Media Digest- April 2014

This edition of Media Digest covers a broad economic outlook and highlights from the Bellwether Review, OCS6 – Posterscope’s 6th edition of its Out-of-Home Consumer survey – that launched in February, recent mobile insights, consumer and digital trends for 2014, as well as the latest insights from our trading partners.
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JCDecaux Unveils SmartScreen

JCDecaux has unveiled the sales optimisation strategy and first research behind SmartScreen, the new insight-driven digital network of screens that is set to transform the future of digital outdoor advertising. In a series of media firsts, SmartScreen will enable optimised scheduling based on audience behaviour/sales and will introduce ratings as its new currency.
Defined as an intelligent screen powered by dunnhumby insight, the first SmartScreen network will launch across 400 Tesco stores nationwide on 7th April.
Backed by JCDecaux’s new scheduling system, called CAPTAIn, SmartScreen will optimise the delivery of a brand’s campaign across the network by automatically increasing or reducing the frequency of display, targeting customers according to their shopping behaviour. CAPTAIn accesses audience insight to display creatives at the optimal time for each individual campaign.
Research unveiled to an audience of clients and agencies at JCDecaux’s Business Breakfast Briefing showed that optimising play-out to the most relevant times benefits brands with incrementally higher sales uplifts.
SmartScreen research shows that the sales uplift delivered by digital screens is +9% higher than the uplift delivered by non-digital posters at supermarkets. Additionally optimising the schedule to reach the brands’ target audience through their SmartScreen technology provided a further +11% sales uplift.
JCDecaux’s investment in SmartScreen marks a move away from defining digital outdoor by panel numbers and loops, instead delivering campaigns based on the clients’ target audience and a move to an outdoor rating currency, a first for the Out-of-Home industry.
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IPA TouchPoints5: Rise of the Connected Consumer

Emerging screen-based technologies, such as smartphones and tablets, are changing the way the UK population communicates, shops and consumes news and media, according to the latest IPA TouchPoints5 data, published earlier this week.
The data reveals that a growing proportion of our communication time is now conducted online, with 12% spent social networking (up from 5% in 2012) and 12% spent emailing (up from 6% in 2012).
In addition, the percentage of adults that now use the internet each week has increased from 80% in 2012 to 86%, while the time they spend surfing the web has risen from one hour and 56 minutes a day in 2012 to two hours 27 minutes in 2014.
Coupled with these increases, the new data reveals that almost half of consumers (48%) now own a smartphone, while over a quarter (27%) own a tablet and 38% either own one or have the use of one within their homes.
The research, which was first launched in 2006, also shows how long consumers are using their smartphones and tablets for and the various ways in which they are using these platforms in comparison to more traditional ones, as well as the extent to which these new trends are being spearheaded by the 15-24 age group.
“Our lives are changing at an unprecedented rate, and as the new TouchPoints5 data clearly shows us, emerging technologies are revolutionising how we communicate, how we entertain ourselves, and how we spend our time and money,” said Lynne Robinson, research director, IPA.
“These changes are been spearheaded by the younger age groups whose mobile devices are the dominant force in their lives.”
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The Power of Big 3

JCDecaux has unveiled The Power of Big 3 research project, which provides a close analysis of JCDecaux’s core mall digital 6-sheet network and the effect of M-Vision to a campaign’s success.
JCDecaux’s key research findings reveal that the mall digital 6-sheet network doubles the spontaneous brand awareness and also increases spontaneous ad awareness by 61%. JCDecaux can also reveal that mall digital 6-sheets increase levels of purchase intent by 47%.
The Power of Big 3 also reveals that the addition of M-Vision increases the premium nature of a brand and heightens levels of consideration and recommendation.
As part of JCDecaux’s investment in premium digital Outdoor, JCDecaux’s M-Vision screens will become part of a planned network of 43 large-format screens in city centres at malls and train stations, with the national digital 6-sheet network set to rise to 1400 screens across environments in 2014.
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