Irish Design 2015 Highlights Design in Everyday Life

Design is everywhere but we don’t always see it. The Vitrine Project was devised by creative agency In the Company of Huskies in collaboration with Irish Design 2015 (a major yearlong initiative celebrating design) to help the public to become more aware of the prominence of design in everyday life.
On the 20th of November 2015, glass display cases, akin to those found in a museum, were placed around everyday items and street furniture in Dublin city centre locations, encouraging the public to re-examine what design means.

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The ‘Biggest Design Poster Ever Made’ is 3-Dimensional and Interactive

Stockholm-based creative agency SNASK has created a fantastic poster for the Malmö Festival 2014—it is made up of gigantic, brightly colored, three-dimensional letters, numbers and shapes.
Instead of existing just in print and on screens, this eye-catching poster takes up an entire physical area—put together by hand, this epic design took “900 hours, 14 people, 175 liters of paint, 280 plywood boards and 10,000 nails” to complete.
In addition to appearing on the festival poster, this delightful creation will be installed at the Central Park in Malmö, where visitors will be able to climb, sit on and take pictures with the “biggest design poster ever made”.
To photograph this poster, one would have to do so from a crane, 30 meters up in the air.
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An Interactive Museum Ad That Can Be Scratched Off By Commuters

To help promote their latest exhibition, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago came up with a brilliant interactive advertisement that can be scratched off by commuters.
Placed at bus shelters, commuters were invited to play archaeologists by unearthing the artworks hidden beneath the ads.
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