Outsmart the new marketing body for the Out of Home (OOH) industry launches.

Outsmart, which launched on the 24th September,  will be led by CEO Alan Brydon and Chairman Mark Craze and will inform, educate and inspire advertisers and agencies to do wonderful things in OOH.
The new marketing body for OOH launches with the website, and is the first port of call for advertisers, planners and creatives to showcase how OOH can be used in even bigger and better ways. The website will also include case studies, research and insight to demonstrate the medium’s core strengths – Impact, Action, Relevance and Creativity.
To prepare for launch, the new company has already created Insight and Effectiveness and Strategy Planning teams. This has resulted in numerous key appointments, including Tim Lumb as Insight and Effectiveness Director, Katie Ingram as Strategy Planning Director and Jo Scully as Assistant Strategy Planning Director.
Collaboration is a key factor in all of Outsmart’s thinking and actions and close working relationships have already been established with partners such as the specialist OOH agencies and their collective body the IPAO, as well as the OOH industry’s gold standard research body, Route.
An early manifestation of this is the OOH Forums, in partnership with the IPAO. The Forums will explore the many benefits of the medium, with the first set to focus on demonstrating its effectiveness.
Over the next 12 months Outsmart will roll out a series of initiatives including new research that help to further unlock the value and effectiveness of OOH, for brands and advertisers to make it a ‘must have’ on every media plan.
Alan Brydon, CEO of Outsmart, said “This is a golden age for OOH and there has never been a better time for the advertising, media and creative industries to utilise the medium. I am thrilled to be leading Outsmart and I am looking forward to helping agencies and brands make the most of the limitless opportunities the medium offers. Technology and consumer behaviour is enhancing the power of OOH and as more people spend more time out and about, in an ever more connected way, there has never been such an exciting time for the medium.”

Outdoor Media Centre appoints Tim Lumb as Insight and Effectiveness Director

The Outdoor Media Centre (OMC) has announced the appointment of Tim Lumb as the marketing body’s first Insight & Effectiveness Director. As part of the new team that’s helping to reinvigorate the OMC, Lumb, Microsoft Advertising’s former UK Research Manager, will be ensuring that insight and effectiveness are central to the planning of Out Of Home (OOH) campaigns.
Lumb’s appointment follows the recent announcement that the OMC is collaborating with the IPA Outdoor Group to launch a pioneering series of OOH Forums for the industry – the first being to demonstrate the effectiveness of OOH advertising.
With over 15 years’ experience, Lumb has an extensive background in consumer and advertising research having worked at EMAP as a Senior Researcher. He then joined Microsoft Advertising where, for the past five years, he led the company’s UK thought leadership and advertising effectiveness programme. At the 2014 IAB European Research Awards, his research into UK families won the Best Consumer Attitudes and Behaviour Study category.
Commenting on the appointment, Alan Brydon, CEO of the Outdoor Media Centre said:  “This is a golden age for Out Of Home advertising and insight will play a fundamental role in demonstrating the power and effectiveness of the medium. Tim’s extensive experience at Microsoft will be invaluable in helping us drive this and we are thrilled to welcome him to the team.”
Tim Lumb, Insight & Effectiveness Director of the Outdoor Media Centre added: “Right now, Out Of Home is in a hugely exciting era with the amazing possibilities that mobile tech and data bring to such a creatively rich medium.”

The Outdoor Media Centre appoints PR and brand consultancy agencies.

The Outdoor Media Centre (OMC) has appointed award-winning public relations agency MWWPR for media relations and strategic communications support along with brand consultancy Goosebumps.
The appointments mark the OMC’s ambition to invigorate the marketing body and work towards its vision of further highlighting the power and effectiveness of Out Of Home (OOH) advertising.

Commenting on the appointments, Alan Brydon, CEO of The Outdoor Media Centre, said: “Out Of Home has arrived at one of the most exciting stages in its history and over the next 12 months we’ll be introducing numerous changes and initiatives so that we work more collaboratively with media agencies, specialists and advertisers. We have appointed MWWPR and Goosebumps to support the OMC on this journey as we look to celebrate and share the benefits and innovative opportunities that Out Of Home delivers.”

 Anna-Liisa Goshawk, Senior Account Director, MWWPR, said: “PR is going to play an important role in helping the OMC achieve its goals. There is a powerful story to be told about Out Of Home advertising and the marketing body has a very clear vision for where it is going. We are excited to be a part of their new journey.”

Simon Cotterrell, strategic partner, Goosebumps Brand Consultancy, added:“We look forward to working with the OMC on their brand strategy in order to help the team further demonstrate the power and effectiveness of the Out Of Home medium.”

 MWWPR and Goosebumps will be working directly with Mark Craze, Chairman of the OMC, who began his role in January 2015, and Alan Brydon who will be the marketing body’s new Chief Executive from 18th May.

The Outdoor Media centre Collaborates with the IPA to launch OOH forums

The Outdoor Media Centre (OMC) and the IPA Outdoor Group have formed an alliance to launch a new, pioneering series of Out Of Home (OOH) Forums for the industry. This first time collaboration signifies the OMC’s ambition to work in close partnership with key stakeholders to further highlight the power of OOH.

The Forums will explore the many benefits of the medium, with the first Forum set to focus on demonstrating the effectiveness of OOH advertising. The overall aim is to produce new research and insights that further unlock the unique value of OOH for Advertisers and Agencies alike.
Mark Craze, Chairman of The Outdoor Media Centre, said:
“Out Of Home is one of the most innovative, engaging and influential forms of advertising and we are delighted to be at the forefront of such a ground-breaking initiative with the IPA Outdoor Group.By working on these joint initiatives we will be able to deliver compelling new research that further demonstrates Out of Home’s effectiveness as well as celebrate and share the benefits and innovative opportunities that it provides.”
 Gill Reid, Joint Chair of the IPA Outdoor Group added:
“Out of Home has enjoyed spectacular growth over the years and we are keen to help continue this momentum. Through this collaboration with the OMC we are confident that the Forums will enable us to inspire and share ideas about the future of Out Of Home and further highlight the medium’s power.”

Outdoor Media Centre appoints Alan Brydon as chief executive

The Outdoor Media Centre (OMC), the industry body for the out-of-home (OOH) media sector, has appointed Alan Brydon, head of investment at Havas Media Group UK, as its chief executive. Brydon replaces Mike Baker who left the OMC at the end of 2014.
With more than 25 years’ experience in media, the last eight at Havas, Brydon has worked as a media director at Abbott Mead Vickers, and has held senior roles at MEC and MPG. He has also held positions on the media owner side as advertising sales director for the London Evening Standard, and has worked in the private equity sector with Apax Partners.
He joins OMC in a time of transition, as Mark Craze, another former Havas Media leader, is due to replace Naren Patel, the chief executive of Primesight and outgoing chair of the OMC, from next month.
Brydon said: “I am absolutely delighted to be joining the OMC. The OOH medium is already an incredibly effective and powerful choice for advertisers, but it is now entering the most exciting period in its history.
“With all the innovations, developments and opportunities across the next few years, I know that by working with a fully committed and focused OMC, as well as key supporters and out-of-home specialists, I can help take the OOH medium forward, and assist clients and their agencies in using the platform in ever more efficient and effective ways.”
Launched in 2011, the OMC consists of three council members, seven board members and 24 associates. Its job is to market the outdoor medium to advertisers and their agencies, using regular events, training, category argument, newsletters and case studies. It also lobbies central and local government.
Patel said: “I am delighted to welcome Alan to the Outdoor Media Centre. He has unrivalled experience in the media sector and has long been a vocal supporter of the outdoor advertising medium. He brings knowledge, passion and a great black book to the OMC.”
Last week, the Outdoor Media Centre announced its record-breaking revenue figures for Q4 2014 and first-time annual billings of above £1 billion on an annual basis for 2014.
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OMC appoints Mark Craze as chairman

The Outdoor Media Centre, the outdoor media trade body, has appointed Mark Craze, the former chief executive of Havas Media UK, as its chairman, replacing Naren Patel.
Craze comes to the chairmanship at a crucial time for the body. Earlier this month JCDecaux, one of the OMC’s four council members, pulled out of the OMC.
The outdoor industry has commissioned Craze to conduct a review of OMC’s business in October 2014, to look at the “role, activity and direction” of the organisation.Craze presented his report to the OMC board in late 2014, but his appointment and the review were considered independently, Campaign understands.
It is the first time the body’s chair has not been an executive within the industry. Patel is the chief executive of Primesight.
He said: “Our media sector is poised to take a great step forwards. When I was appointed chairman I realised that we needed to reinvigorate the OMC and Mark’s experience will be invaluable in helping demonstrate the potential to advertisers, brands and media and creative agencies.
“He has the gravitas, the clout and the contacts to really help raise the OMC to another level.”
Craze left his role as the group chief executive of Havas Media UK in February 2014. He joined Havas Media as managing partner in 2005 and was promoted to group chief executive in 2008.
Prior to Havas, Craze was at Aegis Media UK for 15 years, latterly as the chief executive from 2002 to 2004.
Craze said: “The out of home industry is at the most exciting point in its history, and I have been massively impressed with the commitment and energy of all the contractors supporting the OMC.
“On the back of huge investment, new technology and improved audience insights, out of home (OOH) has enjoyed spectacular success over the last ten years, and is now passing the billion pound mark in ad revenue.
“Our ambition is to unleash the full innovative potential of OOH and work even more harmoniously with advertisers, agencies and the Specialists.
“Our single minded goal is to further drive growth and enhance our position as the most innovative, engaging and influential form of advertising.”
The OMC’s chief executive, Mike Baker, announced his intention to step down in October and expects to complete work in March. He rebranded the group as OMC and ushered the group through a new marketing-led approach.

Has JCDecaux chosen the wrong time to abandon its trade body?

JCDecaux’s withdrawal from the Outdoor Media Centre is a surprising turn of events, writes the Posterscope chief executive Annie Rickard

We believe that it is pretty much universally acknowledged that the OMC of recent years hasn’t performed as well as it could and as well as other trade bodies have.
Last week, a major market player declined to join the others in their rapidly evolving plans to rebuild their trade body for the future.
It’s a surprising turn of events for many reasons.
Outdoor media is currently in good shape, so individual media owners could feasibly do their own thing, worry about their own bottom lines and the constituent parts could, by default, add up to a healthy whole.
However, it is indisputable that they would benefit more from having a successful trade body to make the medium more accessible to its users.
Audience currency Route would never have gained respect if players had taken a parochial rather than industry view.
It should be acknowledged that JCDecaux, alongside the other investors, played a major part in Route’s creation and now has a global gold standard in out of home audience measurement they can be proud of.
Maybe it’s not a problem that JCDecaux isn’t involved. After all, other media trade bodies have thrived without apparently important members. Channel 5 isn’t part of commercial TV marketing body Thinkbox and it hasn’t exactly held Thinkbox or its remaining members back.
It’s possible that, in the short term, like someone subtly not pulling their weight in a tug of war team, the absent member benefits from the efforts of others.
But it’s tough to keep that up in the long term and the thought that this might be a rationale for a temporary absence is unpalatable?
So what’s the future for OMC? Will it fade without one of the major industry players or will the remaining constituent parts rally and unite to prove their competitor wrong?
It’s important to realise that these are multi-billion dollar businesses where the (relatively small) investment in getting it right will be paid back many hundreds of times over if it is done properly. The sums required to run the OMC properly are pretty insignificant compared to the potential upside, which makes JCDecaux’s decision all the more puzzling.
Posterscope believes that this turn of events presents a unifying opportunity that the talented remaining members of the OMC will not want to pass up.
There are few shrinking violets in the outdoor business so basic human nature will take over and pugnacity will kick in. We are confident that an enlarged constituency of members drawn from the 50 media owners that make up the medium will unite to go on the offensive.
They will want to create initiatives and messaging that will, in the nicest way possible, force their estranged partner to knock at their door and ask to be readmitted to a party that it appears to have left prematurely.
Whether it will be welcomed with open arms once the others have taken the strain for a year or two will be up to the future munificence of the other members.

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JCDecaux step down from the Outdoor Media Centre

Although JCDecaux will not be part of the OMC it will continue to partner with the wider industry on initiatives such as Route, the audience measurement platform.
As one of the four council members JCDecaux has played a leading role in the body, which was called the Outdoor Advertising Association until a rebrand in 2011.
JCDecaux’s former chief executive of the UK, Northern Europe and Australia Jeremy Male was the OMC’s chair until he moved to the US to become the chief executive of CBS Outdoor.
Naren Patel, who replaced Male as chairman of the OMC and is the chief executive of Primesight said: “JCDecaux has been pivotal in building the momentum of out of home in the UK and we are sad and surprised that they have decided to leave the OMC as the industry is poised for significant growth as result of the investment in digital screens.
“The door will always remain open for them to return”.
“The out of home industry is emerging as one of the most innovative, engaging and influential forms of advertising.
“On the back of huge investment, new technology and audience quality, out of home has enjoyed spectacular growth over the last ten years, and is now passing the billion pound mark in ad revenue.
In October the industry hired Mark Craze to conducted a review of the OMC’s remit, ahead of the departure of the chief executive, Mike Baker.
The Lighthouse Company is in the process of recruiting a new chief executive and chairman.
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Annie Rickard, chief executive, Posterscope tells Campaign that JCDecaux’s withdrawal from the Outdoor Media Centre is a surprising turn of events
 About the Outdoor Media Centre
According to WARC/Ad Association, outdoor represents 9.8% of total display. This is up from 8.6% in year 2000. WARC predicts outdoor will surpass £1bn in 2014.
 The OMC was launched in 2011. It consists of 3 Council members, 7 Board members and 24 Associates.
Naren Patel, CEO of Primesight, was elected Chairman of the OMC in October 2013.
The OMC markets the outdoor medium to advertisers and their agencies, using regular events, training, category argument, newsletters and case studies. It also lobbies central and local government.
The new Outdoor audience measurement system, Route, was launched in February 2013.

Digital Billboards Helped Recover Over 220 Missing People in a UK Scheme Backed by Kate McCann

The Outdoor Media Centre and charity ‘Missing People’ have reported that a digital billboard ad operation has helped recover 220 missing people in the UK.
The scheme, which is backed by Kate McCann – mother of missing child Madeline – regularly publicises the name and images of missing people free of charge. The Outdoor Media Centre fills unused and brand-donated ad inventory with the appeals.
The ads are broadcast directly to the location where the individual originally went missing. Creative for the campaign, and the use of OpenLoop, a campaign management platform, was donated by Grand Visual.
Kate McCann said: “When your child is missing, you want the whole world to stop and join the search. Thanks to the Outdoor Media Centre and its members, so many families missing a loved one have benefited from this unique opportunity to appeal for them”.
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Creative Out of Home Awards 2014 Finalists Revealed

Finalists for the 2014 Creative Out of Home Awards in association with OMC  have been announced with nominations for campaigns by British Airways, Mini UK, McDonald’s and Google all in line for accolades.
The awards, which celebrate creativity on the outdoor media sector, will be announced on 26 November, and will also include campaigns for ESPN, Audi, and PepsiCo.
Categories for the awards include 48 or 96 Sheet Poster, Multi-Platform Campaign, Special Build, Digital Advert and Use of Live Updates.
The winner of the Grand Prix and the Chairman’s Award will also be revealed on the evening at the ceremony in London at the Marriott Grosvenor.
This year’s headline partner is Outdoor Media Centre, while Primesight, Ubiquitous, KBH on Train Media, Rapport, Blow up Media and Verifone Media have also agreed to sponsor.
To see the full list of nominations, visit the Creative Out of Home Awards website.
Posterscope and psLIVE have been nominated for the following:
Digital Campaign
Lurpak #FOODADVENTURES: Posterscope, Carat and Liveposter
Integrated Campaign:
Stella Artois Wimbledon Championship: Posterscope, Vizeum, psLIVE
Very Beauty Tour: psLIVE
Digital Advert:
BA #Lookup: Ogilvy One, Posterscope, Carat
Centre Parcs Woburn Forest: Posterscope
Use of Live Updates:
Tate Britain Welcome to London: Liveposter, Posterscope, Total Media, Ocean Outdoor
Lurpak #FOODADVENTURES: Posterscope, Carat and Liveposter
Turbo- That Snail is Fast: psLIVE