Ocean Restructures as the Group Looks to International Expansion

Ocean CEO Tim Bleakley has announced a restructure after integrating two key businesses, Signature and MediaCo, post acquisition. The restructure marks the formation of the Ocean Group.

To strengthen operations across both the Ocean and Signature Outdoor businesses, Ocean finance director Stephen Joseph is promoted to Group chief operating officer. Stephen takes responsibility for all commercial contract negotiation, procurement and oversees finance which is now headed up by Billy Byam-Cook.   

Nick Shaw, previously Ocean associate director and head of international sales, is promoted to sales director of the Ocean brand, reporting to Group sales director Iain Chapman.

Signature sales director James Harrison takes on added responsibilities as deputy managing director of Signature Outdoor, also reporting to Iain Chapman.

Gerry Bew, founding partner of Signature Outdoor in Birmingham becomes chairman of the Signature brand and businesses with a focus on operational integration in Manchester. His co founder Steve George becomes managing director of the Signature Birmingham business and oversees the management of Signature’s contract with Birmingham City Council.

Joseph Arshed, a founder of Mediaco, has joined the Ocean Group operating board and will continue to coordinate all key contracts in Manchester with a major focus on Manchester City Council.    

CEO Tim Bleakley said:” Over the years we have grown and developed some top talent and recently, as part of the Signature and Mediaco acquisitions, we have taken on some hugely talented senior figures with a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit.

“Group Development Director Mark Bracey will continue to run Ocean brand UK and International development including the launch of the International Alliance”

“At the core of the Ocean Group business is our desire to always find ‘another way’ for all our stakeholders, landlords, OOH specialists, agencies and clients. These changes ensure the breadth and depth of our experience and expertise is made available to our partners to help them grow.”   

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Winners announced at Ocean's Digital Creative Competition

Ocean announced the winners of its annual digital creative competition which celebrates pushing the creative boundaries in digital out of home advertising.

Odeon cinema chain and NHS Blood and Transplant were named overall winners at an awards event at the IMAX in London before an audience of more than 500 guests from the UK’s media, creative and advertising sectors.

Odeon came first in the Creative Techniques category for Smarter Cinema. Content is updated to deliver the most effective information in real time, serving geo targeted mobile adverts to amplify the messages.

NHS Blood and Transplant took first prize in the Interactive category for Blood Donation, a campaign which deploys augmented reality via an interactive app to encourage people to give blood. The campaign was created by 23red.

MINI, the RSPCA, Eurostar and London Cycling were named runners-up in the digital competition which attracted a record 91 entries, a third more than 2014 showing significant incremental growth every year the competition has existed.

Entries were judged by a panel of 12 cross industry creative, advertising and media experts. The winners share a £450,000 prize pot and a chance for their concepts to be showcased on Ocean’s iconic DOOH locations and networks across the UK.

Ocean CEO Tim Bleakley said: “The sixth competition has given us record entries and an overall increased standard, with yet another impressive shortlist of outstanding creative ideas.  Our winners are striking in the power of their visual ideas and innovative use of technology. They deserve to be recognised for their immediacy and relevance to their target audiences.”

Last year’s winning campaign created by WCRS for Women’s Aid generated global mainstream news coverage and went on to collect amongst many others, two distinguished Cannes Lions awards; a gold for digital out of home and a silver in the Cyber category, and a Silver Clio – the ultimate prize and yet another defining moment for Ocean’s competition.

To see the 2015 winning campaigns visit

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Ocean announces judges for digital out-of-home competition

Rob Potts, an executive creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi, and Ross Neil, an executive creative director at WCRS, are among the creative and media execs on the judging panel for Ocean’s Art of Outdoor competition.
Presented in partnership with Campaign, the awards will honour the best creative work in digital out of home advertising, including full motion, subtle motion and interactive.
Other judges include: Emma de la Fosse, a chief creative officer EMEA, OgilvyOne; Matt Levers, a creative director at VCCP; Tom George, the chairman UK and Northern Europe at MEC; and the Campaign global editor-in-chief, Claire Beale.
James Copley, a managing partner at Talon; Stuart Taylor, the UK chief executive at Kinetic; Glen Wilson, the UK managing director of Posterscope; Chris Marjoram, the managing director of Rapport; Adrian Cotterill, the editor-in-chief, Daily DOOH; and the Ocean chief executive, Tim Bleakley, complete the panel.
Entrants will have the chance to win a share of a £450,000 prize pot and to showcase their work on Ocean’s premium digital sites across the UK.
This is the sixth year of the competition, which is free to enter. There are two categories for the best interactive and creative work.
The deadline for submissions is 28 August, and winners will be announced at an industry summit and awards held at the Imax in London on 8 October.
Richard Malton, the marketing director of Ocean, said: “Ocean’s competition has educated and inspired our industry and helped deliver the success story of digital out of home so far. It has always been our ethos to stimulate understanding and exploitation of the medium to the best possible effect.
“I am sure the 2015 competition will surprise and inspire in equal measure.”
For details on how to enter, visit the Ocean website.
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Ocean becomes official media provider to Team GB in the run up to Rio 2016

Ocean Outdoor has become official outdoor media provider to Team GB in the run up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.
As part of the deal, Ocean will support Team GB’s “Bring On The Great” campaign, bring real time update and news, orchestrate digital activations with commercial sponsors and help engage and build a massive social network of British supporters.
Ocean marks the beginning of its sponsorship across its UK portfolio this week (from August 5th) with the announcement of the Team GB Greats, the eight Team GB role models who will act as role models for the athletes preparing to compete in Rio and to inspire the nation to get behind ‘Bring on the Great’ in support of Team GB at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
Wednesday, August 5th marks one year until the Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.  Through a combination of Team GB Greats, the activation of a new fan club and the “Bring on the Great” campaign, Team GB is looking to achieve a record performance at the Games.
Announcing the sponsorship, Ocean marketing director Richard Malton said: “We are both delighted and honoured to be selected by Team GB as their official media supplier. Ocean is a British business built on passion, excellence and a desire for success, values it shares with the British Olympic team.
“Through this partnership, we will receive exclusive real time content throughout the build up and during the Games, announcements, highlights, records being broken and medals being won all by Team GB, bringing the excitement of the Games to the UK’s biggest cities. This presents a high impact opportunity to amplify sponsors’ campaigns.
“One of Team GB’s principal aims is to create a wave of national support throughout the country in the build up to and during the Games, and digital out of home will be a key player in priming that audience through our portfolio of UK screens.”
Bill Sweeney, CEO of British Olympic Association, said: “Ocean is the perfect fit for our Team GB 2016 marketing campaign.  Having a digital out of home partner with such a strong national presence on high impact screens compliments what we are doing through our own digital channels and the physical plans we have for Live Sites during Games Time.
“The partnership will provide a huge boost for the Team GB brand and our commercial partners as we together look to reignite the nation’s support for Team GB in the build up to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.”
Ocean’s media partnership runs until the end of 2016
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The IMAX Just Got Even More Impactful

Ocean have revealed stage one of the revamping of Europe’s largest and most iconic advertising structure London’s IMAX.

Working closely with The BFI and Lambeth Council the IMAX’s lighting infrastructure has been upgraded from halogen strip light to 48,000 LEDs. The upgrade delivers an energy efficiency of 77% on the existing lighting, removing over a 100 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

The new lighting system is accompanied by state of the art software allowing for a series of dynamic lighting techniques that advertisers can use to animate their creative and deliver a heightened level of engagement. The 5 techniques are Reveal, Horizontal Transition, Motion Bars, Spotlighting and Vertical Transition.

[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]134398080[/vimeo]

“We have been working with the BFI for over three years on this project and we are delighted with the results. It brings the IMAX into the digital age and provides both the advertiser and consumer a much better experience of what is London and Europe’s true advertising icon.”

“We have championed creativity in the OOH sector for a number of years and this investment gives creative agencies the opportunity to treat the 1734 sq m canvas of the IMAX in a totally new and exciting way. We are tremendously excited and look forward to sharing further updates towards the end of the year”

Richard Malton, Marketing Director, Ocean

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Ocean Outdoor questions creatives at Cannes Lions 2015

In the run up to the launch of the 2015 Digital Creative Competition, Ocean and Campaign are at Cannes Lions speaking to industry ambassadors throughout the week about their perceptions of Digital Out of Home, and how the medium has evolved for the better.
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]131438263[/vimeo]
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]131646714[/vimeo]
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]132037616[/vimeo]
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]131882593[/vimeo]

Ocean introduces Trinity Wandsworth with four brand partners

Ocean has expanded its premium London portfolio with the launch of two brand new high-definition digital screens in Wandsworth, its first out of home location south of the River Thames.
Renault, Sky Sports, 3 Mobile and Heineken are the launch partner for Trinity Wandsworth which dominates a three lane gateway connecting south London to the affluent areas of Chelsea, Fulham and Sloane Square.
The campaigns were booked through Kinetic (MindShare) for 3 Mobile; Talon (MGOMD) for the Renault Captur;  Rapport (Mediacom) for Sky Sports Formula 1; and Posterscope (Starcom Mediavest) for Heineken.
Featuring surround lighting which can be tailored to the creative, the 12.2m wide by 2.9m high screens are positioned to face commuters travelling in and out of London, generating 894,000 impacts per fortnight.
Ocean marketing director Richard Malton said: “Trinity Wandsworth is perfect for targeting commuter traffic with all the flexibility that digital advertising allows.
“Well connected to the prosperous areas of Chelsea, Fulham and Sloane the SW18 postcode is a stunning new London location to connect brands with younger, discerning, cosmopolitan audiences.”
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Neuroscience delivers further insight into the role of DOOH

Neuro-Insight used brain imaging to look at the subconscious impact of one medium on another, investigated the ability of premium, full motion media (television and premium digital out of home) to positively prime responses to linked messages encountered in other media (magazines and mobile devices). Heather Andrew, CEO of Neuro-Insight UK, discusses the research process and describes how working with Ocean uncovered something unusual.
Ocean believed that full motion digital out of home could play a role similar to that played by television, which has been shown to have a strong priming impact on other media. Like TV, DOOH delivers brightness, motion and colour, and like TV it delivers an intense experience that Ocean believed could serve to build, not just leverage, brand equity.
Research objective
We wanted to go further than previous research, to understand just how far the impact of DOOH in particular could extend; our hypothesis being that it could reach well beyond the OOH sector. We set out to discover whether prior exposure to DOOH advertising had an effect on responses when people were exposed to advertising from the same campaign in other media – i.e. did DOOH have a priming effect that extended beyond OOH and into the wider media landscape?
Ocean chose neuroscience as the methodology for this project because, as proven by an earlier study, it’s the best way of delivering objective evidence about effects that people wouldn’t be consciously aware of. We carried out the research using the Steady State Topography (SST) methodology, which tracks electrical responses in the brain in real time as people are exposed to different stimuli. In this study we wanted to look at priming impacts, which require the brain to store information and then link new stimuli back to what’s been stored into memory, therefore memory encoding was the key measure that we focused on in our analysis.
A key feature of the study was that we wanted to focus on the priming impact of DOOH on other media; therefore we measured not brain response to the priming media, but responses to the media being primed.
The results were unequivocal in showing strong priming impacts; but took us by surprise in that we found more than we expected. Firstly, we found that, regardless of creative, mere exposure to the priming medium had an impact. People who saw television first responded more strongly to magazine advertising (even when not linked to the campaign they had seen on TV) than people who’d been exposed to DOOH. More importantly for Ocean, people who’d seen digital DOOH first responded more strongly to advertising on mobile devices, even when not linked to the campaign they had seen on DOOH, than those who’d been exposed to television.
Why is this?
The results reflect what we call the congruence effect – the impact of environment and “brainstate” on responses. TV is immersive and involves a sedentary state in the home, just like magazine reading. DOOH involves a heightened response to communication seen out of home whilst on the go, just like mobile devices. The brain is very receptive to the power of context, and congruence plays a role in how we respond to things, just as we have seen in this study.
Unsurprisingly, for both priming media, the priming impact was even stronger when people were responding to creative executions from the same campaign that they had seen on TV or DOOH.
The findings of the study have clear implications for maximising the impact of cross-media campaigns by harnessing the specific priming impact of DOOH. We know from previous work that iconic, large format advertising delivers heightened emotional response and strong memory encoding, and that this impact is heightened by full motion screens. We also knew, going into this study, that these large, iconic sites had a positive priming effect on other OOH advertising.
This new research takes the learnings further, to show that the priming impact of DOOH extends beyond the OOH world and into a wider media universe. There is a congruence between screen experiences out of home, and the combination of large and small screens, accessed on the go, is a particularly powerful one.
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Ocean Group acquires MediaCo Outdoor

Ocean Group CEO Tim Bleakley today (April 22) announced the acquisition of MediaCo Outdoor, Manchester’s leader in OOH digital and backlight premium large formats, through its highly successful partnership with Manchester City Council.
The deal, for an undisclosed cash sum, significantly strengthens Ocean Group’s national footprint and leading position as the premium large format provider in London, Birmingham and Manchester, ranked the UK’s top 3 cities for total advertising spend.
This accelerates Ocean Group’s dual strategy of developing iconic digital and premium formats, and mirrors its acquisition of Signature Outdoor in Birmingham last year, which was warmly welcomed by both agencies and brands.
Commenting on the move, Tim Bleakley said “MediaCo Outdoor and Manchester City Council have worked collaboratively and tirelessly together to build a truly state of the art portfolio across the city, to the mutual benefit of taxpayers and the business community alike. The entire Ocean Group team is committed to furthering this great work and using our unique offering across the UK’s top three cities to drive growth in the medium and offer advertisers a compelling network.”
MediaCo Outdoor managing director Mark Wardle said “This is a very exciting development for Manchester and I look forward to seeing how the portfolio evolves in the coming years.”
Commercial director of MediaCo Outdoor Richard Blackburn said “We have built up some unique products and innovative trading models and I’m delighted we are passing on the baton to the Ocean Group, who share our ethos and, we believe, are an ambitious partner who will take the business to the next stage.”

Ocean Group signs first landmark deal with Network Rail

In its first landmark deal with Network Rail, Ocean Group has been chosen as the provider of the three Media Eyes which will dominate the main entrances to the new Birmingham New Street Station which opens this September.

Part of the £200 million investment in Birmingham’s infrastructure, the agreement is Ocean Group’s first major contract win since the acquisition of Signature Outdoor last year. The Media Eyes will be sold by Ocean Outdoor and will be fully operational in autumn 2015.

The three full motion digital out of home screens, which each measure 30m x 7m, sit above the main entrances to Birmingham New Street and the John Lewis flagship store, part of the Grand Central shopping centre which also opens this September. The project forms part of one the UK’s biggest city centre redevelopments.

 The selection criteria to find a partner to design and operate the Media Eyes was based on commercial viability, architectural merit, technical ability and innovation, practical buildability and maintenance. The agreement was brokered by Signature Outdoor for Ocean Group.

Ocean Group CEO Tim Bleakley said:  “This multi-million pound investment is a significant addition to the Ocean portfolio in a prestige transport and retail environment. The Media Eyes will allow advertisers to reach premium rail passengers, business and retail audiences in one of the UK’s fastest growing cities.

“This is a significant part of our overall plan for what is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s most dynamic and exciting cities, a city that has been identified as a beacon of what out of home and digital out of home looks like at its very best.”

Chris Montgomery, Birmingham New Street project director, said: “We are really pleased to have the Ocean Group on board for this innovative and iconic part of the project.  The Media Eyes will have full motion picture media content which will bring even more vibrancy and movement to the station.” 

The media content for the Eyes will display a portion of community content as well as commercial advertising.  The screens can also be used to display station messaging in emergency situations.