Birmingham showcases The Loop – the latest in digital out of home connectivity

Birmingham has unveiled its brand new digital out of home network which deploys the very latest in screen technology. The Loop enables brands to deliver full motion advertising content to the heart of the city.
Developed, operated and sold by Signature Outdoor, The Loop is a network of more than 20 full motion screens located in 12 high footfall pedestrian zones across Birmingham’s regenerated city centre. A unique model for planning out of home media; The Loop will be planned and bought by audience and impressions via a new online audience trading platform,
The project forms part of one the UK’s biggest city centre redevelopments. The Loop debuts with campaigns from a roster of eight brands including LVMH, Timberland, Virgin Trains, Wrigleys, Columbia Tristar, Ford, Jameson and Channel 4.
The Loop allows brands to connect with audiences through small format digital screens in Birmingham city centre for the first time, offering instant connectivity to mobile audiences through a fully looped wifi powered infrastructure which is centrally networked for ease of access.
Signature Outdoor managing director Steve George said: “Birmingham is undergoing a 21st century transformation and Signature Outdoor is a core partner in driving that change.
“Signature offer out of home opportunities which are ahead of the curve and challenge traditional trading mechanisms. Working with our partners at Birmingham City Council, The Loop provides an unrivalled level of connected engagement for advertisers and the people of Birmingham.”
Councillor Ian Ward, Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council said: “The Loop is an innovative example of Signature Outdoor and Birmingham’s vision to become a smart connected City through the evolution of next generation world class advertising networks.”
The arrival of The Loop follows the widely publicised Media Eyes which are positioned above the main entrances to Birmingham New Street and the John Lewis flagship store, part of the Grand Central shopping centre which opened in September. The Media Eyes are operated by Signature Outdoor’s sister company, Ocean.
Ocean CEO Tim Bleakley said: “The Loop forms a significant part of Ocean Group’s multi-million pound investment in the development of prestige transport and retail environments for the next generation of mobile out of home audiences.
“Birmingham is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s most dynamic and exciting cities, and The Loop shows how best in class out of home and digital out of home connectivity is evolving.”
In addition, following the acquisition of MediaCo by Ocean Group back in April, CityLive – MediaCo’s digital pedestrian network in Manchester, 10 double-sided retail centric full motion screens, is now rebranded The Loop Manchester. Signature Outdoor now operates the only full motion small format digital networks in both Birmingham and Manchester city centres.
The Loop Birmingham – vital statistics

  • 84 inch state of the art full motion LCD high definition screens mounted in the portrait orientation with a horizontal resolution of 1080 pixels and a vertical resolution of 1920 pixels
  • Wi-Fi – 100MB fibre connection, download speed 20MBPS. Each screen has its own SSID but they can be centrally networked so you don’t have to log in to each screen
  • Each screen display uses independent light sensors to adjust brightness for sun-facing or shade facing sides.
  • Facial recognition cameras register gender and age groups, registering how many people look (viewers) and how long they are looking for (gaze time). The camera feeds also enable augmented reality activations.
  • Live data feeds, social media integration and video streaming
  • Audience data has been developed by Oxford Retail Consultants (ORC)
  • Screen manufacturer – LG MRI

The Loop and Oxford Retail Consultants
Research for The Loop Birmingham was developed by Oxford Retail Consultants (ORC). Hourly and daily footfall counts were carried out at each of the 12 The Loop locations. Using ORC’s trip model, all journeys to and from a variety of destinations were mapped, including work, leisure, retail (food/non-food), tourism and holidays abroad; how and when these journeys were made was also tracked. This travel data was fused with demographic and lifestyle data (such as Census) to determine who made the journeys.
From this ORC ascertained footfall past each of The Loop units, as well as who these people were by hour, day, week or month for each screen.
Via: Signature Outdoor