Research Findings Reveals Effectiveness of Classic and Digital OOH

New findings from Clear Channel UK and Posterscope reveal audience impact effectiveness of classic and digital Out of Home (OOH).
The ‘Classic & Digital: Audience Impact’ study, which involved over 1,000 face-to-face interviews with members of the public across five key UK cities, utilised metrics across campaigns from brands including Camelot, Paypal and Santander. The findings have revealed the impressive audience impact of OOH in 3 distinct categories:
1) The Classic Effect
Exposure to classic Adshel alone was found to deliver 18% higher spontaneous brand awareness, twice as much advertising cut-through, a 46% increase in average brand perceptions and a 55% increase in campaign message takeout
2) The Digital/Dynamic Difference
The incremental engagement value of adding digital to a classic Out of Home campaign was found to raise brand awareness by 2/3rds, increase brand consideration by 17%; deliver a 14% increase in ad response and a 10% increase in average brand perceptions.
3) Classic & Digital Combination
Exposure to both classic Adshel and Adshel Live was found to increase in brand awareness by 31%, campaign message take-out by 61%, brand perception by 61%; and deliver 3 times the level of advertising cut-through.
The study also looked at one campaign in particular which used exclusively digital Out of Home, by Curry’s PC World for their Christmas gifting push. These findings revealed the power of pure digital OOH, delivering a 31% increase in advertising cut-through and a 38% increase in average brand equity. Consumers were found to be twice as likely to agree with positive statements relating to the campaign and 30% more likely to consider purchasing gifts from the brand.
Lindsay Rapacchi, Head of Research and Insight at Clear Channel UK, said “This research clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of classic and digital OOH respectively, as well as the added benefits for advertisers who use them together to create incredible campaign cut-through and brand awareness uplift. While traditional OOH like our iconic Adshel network can deliver fantastic reach nationwide, digital Adshel Live adds a level of dynamism that proves they are a match made in heaven.”
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JCDecaux Launch SmartCONTENT

JCDecaux, the number one outdoor company in the UK, today launches its proprietary content management system (CMS) for digital out-of-home, SmartCONTENT.
JCDecaux’s global digital creative hub Dynamic, which launched in January 2016, focuses on what goes in the screen making it easy for brands to make dynamic, contextual ads.
The global hub has developed its CMS SmartCONTENT providing a managed or self-service platform to serve the right creative, at the right time to the right place. The platform targets by weather, time and location as well as custom data feeds and provides a social media moderation tool. The new system complements JCDecaux’s media planning and buying platform SmartBRICS which allows audience targeting, optimisation and planning of outdoor campaigns.
JCDecaux today kicks off its month-long campaign, which is being delivered using SmartCONTENT, bringing localised weather forecasts and relevant Shakespearean quotes to digital screens across the UK to honour the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death.
If it’s gloomy in Glasgow, audiences may be treated to: “For the rain it raineth every day” from ‘The Taming of the Shrew’, while sun in Southampton could trigger, “When the sun shines let foolish gnats make sport” from ‘The Comedy of Errors’. The quotes will be served according to the weather and each creative will display the localised three-day forecast and temperature.
Digital out-of-home now reaches half of the UK population and delivers almost one billion impressions across a two-week period. JCDecaux is the market leader delivering 42% of the audience and reaching 37% of all UK adults. These figures are set to increase due to JCDecaux’s digital bus shelter roll-out aiming to install 1,000 new digital screens by the end of 2016.
Alex Matthews, MD at JCDecaux Dynamic said: “A fraction of all digital campaigns have a dynamic element. At JCDecaux, we strongly believe in dynamic by default for digital campaigns which is the driver behind launching SmartCONTENT. The new global platform makes the process of serving creative based on real-time data for brands much easier and is a huge step forward in delivering contextually relevant ads in out-of-home.”
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Outperform, a Major New OOH study, Has Been Release by Outsmart

A new study released today from Outsmart, the marketing body for Out of Home (OOH), reveals that OOH activity drives +17% uplift in smartphone brand actions.
‘OutPerform’ is its first major study since opening doors in September 2015. Outsmart joined forces with leading market researchers, Ipsos and OOH industry measurement body, Route, to explore how the medium performs in today’s connected world, especially with the proliferation of the smartphone. The groundbreaking study, believed to be the biggest of its kind, investigated how public journeys can become personal stories among 16-44 year olds in the UK.
The results also show that the uplift in smartphone brand action increases to 38% among the top 20 best performing campaigns within the study and even higher for Millennial and Gen Z audiences.
Results demonstrate that OOH converts brand advertising into brand behaviour, revealing 66% of smartphone actions are direct to brand, such as a search query or website visit.
Furthermore, 57% of respondents that took action were new or lapsed customers, highlighting the power of OOH for brands seeking growth by reaching a wider group of consumers beyond the core buyer.
The very latest passive measurement and geo-location techniques were used to ensure natural consumer behaviour was captured.  Combining this with the power of data-driven broadcast OOH means the real relationship between OOH and smartphones is unlocked. The study was the biggest of its kind – producing a huge volume of data from over 60,000 sites and more than 1300 hours of OOH dwell time, 16,000 brand actions and over 150 hours of time with brands.
Alan Brydon, CEO, Outsmart, commented “Our study reveals a clear message; having OOH on your media plan will increase interaction with your brand via a smartphone. We already know that OOH builds brands and delivers long term effectiveness. With our ‘OutPerform’ results we’ve shown that OOH is a gateway to personal time with brands, simultaneously driving brand interaction in the short term and all advertisers and agencies should want to learn more.”
Tim Lumb, Insight and Effectiveness Director, Outsmart, commented “In an age of snapping, searching, sharing and shopping, OOH and smartphones, now more than ever, have proven to be a very powerful combination for brands to make connections with people.”
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DOOH will be the Fastest Growing Media Channel

Inspiring. Exciting. Versatile. Just three the emotions adland associates with digital Out of Home which is predicted to grow faster than mobile and video on demand over the next five years.
Two hundred and four executives drawn from both media agencies and the outdoor specialists sector responded to a study commissioned by premium digital out of home media owner Ocean to gauge the role, prospects and challenges for digital out of home in the current media landscape.
Key findings of the study:

  • DOOH is consider the Number 1 medium and is predicted to have the biggest growth in the next 5 years
  • DOOH is perceived as a tech-driven medium, closely aligned with online and mobile. It’s also described as the most innovative, creative and flexible medium in the market.
  • Executives differentiate DOOH from its competitors as being more sophisticated, exciting and inspiring

A substantial 86.3% study respondents identified digital Out of Home as having the biggest growth potential over the next five years, putting the medium ahead of mobile (67.2%), video on demand (60.8%) and every other media channel.
Digital Out of Home also scored higher than any other media channel for offering dynamic (83%), exciting (69%) modern (82%) and versatile (67%) advertising environments.
“The emotional index in our study shows how far DOOH has moved from the being a standard, passive medium to a channel which is modern, exciting and sophisticated, driving mobile and online,” said Ocean marketing group director Richard Malton.
“This shift in positioning is driven by technology like audience recognition, wifi and broadcast capability, which allows us to introduce even better targeting, interactions, creativity and results. The introduction of new trading models is also driving flexibility and value as never before.”
The study allows Ocean to create three specific media clusters;

  • Potential – DOOH, mobile, online, video on demand
  • Classic – radio, press and static out of home
  • Influential – TV, magazines and cinema

Cost and flexibility were two issues highlighted by survey respondents as issues to be addressed.
“DOOH needs to educate and prove to the industry it is audience, content and cost driven, “ said Richard Malton. “Automated planning and trading environments like Signature’s The Loop is a significant step towards achieving the necessary transparency and flexibility.”
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Campaigns Featuring Out of Home Activity See 13% Higher Purchase Intent

Out of home (OOH) work’s inclusion in marketing campaigns has been found to considerably bolster the public’s purchase intent, according to a five year study from Posterscope and Dentsu Aegis Network.
Analysing over 50 individual client campaigns, testing more than 1,500 creative executions and surveying over 20,000 respondents, the Integrated Communications Evaluation (ICE) study found that campaigns with OOH boosted purchase intent by 13 per cent when compared with those that did not feature it.
Furthermore, it was found to be one of the leading drivers of interpersonal relations, the emotional connection people feel with a brand, which drove almost half of all purchase intent (44 per cent).
Interpersonal relationships also seemingly looked to power purchase intent increasingly, accounting for 36 per cent in 2011/12 to 50 per cent in 2013 to 2014.
OOH was also found to carry a higher effect on interpersonal relations than any other medium, sitting at 45 per cent.

Glen Wilson, managing director of Posterscope, said: “ICE is something we have used for a number of years to evaluate campaigns and to better understand the individual drivers behind campaign success. Over time it has developed into an extremely sophisticated system we can use to better understand how OOH contributes to campaigns and how it can impact and influence consumers.
“We have always known that OOH is an incredibly powerful part of the marketing mix and a significant part of any successful campaign and the positive impact it can have in amplifying the overall media effect on purchase intent.”
Interpersonal relations are measured by combining metrics including trust, relevance, customer service, expertise, convenience and caring.

Exterion Media launches its Tech Research Hub

Exterion Media has launched its Tech Research Hub, a free interactive online dashboard to help marketers understand the tech preferences and habits of today’s urban consumer.
The Tech Research Hub displays the urban audience’s attitudes to various hot tech topics, including smartphones and app use, wearable tech, gaming and computing, canvassing the views of urban consumers from Exterion Media’s online urban community provides media planners, clients, agencies and other researchers with the ability to investigate a wealth of data, tracked over the last 12 months, via an easy to access and use online dashboard.
Data released today from the Tech Research Hub underlines just how comfortable this audience is with using the latest technology. For instance, it finds that:
– More than half of the urban audience use their smartphones for watching TV (55 per cent)
– Nearly 70 per cent of Londoners feel lost without their mobile phone
– Across the UK, Apple is the preferred brand when buying a smartphone, followed by Samsung, Nokia and HTC
– Smart watches are the most appealing form of wearable tech for urbanites, with 37 per cent stating their preference for these
– 35 per cent of urbanites have used contactless payment
By offering in-depth insights into urban dwellers and their technology preferences, the Tech Research Hub helps marketers, advertising agencies and retailers to develop the most effective Out of Home (OOH) advertising campaigns for engaging with the urban consumer. It includes a creative gallery, featuring examples of compelling OOH advertising campaigns to inspire brands, and links to relevant in-depth industry reports and news stories.
Malcolm Stoodley, Commercial Director of Exterion Media, added: “We’re often asked by clients for evidence of how consumers are really using the latest devices and technology to help them decide on their marketing priorities. Our online urban community is the perfect forum for discovering exactly what they expect from technology today and in the future and Tech Research Hub is the best way to access this insight. We hope marketers will take these fascinating insights and use them to engage audiences more effectively and inspire great OOH campaigns.”

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The Real World covers information about consumer behaviour and inspiring ways to use OOH, as well as recent industry news and the latest on the OOH marketplace.
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The Real World covers information about consumer behaviour and inspiring ways to use OOH, as well as recent industry news and the latest on the OOH marketplace.
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FEPE International Study Shows DOOH Advertising Drives Mobile Engagement

More than 60% of urban consumers say they have used their smartphones after seeing DOOH advertising.
Forty percent of consumers have looked up information online immediately as a result of seeing an out-of-home ad, with the figure rising to 62% for urban consumers who are most engaged with their smartphones while traveling, according to a new study by Future Foundation on behalf of FEPE International. The research showed that 79% of consumers have taken some form of action after seeing an out-of-home (OOH) ad, with 62% doing so after seeing a digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertisement.
The research study for FEPE International, a global organization representing the world’s major OOH media owners and leading OOH agency specialists and suppliers, also has found that 59% of consumers were interested in DOOH advertising that was specific to a time of day or location, and 65% were interested in DOOH advertising that rewarded interaction, such as offers for discount vouchers or prizes.
Future Foundation’s research was performed using a 20-minute online questionnaire with a sample of 1000 consumers between the age of 18 to 64 living and working in the largest cities in the UK, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Brazil and South Africa. This is believed to be the biggest international study into OOH advertising so far undertaken.
”This major research study shows that out-of-home has both separate and complementary roles to play in this age of digital, on-the-move communications. The simplicity, power and memorability of OOH clearly strikes a chord with most modern consumers,” said John Ellery, FEPE International Executive Director.
To read the full presentation, please click here.
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Exterion Media UK's Community Wins Industry Award

Exterion Media’s online urban community has been awarded the accolade of Insight Panel of The Year at the 2014 Vision Critical EMEA Summit. Vision Critical manages over 700 communities and each year awards a prize for the best performing EMEA community., the only B2B company shortlisted this year, fought off strong competition from brands including Vodafone, Nandos and Adidas to win the award, voted for by 110 industry peers. Finalists were required to demonstrate the success of their community, following an initial written entry. The prize is further recognition for the online panel after it was named Runner Up at the 2013 awards.
The award win follows a successful year for, the insights from which offer Exterion Media insight into the thoughts, mind-sets and behaviours of urban audiences. The panel has seen astounding growth of more than 50% in 2014; membership numbers now stand at 10,634 up from 6,823 at the start of the year; making it the biggest online urban community of its kind in the media industry. In addition, a 50 strong mobile community has been launched.
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