Admedia Expands Nexus D-48 Network to 50 Sites

Due to phenomenal success, experts in Out of Home advertising Admedia, have just announced the fourth roll out phase of Admedia Nexus – the dominant full motion D-48 network across top Motorway Service Areas.
By the end of March, Admedia Nexus will have increased from 30 to 50 sites and will strengthen its position as the UK’s largest digital full motion roadside network. The network originally connected Britain’s top 20 conurbations – with the upcoming expansion the uniform network of 50 sites will now connect the top 50 conurbations across Britain.
The expansion of the full motion D-48 screen network allows advertisers to take advantage of the huge increase of motorists travelling across Britain and stopping at Motorway Service Areas during the busy Easter period.
Families, one of the networks key audiences alongside SME, Travel & Tourism, Entertainment & Leisure, Motoring and CTN, use Motorway Service Areas as a vital stopping point during holidays and weekends. Various advertisers that have already taken advantage of the significant increase in family footfall include Paultons Park, Wall’s Ice Cream, 20th Century Fox, Tinc Stationery and O2.
Continuing to partner with the leading digital OOH technology companies in the UK, Admedia Nexus has used cutting edge digital technology to deliver dynamic and engaging content, including recent traffic data and weather-reactive driven campaigns by advertisers such as Virgin Trains and Highways England.
Phil Daniel, Admedia’s Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, comments
“We are thrilled to quickly react to market demand and expand the Admedia Nexus network even further to cover off the UK’s top 50 conurbations through Motorway Service Areas. Thanks to more and more in depth audience research we have been able to grow the diversity of our client portfolio and have seen brilliant campaigns utilise the full technical capabilities of our dynamic full motion network.”

Admedia Nexus Expands to 30 Sites

Following its launch in April earlier this year, Admedia have just announced the next roll out phase of Admedia Nexus – the largest roadside digital full motion network across the UK.
From October the Nexus network will increase from 18 to 30 key sites that connect the UK’s top 20 conurbations.
The dominant positioning of the additional 12 screens at the entrance of the busiest Motorway Service Area amenity buildings ensures the network effectively reaches the highest footfall areas.
Partnering with the leading digital OOH technology companies in the UK, Admedia Nexus uses cutting edge digital technology to deliver augmented reality, social media amplification, as well as geo and traffic data driven campaigns.
With 8.5 million motorists stopping every week, Motorway Service Areas directly reach core audiences including Family, SME, Travel & Tourism, Entertainment & Leisure, Motoring and CTN.
Campaigns since the launch have included a wide variety of advertisers such as Land Rover, Isuzu, Lucozade, 20th Century Fox, O2 and Renault.
Phil Daniel, Admedia’s Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, comments, “We are delighted at the rapid expansion of the Nexus network, which reconfirms our belief that there is a strong demand for dynamic full motion screens to reach our key Motorway Service Area audiences. With the recent dynamic copy from Virgin Trains and full motion content from Land Rover, we are seeing a significant increase in clients utilising the interactive digital technology to dominate our captive environments.”

Admedia Nexus Goes Live

Admedia have officially launched Admedia Nexus – the first large format landscape digital network to connect the UK’s top 20 conurbations.
The 16 full motion screens across top motorway service areas went live on the 10th of April, to coincide with the significant increase in motorway traffic during the busy Easter period. INRIX Roadway Analytics (2017) indicated that the Easter Bank Holiday brought a 28% increase in motorway traffic.
April’s launch of Admedia Nexus involved various campaigns from top advertisers including O2,, Highways Agency and Paulton’s Park, who were able to take advantage of targeting a relevant and increased audience over the Easter period. As a crucial stopping point for millions of motorists each week, motorway service areas attract a range of key audiences including family, SME, travel & tourism, entertainment & leisure, motoring and CTN.
Partnering with the leading Digital OOH technology companies in the UK, Admedia Nexus uses cutting edge digital technology allowing advertisers to take advantage of dominant locations and long dwell times associated with motorway service areas. This maximises the opportunity for interaction, including delivering augmented reality and social media amplification.
Via: Outsmart