JC Decaux Launch #IGOTTHIS

It might be the most unusual quiz there is – no prize, only seconds to solve it (a 5 second display on the majority of screens, 20 seconds for larger screens) and aimed at busy people on the move.
Beframeus, JCDecaux’s content division, have been trying something very new, seeing if the travelling and shopping public will enjoy a daily visual challenge on digital screens in rail stations and shopping centres UK-wide.
Designed as an Outdoor version of a daily crossword or a Sudoku challenge – the first time this has been attempted on Outdoor screens – Beframeus commissioned artist/illustrator Mikey Carr to create striking, visual puzzles designed specifically for Outdoor advertising environments.
With a different cryptic creative every day, based around a well-known phrase, the quiz has been designed to be deceptively simple – featuring bold colours and pared-down illustrations – yet tricky enough to provide a challenge.
The daily challenge rolled out across screens this month and runs until early November. If it proves successful with audiences, the quiz will return next year.
Russell Gower, Creative Director, JCDecaux, said: “#IGOTTHIS is our version of a Suduko or a quick crossword puzzle, a fast brain-game designed for people on the move. Because our digital network reaches 50% of the population, it’s really a channel, and so we have the opportunity to use our network in an entirely new way.  We can bring content to our network that really taps into our audience’s interest in brainteasers via this brand new quiz.”
So if you love logic or are mad about mind puzzles, catch a daily brain teaser across JCDecaux’s digital screen network across the UK, or check out the Beframeus Facebook page for previous puzzles and the answers!

Via: JC Decaux