centre and its members, so many families missing a loved one have benefited from this unique opportunity to appeal for them”.
Via: The Drum

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