Primesight Brings Digital Roadside OOH to Leeds

As another panel is added to Primesight’s Network proposition, Leeds acquired its first digital roadside panel on the 17th November, positioned on Hunslet Road.
Located on a main arterial route, the site serves the city centre from the M1 and South Leeds. The digital site has a head-on location and is also in close proximity to The Royal Armouries Museum and the rejuvenated Canal area, which consists of popular hotels, bars and restaurants. The approximate impacts the panel will deliver are 303,000 with a reach of 93,750 based on all adults.
Primesight’s digital proposition Network consists of 48 sheet digital screens available nationally. By the end of 2015, 50 digital sites will be part of Network.
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Triple Contract Award for Primesight

Primesight has announced the expansion of its portfolio through three strategic contract awards. The combined expansion adds 640 new sites to Primesight’s existing portfolio and will deliver 30 million impacts per week on behalf of advertising clients.
Increased 48 sheet coverage
Primesight has extended the coverage of its 48 sheet portfolio by adding 168 new 48 sheets. The contract entitles the company to the management and marketing of the panels until 2024. This award brings the total number of Primesight’s 48 sheets in the region to 416, with most of the new panels located in Bristol and the across the South West and Wales regions. The panels occupy excellent locations and strengthen Primesight’s dominant position in the region.
Growing street furniture and 6 sheet business
Primesight has been awarded two separate street furniture advertising contracts in competitive tenders. Both contracts will be in operation for 1st Jan 2015:
A three-year contract with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) will entitle Primesight to manage 398 x 6 sheets on 199 bus shelters across West Scotland. The contract was won following a competitive tender process.
Primesight has signed a five-year agreement with Royal Borough Windsor for the management of 74 panels across 37 bus shelters in Windsor. The contract was awarded after competitive tender.
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Primesight to Roll-Out New Digital Roadside Panels Across UK

Primesight has announced the launch of Network, a new digital proposition that will see the roll-out of a number of roadside panels across the UK.
Currently the only national digital roadside out-of-home initiative in the country, the roll-out will allow advertisers to combine traditional posters with the same sized digital formats in an effort to “amplify messaging” during a campaign’s most relevant periods.
The roll-out will begin with five panels across London, Edinburgh and Glasgow.
In London three new digital sites will be available for advertisers on Shoreditch High Street, Commercial Road and Wandsworth Bridge Road, bringing Primesight’s total digital sites in the capital to 12.
The digital sites in Scotland will include the M8 – the country’s busiest motorway heading towards Glasgow city centre – while the new sites in Edinburgh will be located on Salamander Street where they will target commuters and traffic travelling west into the city.
The second phase of the roll-out is expected to happen later this year and will see new digital panels in Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle.
Primesight hopes to achieve 50 new digital panels by the end of 2015.
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Primesight and MediaTel Partner for Briefing on Connecting Today’s Consumer

Primesight partnered with MediaTel for another breakfast briefing on 12th June. The subject of this briefing and debate is the changing nature of customer interaction with Retail. The 50 guests were a mix of clients, advertising agencies and outdoor media specialists who have an interest and influence in how their business compete for and react to customer trends in the retail space.
Derek Jones (MediaTel) welcomed all guests at Haymarket Hotel where the event took place. Following his brief foreword, Mungo Knott (Marketing and Insight Director at Primesight) set the scene with interesting retail statistics revealing remarkable changes in consumer behaviour and talking about the disrupted path to purchase and consumer journey. His intro and comments served as reference points during the discussion and sparked exciting conversations between the panellists.
The panel was chaired by Dominic Mills, journalist and MediaTel columnist. The panel itself consisted of four exceptional experts in their fields: Bill Grimsey (former CEO of Wickes, Iceland and Focus), Guy Douglas (Digital High Street Programme Manager, ATCM), Steve Smith (Head of Though Leadership Research, Starcom Mediavest Group) and Rob Sellers (Director at Dialogue).
Many topics became the subject of passionate discussions between the panellists, exciting the audience to take part with questions and comments. Starting off with a comparison between the past and present of Retail and the High Street, the panellists delve into topics ranging from the ‘endurance’ of click and collect (Bill Grimsey forecasted its death in 5 years), brands as a focal point of our culture today and natural extensions of ourselves,  the substitution of ‘customer service’ for ‘customer experience’ etc. Further, some of the panel contributors questioned the survival of ‘show rooming’, others predicted its evolution into stock-free shops, meaning we as consumers will browse in-store but make the final purchases online (in the past we used to browse online and purchase in-store). 
Rob Sellers claimed that we have transformed from a nation of shopkeepers into a nation of ‘bargain hunters’, constantly on the watch out of value-for-money propositions. Steve Smith added that it is ‘food and leisure calling the shots at mall and the High Street, not Retail anymore’ and that in order not to fail ‘the High Street needs to entertain and inform’. Guy Douglas contributed with his invaluable thoughts about high street infrastructure, many retail leases coming to an end causing occupancy issues, the importance of the community and other factors in overcoming the repeatedly predicted death of the British High Street.
Bill Grimsey’s input into the negotiations was associated with immense knowledge served with good humour, both highly appreciated by everyone attending the thought-provoking event. The author of the Grimsey review excited the audience by maintaining that the shift in consumer shopping and brand experiences we are about to experience is incomparable to anything we have seen up to this point that only begins with town centre WiFi connectivity making the showrooming activity a seamless experience, extensive use of iBeacons etc.
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Route: One Year On

Will the results of our research act as causation for business change? It is a fundamental question that is perhaps too infrequently asked.
Research is big business in the advertising media industry, and it is fuelled by three primary drivers.
Firstly, the requirement for the media owner to provide accountability for the media estate that they own.
Secondly, for the advertising agency to capture insight which gives them a specific and valued viewpoint.
Finally, for the client to seek an understanding which can be harnessed to improve the communication of their message.
In theory, these three drivers should work in harmony, as the profitability and sustainability of all three parties are closely aligned.
Enter stage left Route, the out-of-home audience measurement system. A project funded by the powerful combination of two of these three stakeholders – the media owners through the Outdoor Media Centre and the agencies through IPA Outdoor, to the tune of some £19,000,000 and still counting. That entrance was on 26 February 2013, now one year ago, and yet the show remains firmly stuck in Act 1.
It has taken the last 12 months to introduce all the main cast members, roadside, bus, Underground and train. Indeed, we still await the arrival of some important character parts – retail, airport and pedestrian environments.
Further additions such as leisure and taxi audiences are expected to follow in 2015. This is not to say that the show has gone wrong. Make no mistake, this is a huge, ambitious and ground-breaking piece of work. And in the field of “science or technology” it has been recognized as such by the Government, with special status due to the gaining of new knowledge of “big data” collection and analysis
As a result of its complexity, it was agreed that the introduction of Route data into the market would take place in stages. This would allow for the concentration of development resources, for the market to begin to assimilate the data, and as is always the case when there is a requirement for significant business process change, time for people to embrace it.
From what is currently available, we have already identified three valuable principles.
Firstly, the principle of “Enabling Efficiency” by using Route to help select the most appropriate groups of frames for a defined audience within any one format, it is now possible to improve the quantity of impacts achieved. This has long-term implications for demand, supply and therefore pricing of frames against their ability to deliver audience, rather than the proxy legacy of real estate size.
Secondly, the principle of “Driving Planning”, because the consistent methodology of Route unveils the true comparative audience impacts delivered within different environments and by different format types. An emotional or subjective preference for one choice over another will need to be qualified by its measured delivery against the target audience in comparison to the alternatives.
Thirdly, the principle of “Authenticating Knowledge” by revealing such facts as, perhaps surprisingly, it is still the traditional billboard which can collectively deliver the greatest audience reach per 1,000 frames out of any individual format.
This research is certainly bringing us new and relevant information. Integration with TouchPoints, which is being developed by the IPA, and further investment into integrated systems will allow Route data to be used alongside other data and additional sources increasing the relevance of the output for all parties.
It will also provide a much improved data source for econometric modelling which has been poorly supplied with inadequate out-of-home data, creating relatively low-grade and therefore less-reliable analysis and forecasting.
As we enter its second year, the stage is now set for Act 2 ,where the industry has the opportunity to bring this data to life. That is to meet the challenge of the fundamental question and actually change planning and trading practices to more accurately reflect our quantified understanding of how out of home reaches audiences.
It is never easy to change established practice and process, but we need to do that before we can applaud ourselves and realise for all the stakeholders the value of our investment.
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Andy Goldsmith joins Primesight as Agency Sales Director

Primesight has announced the appointment of Andy Goldsmith as Agency Sales Director, as reported by The DrumOutput Magazine and M&M Global.
Goldsmith takes on the role as leader of the agency sales team to devise and implement the outdoor media owner’s agency sales strategy.
As a senior hire, Goldsmith will lead the promotion of Primesight to agencies and advertisers, representing Out of Home advertising and articulating the organisation’s Results Are Our Culture proposition across the industry. His role will focus on bringing Primesight’s client offering to life, highlighting the quality of its site portfolio and showcasing the results of innovative outdoor campaigns.
Joining Primesight from Global Radio, Goldsmith previously led the Omnicom team there as Agency Director. Prior to this, he spent ten years at IPC Media, working his way up through various positions to Group Ad Director on Men’s & Music titles.
Chris Forrester, Commercial Director, Primesight said, “Developing and maintaining strong relationships across the media industry is intrinsic to our business. Andy is highly experienced in the media landscape and we’re really pleased to have him on board to represent the organisation to senior figures and communicate Primesight’s Results Are Our Culture mentality to the outdoor market.”
Andy Goldsmith commented, “The outdoor industry is one that has kept pace with the digital revolution I’ve witnessed throughout my career. Innovation and creativity are key to successful outdoor campaigns and Primesight’s Results Are Our Culture approach highlights how the oldest medium maintains its strong impact on consumers today. I’m really looking forward to representing Primesight in the outdoor market.”
Goldsmith begins his new role at the end of January. He will be leading a team of three Business Directors: Nigel Fung, Stephen Rackham and Dan Sharp.