Primesight celebrates 100 InLinks

Primesight announces it has reached its latest milestone of deploying 100 InLinks across the UK, providing advertisers with the opportunity to reach an estimated 36 ½ million impacts in two major UK cities through 200 digital screens.
In just eight months, InLinks have showcased over 35 campaigns with key brands such as Facebook, The Guardian, O2, Bulmers, Barclays, Amazon and Deliveroo.
InLinkUK from BT goes above and beyond other digital out of home services offer by providing unique, innovative solutions that enhance public connectivity. It offers the fastest free public Wi-Fi in the country, community content on the screens, tablet use and charging points.
Primesight’s latest eye-tracking research has found that InLinks receive a 92% engagement rate compared to 87% for digital bus shelters, demonstrating their prominence within the DOOH environment.
InLinks offer advertisers increased opportunities to hit consumers in a targeted and hyper contextual way which, in turn, helps to deliver more effective campaigns. A key example is TfL – the first brand to encourage audiences to use the free InLinkUK from BT Wi-Fi to download their new ticketing app.
InLinks are continuing to connect consumers at an ultrafast pace, with more than 1 million Wi-Fi sessions to-date.
InLinkUK from BT is on track to rollout 1,000 InLinks nationwide, with InLinks currently operating in seven London boroughs and Leeds City Centre and planning consents granted to install InLinks in many other major cities across the UK.
Local communities have embraced the new technology with:

  • Over 49,000 unique subscribers to ultrafast, free InLinkUK from BT Wi-Fi
  • Over 239,000 tablet sessions;
  • Over 305,000 phone calls; and
  • Enough data used to download over 7 million songs

Naren Patel, CEO of Primesight, said: “We’re thrilled to have reached yet another milestone in our journey towards providing smarter, more intelligent out of home solutions to advertisers. We look forward to continuing our rollout plan across the UK, and in welcoming new advertisers on board to deliver new and engaging experiences.”
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Primesight announces over 50 InLinks have now been installed across London

Primesight today announces over 50 InLinks have now been installed across London, offering advertisers more than 100 premium digital screens.
Since June 2017, users have had access to free ultrafast Wi-Fi, calls to UK mobiles and landlines and charging points through the InLinks.

  • More than 21,000 users have signed up for Wi-Fi with over 225,000 sessions to date
  • 7,000 GB of data has been used – which roughly equates to a feature film being downloaded 10,000 times
  • In total users have spent on average 85 seconds connected to the InLink tablets and engaged in 60,000 tablet sessions
  • Since launch, more than 16 brands have advertised on the InLinks
  • Warner Bros and O2 are two of the brands to have booked multiple campaign bursts on the InLinks, including O2’s advertising for Samsung and Apple handsets
  • TfL is the first brand to take advantage of the ultrafast free Wi-Fi, encouraging downloads of its new app

Currently installed in London, they occupy key, high footfall locations including Camden High Street, Finchley Road and High Holborn, with installation continuing over the coming months as the digital expansion continues. The latest InLinks have just arrived in Hammersmith & Fulham giving advertisers unrivalled access to highly desirable audiences in one of London’s wealthiest boroughs, around high footfall locations at Hammersmith Broadway, King Street and Shepherd’s Bush Green.
Naren Patel, CEO at Primesight said: “The usage statistics show just how welcome InLinks are to consumers, and advertisers are clearly reaping the benefits of being aligned to this multi-faceted advertising platform. We’re excited to celebrate over 100 InLink digital screens going live and are looking forward to rolling out the next InLinks in key areas of London and beyond.”
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Primesight expands airport portfolio for advertisers

Primesight have announced their win of the airport advertising contracts for Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton, with plans to invest £1.5 million in upgrading the digital estate and introducing new sites. With the addition of the new five-year contract, Primesight can now help brands reach a domestic audience of 136 million passengers.
The wins put Primesight firmly in the position of number one OOH media owner for airports and means the company now reaches 48% of UK airport audiences.
They will be taking over the contracts for Glasgow and Aberdeen Airports from JCDecaux from January 1, 2018 and Southampton Airport from Eye Airports on April 1, 2018. These wins are in addition to their existing portfolio of airports which include London Gatwick, London Stansted, Manchester, East Midlands and Bournemouth.
Sarah Parkes, Director of Operations and Development said: “We are delighted to have won contracts with Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton Airports allowing Primesight to reach even more travellers and consolidate our position as #1 for Airports. For brands, this is a great opportunity to target a much sought after and growing audience with creative campaigns that can truly take advantage of the airport environment. We look forward to working with the Airports and continuing to expand our portfolio in this sector.”
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Primesight's advertising contract with BT's payphones in Northern Ireland goes live

Primesight have announced that the BT advertising contract in Northern Ireland has gone live today. With over 1,100 payphones and 220 BT6 faces, the inclusion of Northern Ireland into the rest of the UK BT estate is a first for the contract and further cements Primesight’s expansion into new markets and environments. Coupled with the 18,000 payphones and 2,250 BT6 faces on the UK mainland, the addition of the BT advertising contract showcases Primesight’s broad national coverage in small format, generating over 90% coverage of the UK’s population.
Keith Lammie, regional director at Primesight said: ‘this fantastic addition to our every expanding portfolio is hugely exciting for us in a year where we’ve established ourselves as No. 1 for coverage and No. 1 for billboards across the UK. We’ve listened to the market and know that offering clients the static inventory that forms the backbone of their brand building efforts is key to their success.’
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Primesight retains UK's biggest roadside outdoor contract

Primesight retains UK’s biggest roadside outdoor contract
Primesight has retained the £125m Network Rail contract for roadside advertising panels for another seven years.
The new contract, awarded to Primesight after a competitive tender, is the biggest roadside contract in the UK and is made up of over 2,000 billboards.
Primesight said it plans to build another 20 digital billboards on Network Rail land by the end of the year. The current estate includes over 70 digital 48- and 96-sheets and reaches an estimated 78% of the UK population.
As part of the new agreement, Primesight will also take over the advertising rights on Network Rail bridges from April 2018. This contract, which is currently held by Clear Channel, includes the high-profile London locations at Vauxhall and London Bridge, which will also be developed into digital sites.
David Biggs, managing director of property at Network Rail, said: “The successful management of our advertising assets is a key factor in maximising the value of our estate.
“The revenue that this work generates is reinvested back into the railway helping to support our upgrade programme.”
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Primesight launches new ad-sales navigation tool Pilot

Primesight, the Out of Home media owner, has announced the launch of its new ad sales navigational tool, PILOT.
PILOT will improve flexibility of access and accountability in reporting for clients and deliver spot by spot playout reporting. This is delivered by connecting to automated marketplaces and allowing campaigns to be planned with real-time availability to best suit audience requirements.
The first of its kind in the DOOH industry, PILOT will give brands the ability to buy any “Share of Time (SOT)” in a guaranteed market and deliver that level of display locked by location and time/day. It embraces the dynamic advantages of DOOH within a secure campaign delivery.
SOT also enables DOOH purchase based on percentage of time exposure which can be varied as necessary, offering brands more flexibility and targeted planning.
Across Primesight’s portfolio of over 500 screens, the tool is connected via API to Route audience data enabling instant audience profile and selection analysis and it can also accommodate third party data.
Naren Patel, CEO at Primesight said: “Digital Out of Home is still a relatively new medium and Primesight want to lead the way in how we sell it to our clients. PILOT is the result of in-depth market research and client and specialist conversations about what we can do to improve our services. Digital is a flexible, accountable and immediate medium and we believe PILOT is the best way to take advantage of the opportunities DOOH offers.”
Chris Daines, chief media officer at Posterscope said “As DOOH develops in complexity and we continue to explore the full range of possibilities for brands, we welcome the combination of structure, accountability and flexibility that PILOT displays.  This tool allows us to work with clients to achieve an even greater level of campaign tailoring and therefore aids in creating the best outcomes.”
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Primesight renews cinema foyer advertising contract with Digital Cinema Media

Starting today (Monday 15th May), Primesight have renewed their contract with Digital Cinema Media (DCM) for its cinema foyer advertising.
The contract, which has been held since 2012, will enter its sixth year, covering advertising for Odeon, Vue and Cineworld cinemas. The new agreement follows on from the development of a close and effective working relationship with DCM.
The deal includes 90 digital screens and 700 paper and paste panels spanning some of the largest cinemas in the country.
Naren Patel, CEO at Primesight said: “We have very much enjoyed working with DCM as partners since 2012 and are delighted to have extended our contract. The cinema environment has been one of the big success stories as the film industry capitalises on escapism. Our recent launch of ‘Primespot’, offering advertisers the chance to reach a specific film audience, is just one example of how we are continually innovating to provide our advertisers with relevant and flexible solutions.”
Karen Stacey, CEO, DCM said: “We are pleased to extend our contract, having worked with Primesight since 2012. One of the particular highlights of the relationship is working closely with the team to ensure Primesight’s on-screen creative coordinates with the advertising throughout our portfolio, something the team has always excelled at.”
Primespot takes the traditional ‘gold spot’ advertising seen on-screen before a film into the cinema foyer, maximising exposure to the target audience. LEGO was the first to capitalise on this new technology, running digital advertising in cinema foyers 15 minutes before showings of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Renault took advantage in March with a major OOH campaign for their KADJAR model.
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Snickers saved Valentine's Day with "You're forgetful when you're hungry" billboard stunt

A Valentine’s Day experiential stunt took place at Waterloo station on the 14th, developed by AMV BBDO, Snickers and Primesight. Forgetting to buy a Valentine’s day card for a loved one can be an off-game moment for someone who’s a little hungry – and therefore forgetful – and so Snickers’ ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ campaign has swooped in to save the day.
This Valentine’s Day, Snickers lent forgetful Londoners a helping hand by running a special outdoor poster with the tagline ‘You’re Forgetful When You’re Hungry’ for three days across Primesight’s 16 Waterloo Domination billboards.
The stunt featured one special interactive 48-sheet featuring the words ‘Forgetful’ made out of Valentine’s Day cards which anyone could peel off and take away to give to their Valentine. Two of the panels provided sequential messaging, directing people to the special build panel.
The reminds passers-by that Snickers is on hand to help the hungry and forgetful on Valentine’s Day. On the days following, 15th February and 16th February, more cards were available on the poster, reading ‘Sorry I forgot. On the plus side, booking a restaurant should be easier. Happy Belated Valentine’s’.
What would we do without Snickers?
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Primesight wins Outdoor Sales Team of the Year for the second year running

For the second year running,  Primesight was awarded Outdoor Sales Team of the year at the Campaign Media awards. This was on the back of last week’s Media Brand of the Year win at the Media Week Awards
The Award recognised Primesight’s outstanding achievements including winning the Manchester Airports Group contract, strong emphasis on collaboration and innovation, continued thought leadership, and perhaps most importantly their commercial success.
Signature Outdoor and Exterion Media were shortlisted in the category.