Prankster Distracts Passers-By With Big Mac and ‘Transforms’ Into Someone Else

To prove that their Big Macs are too tantalizing to resist, the latest McDonald’s spot in the UK pulled a prank on unsuspecting Londoners.
In the prank, a man asks a passer-by to take a picture of him and his girlfriend—he is then “transformed” shortly after a large image of a Big Mac blocks him from sight.
The passer-by has no idea that the man appears to be different or has seemingly switched clothes—perhaps proving that the sight of a Big Mac really does distract a person.
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In Peru, McDonald's Recreates A Childhood Brand Experience For Adults

Peru-based advertising agency Fahrenheit DDB wanted to help McDonald’s bring back the child in each of us, so they created a McDonald’s outlet that would make adults feel like kids again.
By raising their counter, adult customers were forced to look up and point at things in the same manner that children would.
With a simple, but nicely executed idea like this, McDonald’s was able to recreate a childhood experience for adults, bringing joy to many as adults jumped and giggled as they were handed balloons.
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McDonald's Sweden Taunts Norway With Big Mac Billboard at the Border

Here’s a fun neighbor-shaming McDonald’s billboard from DDB Stockholm.
Sitting right at the border between Sweden and Norway, the billboard displays comparative pricing for Big Macs in the two nations—egging on Norwegians to take advantage of Sweden’s cheaper burgers. In other words, it’s the rare fast-food ad that doubles as fodder for exchange-rate geeks.
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McDonalds ‘We all make the Games’

McDonald’s have launched their digital OOH campaign which forms part of their overall £10m ‘We all Make the Games’ Olympic and Paralympic campaign. The OOH activity consists of digital screens located across the country, as well as the iconic screen at Piccadilly Circus. All the screens are enabled to allow copy to be uploaded dynamically with a number of copy changes planned for each day which will document and celebrate people, moments and emotions of the games. Content will be supplied by creative agency Leo Burnett as well as from consumers with their own images which fit under the heading ‘what kind of supporter are you’? The Piccadilly Circus screen, in addition to featuring live moderated content, will also have a return-path which notifies the user to inform them that their image has been used and sends them a video via Facebook. The campaign was planned and bought by OMD and Posterscope and Cloud and Compass managed the  LivePoster DOOH delivery platform.

McDonald's makes you work for dollar coins embedded in ice

Vancouver’s recent Canadian promotion for McDonald’s “Dollar Drink Days” featured 4,000 dollar coins arranged in the shape of the Golden Arches and embedded in a block of ice at a beach party in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Party goers were encouraged to chip away at the ice to free the coins.
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McDonalds mobile & digital OOH game

McDonalds invited people to use their mobile phones as controllers for a digital arcade game on a Stockholm OOH screen.  No app download was required. And players lasting more than 30 seconds received a free food coupon.
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