Primesight leads a panel discussion on the subject of DOOH in Manchester

Creativity, Context, and Data were the main themes discussed during Primesight’s media seminar on the 8th September 2015 @ MediaCityUK accompanied by a set of challenges to be overcome by the industry
In a first regional thought leadership event on the subject of digital out-of-home, Primesight led a breakfast seminar that saw the industry experts Sam Grant (Regional Director, Posterscope), Jeremy Taylor (Strategy Director, Grand Visual), Paul Sambrook (Business Development & Marketing Director, Rapport) and Mungo Knott (Marketing & Insight Director, Primesight) take part in a discussion about DOOH’s rich past, challenging present and bright future.
Rubbi Bhogal-Wood (Business Director, Primesight) introduced the seminar by giving an overview on digital outdoor growth over the past 10 years, where forecasts for its growth are being beaten every year. Currently, at 27% of all OOH revenue, digital outdoor isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, latest forecasts mention it reaching a 50% share of OOH expenditure by 2019. With 170 different formats in the UK and £75 million of investment by all outdoor media owners, half of out-of-home’s expenditure may even be reached earlier than in four years from now.
The challenges that are part of the current transformation of the OOH space were debated by the panel, which was moderated by Graeme Hughes (Regional Director, Primesight).
The panel was in agreement that the quality of creative has improved in the past years and has led to many examples of excellent campaigns that have taught media professionals valuable lessons. The examples mentioned included those of Pimm’s Live, Google’s Brand Love, Netflix’s GIF and 20th Century Fox’s Rocky Balboa digital outdoor executions. Mungo Knott talked about scalability still being a challenge despite the increasing digital panel portfolio throughout the UK.
Questions from the audience pointed towards the conclusion that additional research would be valuable to provide additional credentials behind digital expenditure to advertisers. Others pointed to the fact that digital OOH presents a lot of flexibility which pushes the boundaries of traditional trading and requires a change to the trading model to reflect impressions and audiences as opposed to the current uniform pricing per panel format.
The panel also reminded the audience that ‘a classic poster is perfect when there is nothing to take away from it’. The golden rules for digital out of home creative, however, are still being explored – with the opportunities for execution being expanded on an ongoing basis due to the creativity and curiosity at creative agencies, advertising agencies, and media owners alike.
Despite the wide array of tech available to enhance campaigns, panellists pointed out that within the core of a great campaign continues to be the big idea. All experts agreed that a better understanding on the subject of digital outdoor capabilities is vital across all players in the industry. Of course, the boundaries of these capabilities are continuously changing as the industry introduces the use of various third party data and partners with tech business to generate clever and engaging digital outdoor executions.
As a final note, having been asked to point out the one area that the industry has to concentrate on, the panellists covered the importance of adopting a uniform trading model across all media owners (Sam Grant), the clever use of context (Jeremy Taylor), audience pricing and improved campaign reporting to clients (Mungo Knott) and the need for enhanced scheduling and automation within outdoor (Paul Sambrook).
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Crowdfunder and Primesight partner to support publicly funded projects

Primesight has teamed up with Crowdfunder to support public funded projects by offering to cover £10,000 in production costs following the successful#IAmAnImmigrant campaign.

Primesight, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of OOH solutions, originally partnered with fundraising website Crowdfunder to deliver the hugely successful #IAmAnImmigrant campaign, which spearheaded a debate on the positives of immigration in the UK. Primesight’s new partnership with Crowdfunder aims to turn creative ideas into reality by offering funds and allowing easy access to the powerful outdoor advertising platform.
Naren Patel, CEO Primesight, told us “Primesight helped make a huge impact with the #IAmAnImmigrant campaign and we are looking forward to replicating and growing those achievements even further with our latest partnership with Crowdfunder.
“We know that often the next step of marketing and communicating projects can be prohibitive so we are lending our support by offering to waive the production costs for a poster campaign with Primesight, as well as by guaranteeing the best rates on the market.”
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Primesight launches #TheUltimateCanvas for the creative community

Primesight has partnered with Talenthouse, the creative collaboration platform and community of artists across art, design, fashion, film, photography and music, to offer the world’s creative community the chance to showcase their artwork on coveted media space in the UK’s biggest cities.
#TheUltimateCanvas will see artists, designers, illustrators and photographers go head-to-head to create original artwork for Primesight’s 96-sheet billboards, the largest of the out-of-home formats.
Five selected artists will be chosen and each will be showcased in one of five sites across London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol. A panel of judges from the advertising and media industries will make a decision on the best designs by the end of May. The panel includes Andy Tilley (CSO, Talon OOH), Mel Harvey (Creative Lead, Saatchi Masius), Nicola Thompson (Director of Media, Estée Lauder), Glen Wilson (Managing Director, Posterscope), Richard Jacobs (Marketing Director, Kinetic), Paul Sambrook (Business Development and Marketing Director, Rapport), Mark Craze (Chairman, OMC) and Chris Forrester (Managing Director, Primesight).
Selected artists will have their designs seen by thousands of people every day for a period of two weeks. In addition, all artwork will be showcased in a global gallery amplified across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest under the #TheUltimateCanvas.
Primesight is encouraging creatives around the world to take full advantage of the panoramic format and arresting visual impact of the 96-sheet, which is 40 foot long by 10 feet high – though the open nature of the competition will offer creatives complete freedom when it comes to their design.

Chris Forrester, Managing Director at Primesight, said:

“#TheUltimateCanvas is an exciting opportunity for experienced or fledgling designers after a challenge. Our 96-sheets have the ability to make a statement like no other classic poster site – and we’re looking forward to discovering beautiful, original artwork that will make entire cities stop in their tracks.”

Maya Bogle, Co-founder of Talenthouse, said:

“At Talenthouse we’re helping brands to open doors to the world’s creative communities where artists of all disciplines can have their work developed, supported, mentored and showcased in the most innovative ways. Advertising platforms like Primesight are taking an innovative approach to unlocking their story by partnering with Talenthouse.

Primesight promotes Chris Forrester to managing director

Chris Forrester has been promoted to managing director of Primesight, from his previous role as commercial director.
Forrester joined Primesight, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of Out of Home (OOH) solutions, in 2012 and was instrumental in repositioning the business around the Results Are Our Culture ethos.
Since he joined the out of home specialist, he has been named as one of Campaign’s top ten commercial directors and also helped Primesight win a two-star Best Companies rating for the last two years.
Naren Patel, Primesight’s chief executive, said: “Chris is a top class operator with tenacity and commercial acumen and has helped reposition Primesight and raise its profile.
“The sales and marketing functions have benefitted hugely from his leadership and it is time for him to add our Development and Operations team to his remit.
“The Out of Home industry has a number of important contracts that are coming up for tender and it will be invaluable to have Chris working alongside me on these developments.”
Forrester said: “I have had a phenomenal three years as Commercial Director and been lucky to work with some extremely talented individuals.
“I’m delighted with the promotion and really excited about the next phase of my career with Primesight and feel privileged to be working closer with Naren and other members of the Executive across the broader business.”

Was the value of the election poster realised? Chris Forrester, commercial director Primesight, debates

As the dust settles on the 2015 General Election, Primesight’s commercial director Chris Forrester focuses in on the real question of posters.
Yesterday Britain voted in the most uncertain election since World War II. Tories are now predicted to win a narrow majority. Ed Miliband rues “disappointing” night and Labour is crushed by SNP, with nationalists winning 56 of 59 seats in Scotland.
Lord Bell wrote in Campaign last month that one of the two election traditions that are inviolate is that “out-of-home advertising was, is and always will be a vital weapon in the political armoury at election time”. I, of course, agree, but I also think that in this election outdoor was more vital than ever before.
We are now in an age of 140 characters where we are put off by “too long, didn’t read”. Unsurprisingly, social media is more active than during any previous election, with Twitter followers focussed on the celebrity leaders themselves. Cameron wins the race with 999,097 among party leaders, whereas Labour leads with 213, 678 followers among parties.
Having said that, only 11% found Facebook, Twitter or any other social media influential (Dipsticks Research). These celebrity leaders attracted a relatively modest audience of 4 million to 5 million voters during the TV debates this season, taking detailed questions on specific policies.
As you would expect, the press picked sides with the surprise of the election so far – The Independent. But did this support carry the same swing as it did in past? Will any of the press realistically be able to claim this morning that it was ‘them that won it’?
Interestingly, I am not sure I’ve ever seen so many column inches devoted to political posters in the press before. Brian Wheeler wrote an interesting article for the BBC on the death of the political poster making me and probably many in the industry wince. The title Where Have All The Posters Gone? leads to the same conclusion as a German journalist covering the election questioning “Where are the billboards?”
It’s not that there weren’t any, just that the electioneering is confined to a few marginal constituencies.
I’m not in one and I haven’t spent any time in any of them, but by reading the press, I understand that awareness surrounding the election is high and media activity, including posters, seemed to have been stronger in these areas.
I went to a Posterscope Pioneers session at the beginning in the year with Sir John Heggarty. As you’d expect, it was a great session with a lot of takeouts, but something that stayed with me was Sir John’s view on brands.
Not quite verbatim, he said brands were made by the people knowing about the product as much as the people who buy it, and it was fame not celebrity that were important.
A number of Byron Sharp’s rules for brand growth follow a similar line at times – continuingly reach all buyers of the category, ensure brand is easy to buy, get noticed, create and use distinctive brand assets and be consistent. The classic poster is not the only way to deliver the above but certainly ticks many of the boxes.
Two parties to me have really stuck out over the past 18 months – UKIP and SNP. Unsurprisingly, both of them made substantial use of outdoor in their campaigns.
It felt that the election started a long time ago for UKIP and it has without doubt stuck to its story throughout.
In Byron Sharp’s terms, UKIP had consistent brand messaging. It had clear and single minded approach and used posters throughout (occasionally defaced later).
It also rallied behind the traditional use of leaflets in windows and gardens in the areas I’ve found myself in. As a consequence, UKIP is now the third biggest party in the UK achieving over 3.7 million votes.
Equally interesting is what has happened north of the border. I was in Glasgow prior to the referendum last year and the city was awash with posters. In this General Election SNP have again used classic posters as a key element of their omnipresent brand building strategy, achieving a much stronger outdoor campaign presence.
No one could doubt they are reaching all buyers in the category – something the main parties in the UK could learn from. Unquestionably, SNP have been the winners of this year’s political campaigning by winning the vote in Scotland.
The classic poster has always been a tweet in time, with the power to build brands in which we trust. Perhaps sometimes we forget what we know, but maybe by the time of the next election, however soon it may be, an old lesson might have been relearned and the outdoor presence of parties will once again lead the conversation.
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Pose with your favourite LEGO Marvel character

LEGO has launched an interactive digital out of home campaign across Primesight screens to support its new Marvel Avengers range. The advertising drive, planned by Carat and Posterscope, kicked off on April 23 to coincide with the UK cinema debut of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is expected to increase footfall in cinema foyers by 110% according to Digital Cinema Media.
Using cinema D6 screens, the interactive creative invites cinema-goers to take a picture with their favourite LEGO Marvel characters and gives them the option to have the photo sent to their email address. The activity will run for two weeks, when demand to see the blockbuster sequel is at a peak.
Chris Hicks, senior project manager at Posterscope’s Hyperspace division said: “Marvel LEGO superheroes, developed in tandem with Koffeecup and Isobar, invites adults and kids alike to join forces with their favourite Marvel LEGO superhero to defeat the evil Ultron! With its iconic designs and playful irreverence, the world’s most powerful brand is a natural fit for interactive OOH. This experience gives Marvel fans the chance to pose with characters, creating a memorable take-home from their cinema visit.”
Andrew Goldsmith, Agency Sales Director, Primesight said: “Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron looks set to be the biggest box office hit of the year and this campaign perfectly taps into the excitement surrounding the release by promoting LEGO’s new range at the optimum time. The creative makes great use of Primesight’s cinema foyer screens and will be both memorable and unmissable for the target audience of 6-9 year olds.”

Primesight launches real-time reporting platform, Primemobile Live

The online portal, which is open to Primesight’s customers, will provide instant access to consumer feedback by reporting data on campaign awareness and resultant changes in attitudes and actions as they develop during the campaign period.

Clients can now access performance data on their campaigns at the critical time – whilst the campaign is in display. Clients utilising digital displays can also use this real-time data to establish a recommendation to change the weight of exposure, or to make creative changes which will optimise the display towards the most effective creative treatments, and therefore benefit from improving ROI.Data can be analysed by audience segment, individual creative treatment and GPS location. The real time reporting builds on data captured from Primesight’s proprietary tool Primemobile, which tracks consumers throughout their day. It provides instant access to consumers’ ‘in the moment’ thoughts, direct from their mobile device via an API feed, to an out-of-home planner’s PC or mobile internet enabled device.
Mungo Knott, marketing and insight director of Primesight commented:
“Our focus is to deliver effective results for our clients. We have developed this tool to provide them with faster and therefore, more valuable access to data which will help them understand the key audience metrics that their campaign is generating during the critical campaign display period.”
Alistair Hill, CEO of On Device said;

Alistair Hill, CEO of On Device Research, said:

“We are incredibly excited to launch this real-time reporting platform with Primesight. We are connecting traditional and screen format outdoor advertising campaigns with market leading research technology, and meeting a growing demand for 24/7 live access to data.”

Primesight grows the network

Primesight have announced the expansion of their national digital 48 sheet inventory across the UK.
The national ‘Network’ launched in Q2 last year in the desire to have a fuller national distribution in premium locations on key arterial routes across major conurbation cities.
Recent growth includes sites within London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh & Glasgow with more to follow. These high resolution digital sites allow the delivery of contextual messaging to audiences when most relevant throughout the day and give you the opportunity to amplify your broadcast billboard campaign where it matters most. Using industry owned Route data, Primesight have identified key audience times for your category and will upweight campaigns across these periods to maximise their effectiveness.
Primesight are very excited to bring this product to market and with 19 sites already delivering over 10 million impacts across 8 cities every 2 weeks, we look forward to doubling this by mid 2015.

Primesight Support Macmillan Cancer with Media Space Donation

Cancer Support’s Not Alone campaign is set to benefit from a £200,000 media space donation after out-of-home provider Primesight offered four separate outdoor ad bursts to the charity.
Carrying the message ‘Cancer can be the loneliest place’ , the poster, live from this month, invites passers by to donate funds via a text message to help Macmillan support people affected by cancer.
More than 4,000 of Primesight’s 10,000 roadside poster spots in the UK will feature a range of Macmillan’s artwork throughout 2015.
Later in the year, a new phase of the Not Alone campaign will aim to inspire people to reach out directly to a friend or loved one with cancer
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Primesight's New Digital Site in Sheffield

Primesight have announced a new site in Sheffield located on the A6109 arterial route heading out of the city towards the M1. This road is the main route to Meadowhall Shopping Centre – the 8th Busiest shopping destination in the UK. The location is in very close proximity to the out of town Leisure and Retail park Centretainment and Motorpoint Sheffield Arena which hosts numerous concerts and exhibitions.